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Cafes and restaurants with a panoramic view (SPb): list, description and reviews

Cafes and restaurants with a panoramic view of St. Petersburg, perhaps, can be equated to the number of other attractions of the city. This is an indescribable combination of aesthetic and physical pleasure, especially in the center of the city. Where else can you simultaneously admire the stunning views of the night Petersburg, meet the first rays of the sun, gently gilding the gray roofs, and eat coffee or taste tart wine? Few places can offer this, but if you want, you can find a place that meets all the requirements.

Floor 41

The list of restaurants with a beautiful and panoramic view in St. Petersburg is rightfully headed by "Floor 41" This is the highest restaurant in St. Petersburg: it is located at an incredible height of 140 meters. Incredible views, Asian, Russian, European dishes on the menu ... but very dissatisfied reviews of visitors regarding staff and taste of dishes. The average check per person is approximately 2000 rubles.

"I love ... La Panorama"

Located at an altitude of 60 meters and allows you to enjoy the views not only of Vasilievsky Island, but the rest of the city from a bird's eye view. In addition to spectacular views, visitors can delight themselves with European cuisine at fairly democratic prices. Judging by the reviews, they cook delicious, and the staff is smiling and quick.


A little lower, at an altitude of "only" 30 meters, is "Gastronomics." He will like the fans of the projects from the "Ginza Project". A bright and slightly pretentious interior, a beautiful view and a chic cuisine for every taste will undoubtedly please both guests of the Northern capital, and even the most demanding townspeople. There really is something to choose from: the menu features dishes of European, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Eastern cuisine, in addition, there is a good wine list and hookahs. If desired, you can order your favorite dishes with you or make delivery. The restaurant, according to reviews, a good Wi-Fi, polite waiters and insanely delicious dishes from the chef.


If you are looking for restaurants with a panoramic view of St. Petersburg in the city center, pay attention to the "Terrace". From the windows of the building you can enjoy a view of the majestic Kazan Cathedral and the always crowded Nevsky Prospekt. Over a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious French dessert or lunch from a rich menu (with a choice of Pan-Asian, Italian, American or French cuisine) you will have a great time. A non-intrusive musical selection will not drown out the words of your interlocutor, but will serve as an organic background creating a comfortable mood. For children there is a special menu and a games room. If you want privacy or romance, you can book a separate room. The average bill is about 2000 rubles, but this amount does not include the cost of drinks.


Restaurants with panoramic views of St. Petersburg are quite diverse even in the center. And in addition to a survey of attractions can offer quite urban landscapes. As, for example, "Moscow". Being in this restaurant, you can easily feel the city's ebullient rhythm: below is a boundless stream of cars, traffic jams, hustle and bustle, from above - the sky and the types of roofs.

Interiors pleasantly please the eye, and the kitchen - the stomach. Here they prepare both European, Italian, Russian, Japanese dishes, and Pan-Asian ones. The prices are quite democratic, the average check will be 1.5-2000 rubles. Children have a children's menu.

The restaurant starts working from 10am, so it offers its customers delicious breakfasts.

Sails on the roof

If you need to find SPb restaurants with a panoramic view for a wedding, then pay attention to this one. He may be interested primarily in the fact that he offers installments for wedding celebrations and provides his banquet manager. Here it will be possible not only to have a delicious meal, but also to have fun: to the services of visitors there is a karaoke bar. Plus, a magnificent view of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Botanical Garden.

European cuisine, excellent wine list, delicious hookahs. For children, the chef has developed not just a tasty, but also a useful menu. When holding a birthday give a fruit plate, a few songs in karaoke and a bottle of champagne. True, reviews about the restaurant are contradictory: one very much like everything, others are unhappy with the "rustic" cuisine and service.

Panoramic restaurants of St. Petersburg on the water

For those who are looking for more exotic panoramic restaurants in St. Petersburg, there are several interesting options. When the attractions and city fuss have become boring, you can go to the water.

For example, in the restaurant "Bering" you will enjoy an unforgettable view of the water area of the Neva. Yes, and the room itself is not less interesting: it is stylized under the deck of the ship - steering-wheel tables, hanging cables, pictures on the sea theme. The cuisine is diverse and includes both European dishes, and Russian, and Japanese. In addition, the restaurant has a so-called buffet - business lunches.

The average check is 1000-1200 rubles, excluding alcoholic beverages.


Another interesting "Sails", located directly on the territory of the yacht club. The atmosphere is unforgettable. It seems that you somehow found yourself in some incomprehensible way in a small port town. It is worth adding that the walls of the institution are glass and allow you to constantly admire the stunning view.

The kitchen is also at the proper level and pleases the visitors with a large selection of Italian, Russian and European dishes.

On the weekend, the restaurant hosts karaoke parties with the participation of professional DJs and backing vocals.

Panoramic cafes of the city

If you do not really like restaurants, with a panoramic view (St. Petersburg) even, but at the same time wish to enjoy the city's paintings, you can go to a cafe. A more relaxed atmosphere, democratic prices and stunning landscapes are guaranteed.

"Artist's Loft"

Roofs, roofs, roofs ... This is the first thing that catches your eye when you find yourself in a cafe. The huge glazed terrace is perfect for both winter nights and for a hot summer day. In one of the halls you can see the canvases of modern graphics and artists of the city. And, of course, try the specialty of the institution - fondue. It can be chocolate, cheese or exotic. The menu offers dishes of European cuisine and own cooking. In the evenings, live music is played in the cafe on the weekend.

"Spices and Joy"

The café is interesting because it works around the clock and is located in the very center of St. Petersburg. The unusual design of the three rooms (a library, a retro room with a swing, a one-room separate apartment), a very decent bar and a large selection of dishes of Caucasian and European cuisine. But you need to be prepared for the fact that chefs like to play with taste.

Restaurants with a panoramic view (St. Petersburg), as well as a cafe, will appeal not only to the guests of the city, but also to the townspeople who want to bring a touch of St. Petersburg charm to their everyday vanity or add colors to the celebration.

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