Seeds of cucumbers: how to germinate? How to soak and plant, how to germinate the seeds of cucumbers?

Every gardener tries to grow healthy and healthy vegetables with his own hands. One of the most popular is a cucumber, which grows both in the open ground and in a greenhouse. Like all plants, culture requires constant care. Each summer resident and gardener buys seeds of cucumbers. How to sprout culture, know not all. To engage in this process, certain information is required.

The structure of seeds

Cucumbers refer to dicotyledons, they are arranged as many flowering plants . In the middle is the embryo, around which the endosperm and the protective membrane are located. In all plants, the ratio of the layers is different. Seeds are divided into starchy, oilseeds and protein species (categories vary depending on the nutritional reserve, depending on which one prevails). In each plant there are common features, for example, protein and fitin are found in all cultures. These components are very important for the growth phase. Phytin secretes phosphorus, which seeds feed on. In cereal grains a very large percentage of starch. Oilseeds are rich in fats. How to plant seeds of cucumbers, how to germinate corn? How to use soil, how much moisture do you need? Let's understand.

Preparation of planting material

For each process, a person must create favorable conditions. If you know how to properly germinate the seeds of cucumbers, then there will be almost one hundred percent germination of seedlings. Also, all plants will grow healthy and strong, and the harvest will be early.
The main thing in the process of germination is to properly prepare the planting material. Grains need to be immersed in a certain solution, and so let's figure out how to soak the seeds of cucumbers. In order to have an excellent seedling germination, it is required to lower the seeds in a five percent salt solution (cookery). Such a method will help to identify empty seeds: they remain on the surface, and full ones sink to the bottom. You can also warm the planting material, even at home. For example, leave the seeds near the heaters at a temperature of +40 degrees Celsius for one week.

Soaking and dressing of planting material

For obtaining healthy and strong seedlings, presowing soaking can be carried out. This is very effective, and also stimulates the growth of culture. There are several options for preparing a solution in which one kilogram of cucumber seeds will be soaked (the amount of substance per liter of water is indicated):

  • 300 milligrams of methylene blue;
  • 20 mg of boric acid or 7 mg of succinic acid;
  • 2 g of zinc sulphate ;
  • 5 g of soda (drinking).

Planting material should be soaked in the prepared liquid for a day. Then the seeds should be dried to the point of flowability, and only then sow. In addition to this procedure, experienced gardener also etch seeds. This is done in order to protect the planting material from diseases and pests. Etching seeds can be done in advance or immediately before sowing. For this procedure, use fentiuram (3 grams per 1 kilogram of grains) or TMTD (4 grams per kilogram).

Ogorodnik, who wants to have a good harvest, should carefully study the rules according to which the seeds of cucumbers are sown - how to germinate the culture, and also how to take care of it afterwards. The more information, the better will be the seedlings, and accordingly, the plant will yield many fruits. In the cultivation of cucumbers use the method of hardening of seeds. The already swollen or germinated grains are kept for two days in a room with a temperature from minus two to plus two degrees. For hardening, a refrigerator, a cellar or a glacier is perfect.

The positive and negative aspects of germination

The pre-emergence period for the plant is very important, complex and dangerous. Because of this, the process of obtaining seedlings is preferably accelerated in different ways. That is why it is necessary to know well how and how to process the seeds of cucumbers, how to germinate culture. Indeed, thanks to this method, a person can select the best material (these plants will be the first to go through). Also sprouting stimulates cucumbers 100% germination: almost all of them appear simultaneously (with an interval of several hours). Thus, all seedlings require the same care, since the needs are the same.

But practically in every process there are minuses. In germination it is also quite difficult to create the desired temperature regime. It is always necessary to monitor the seeds, whether they have sprouted or not. It is also necessary not to miss the moment of entanglement of the roots, and then transplant the seedlings in time. Sprouted seeds should not be taken by hands, but by tweezers, so as not to damage the plant. This is a painstaking process, but it helps to achieve the maximum result.

Germination of seeds

Cucumber is a thermophilic plant, because the temperature regime for culture is very important. For germination is taken gauze or napkin, which will be soaked grain. The fabric is impregnated with a certain solution (how to make it, we considered above) and wrap the seeds in it. Then gauze or a napkin spread on a saucer, on top of which they put glass. This helps to preserve the moisture that cucumbers love very much.

It is always necessary to monitor the amount of water in the saucer, if necessary, add a liquid of room temperature. Without moisture, seeds can wither and become unsuitable for planting.

Cultivation of cucumbers

Heat-loving crops are often propagated not by seedling, but by seeds. With the correct preparation of planting material, the harvest of cucumbers can already be harvested in the middle of June. It is important to choose the appropriate cultivars tested by time: Graceful, Murom 36, Altai Early, Competitor, Zozulya, Manul, Cascade, Crystal and many others.

How to plant cucumbers seeds? It's quite simple, you can grow them both in the open ground, and in the greenhouse, and on the windowsill. Planting cucumbers easily, you just need to make beds and put the seeds in there. It is important to determine the varieties that will yield a stable crop. Now in seed stores are offered hybrid species. Such varieties are demanding of conditions and care. It is important not to forget that any plant needs human attention. If you study the information on how to germinate the seeds of cucumbers, then the harvest will always be rich.

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