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Cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod: addresses, reviews

Arriving at a weekend in Veliky Novgorod, admiring the monuments of architecture and beautiful views of the Volkhov River, you want to satisfy not only the aesthetic, but also the most ordinary famine. In an unfamiliar city, the question of choosing a place to eat is important and worries almost in the first place. Great Novgorod will not be an exception. Cafes and restaurants with a cozy atmosphere, good food and reasonable prices you will find thanks to the information provided in this article. All establishments are selected based on real reviews.

Ilmen (restaurant)

Veliky Novgorod is famous not only for its sights, but also for its cuisine. Therefore, if you want to try traditional Novgorod dishes, it is worth to visit this institution. The restaurant is located opposite the Kremlin, at Gazon street, 2.

In the summer time there is a veranda, besides the restaurant there is a confectionery and a cafe.

The interior is colorful, but cozy, made in light colors: a lot of light and wood, pastel shades tune in a romantic way.

Russian cuisine, the institution specializes in fish dishes, however, lovers of meat will be able to choose a meal according to their disposition. The menu pleases with names: salads "Craft" and "Boyarsky", pancakes "Princes", snacks from ambassadors of southern and overseas merchants, pike perch from the lake Ilmen and salmon from the Baltic sea, pork in Slavic and mutton ogorodskoy. The dishes are served with traditional tea-coffee and mead.

Desserts deserve special attention: cakes and pastries are perhaps the best in the city.

Reviews about the institution are contradictory: some praise, others scold. Everything depends on the change: if you are not lucky, then the food will be tasteless, and the service is long. Of the pluses, a beautiful view and a low average check are noted.

"Napoli" (restaurant)

Veliky Novgorod has a long walk, so you want to relax in the evening and sit in a quiet, comfortable environment. Go to the restaurant on Studencheskaya Street, 21/43.

First of all, the interior, imitating the walls of the house, attracts attention. In the evenings, in some windows a light is lit and a lasting feeling is created that you are eating on the veranda of the manor.

The kitchen is European, with an emphasis on the Italian menu. Very tasty pizza, panakota and cheesecake, other dishes are also at the proper level. Portions are not small, beautiful serve and quality service. Waiters are polite and efficient. Unobtrusive background music on weekdays and live performances of local bands on Fridays and on weekends.

According to visitors' reviews, the restaurant is worth a visit: everything is very dignified, with good taste, prices from 1000 rubles per person.

"Three Fat Men"

If you are looking for a place to eat quickly and cheaply, while visiting restaurants in Veliky Novgorod is not included in the plans, then the dining room on Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 55 is an excellent choice. At 8 am, soups and meat are served here. In the menu, a decent choice of both the first courses and salads, and hot. Everything is delicious and very inexpensive. The average check per person (three-course dinner and drink) will be 250-300 rubles.

To the disadvantages of visitors include distance from the city center and large lines, as the institution is popular.


If you want to save a bit on lunch and are looking for restaurants in Novgorod, where you can have a budget snack, visit the cafe in the shopping center on Fedorovskiy brook, 2/13.

Modern interior without claims of genius, as, indeed, in all Institutions of such a plan. This is offset by cleanliness, a beautiful view of the Kremlin and Volkhov, and democratic prices. Self-service, a standard set of dishes, but they are tasty, and portions of good size. At 600 rubles for two you can eat very tightly.

Of the pluses, visitors note the presence of sockets for mobile phones, of minuses - a toilet with a combination lock.

Street Food «House of Life»

Another budget institution for a snack is located nearby - Fedorovsky brook, 15 A. The cafe is an excellent alternative to McDonald's. Liked the fans of fast food.

The interior is non-banal, catching and holding attention, the public is decent, the service is excellent. The menu does not boast a large selection of dishes, but the whole food is very tasty, and portions are great. Many praise shaverm with marbled beef, falafel and hot dogs. In addition to coffee and tea, there is cider and kraft beer. Price tag is lower than the capital one.

"The house is a yoke"

An alternative for those who do not want to go to restaurants in Veliky Novgorod and cafes at shopping centers will be a nice cafe on Rabochaya street, 25.

Pleasant interior with a spiral staircase to the second floor, throughout the hall are placed antiquities, many of which are real, collected in Russian villages.

Not bad quality of food, large portions, low price tag (250-300 rubles per person with drinks). In the morning in the cafe there are complex breakfasts, and at lunchtime - business lunches.

By cons, visitors include distance from the center and instability in the level of cooking, it is noted that the taste of dishes depends largely on the change.

«Frigate Flagman»

At one time the restaurant "Detinets" (Veliky Novgorod) was considered the most pathos institution in the city, but it was closed. However, if you want stunning views and a unique atmosphere, go to the "Frigate Flagman" - a restaurant complex, standing on the Volkhov River, opposite the Novgorod Kremlin (Alexander Nevsky Embankment, 22). Here at your service are three restaurants ("Russian Soul", "At the stern", "Europe"), a grill-bar on the third deck and a nightclub.

The menu offers dishes of Italian, Russian and Oriental cuisines: delicate cutlets in Kiev, cutlets from elk with cowberry sauce, salmon with caviar sauce, cabbage soup of three kinds of meat, rolls, pizza and pasta, kebab kebabs, shish kebabs and much more. The choice is really big and varied. Not a bad wine list and delicious desserts.

The feedback notes that the staff is not always attentive and friendly. However, this is compensated by the excellent type, large portions and quality of food. The average check will be on average 1500 rubles.

If you are interested in the best restaurants in Veliky Novgorod, then in the "Frigate Flagman" is worth a visit.


Looking through the restaurants of the Great Novogorod, you still can not decide the choice and do not know which cuisine to give preference to? Then boldly go to the trattoria on Voskresensky Boulevard, 17/22. Here you will be offered dishes of European, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and even Mexican cuisines. The most capricious guest will find something to his taste: a sharp rich soup, paste melting in your mouth, pizza on a thin dough, gunkany, wok will not leave you indifferent.

Pleasure and design trattoria: large windows, chalk wall, tubs with living plants, comfortable sofas, banks with raznosolami - all this creates a very cozy atmosphere.

According to visitors' reviews, this is one of the most popular places in the city.


Have you already visited all the landmark places from the planned tourist program "Veliky Novgorod"? Cafes and restaurants beckon with signs almost at every corner. Where to go in the evening, so that it would be delicious, heartfelt and inexpensive? Especially acute this issue worried about couples with children. If you like Italian, Japanese or Russian cuisine, visit the trattoria on Meretskov-Volosova street, 7/1.

Warm pastel colors of the interior in combination with wood warm in inclement weather, and in the heat create a feeling of coolness. From the windows of the hall you will enjoy a beautiful view of the park.

The menu offers a wide selection of dishes: hodgepodge, kimchi, mushroom cream soup, many kinds of homemade pasta, salads, pizza, rolls. Recently the menu was supplemented with dishes of Russian cuisine. Now, guests can taste borscht soup with donuts stewed in a pot, homemade cabbage rolls in sour cream and garlic sauce, spicy beef and a Karelian wicket. From drinks, according to visitors, it is necessary to try sbiten or homemade wheat kvass.

According to reviews, the restaurant is very decent, with good quality of food and service, without unpleasant surprises.

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