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Tasty and healthy beef liver: hot dishes and snacks

Beef liver is a low-calorie and very useful product, rich in vitamins and essential microelements for the human body. But many people, especially children, do not like dishes from this semi-finished product, because they are called tasteless. The main reason for this is the wrong cooking technology.

"Liver cake" will not leave anyone indifferent. Beef liver (kilogram) is thoroughly washed, cleaned of all veins and excess fat. Next, you need to crank it in a blender along with a bulb and a peeled garlic head. In the mince add 2 raw eggs, a little flour and salt. Stir thoroughly until the dough is uniform. Next, we start baking pancakes, on each side frying for five to seven minutes, and prepare the filling. Grate the carrots, chop the onion very finely, fry in butter until it is ready and cool. Now we form the cake. Each pancake is smeared with mayonnaise, then a little stuffing is laid out and the next layer is laid. Continue this way to the end and put the infusion for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

You can cook pancakes at the same time, making more pancake mixture. Warm up the frying pan, grease with oil. Next, bake pancakes from the liver, as usual. Serve with mayonnaise sauce, crushed garlic and chopped dill.

Preparing the liver with beef rolls will take considerable time. You can suggest several options for how to do this.

The first option is a roll with butter. Beef liver (1kg) is cleaned and boiled for an hour. At this time, grate not less than three hundred grams of carrots, chop as much onion and fry all the ingredients until ready. Mix the ingredients and crush it through the meat grinder at least three times, adding a little salt and ground black pepper. Only in this case the roll will be very gentle and soft. Next, put the stuffing on the cellophane, roll it out so that the thickness is no more than 0.8 mm. On the surface, spread the pieces of butter, roll tightly with rolls and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Cut with a very sharp knife, each time dipping it in hot water.

The second option is a roll with boiled eggs and mushrooms. Preparation of beef liver should be the same as in the first case. For the filling, boil several eggs and cut them into a medium cube. Champignons chop and fry with onions. Mix all the ingredients, spread them over the surface of the cellophane and roll with a roll.

The third option is "Gentle" roll. Beef liver (0.5 kg) is thoroughly washed, cleaned of all films and cut by an average cube. 150 grams of pork bacon fry in a pan without adding oil. Carrots are rubbing large, and 3 onions are finely shredded. First, in the saucepan, vegetables and butter are added to the pork, fried until ready, and then the liver is put. Stew the dish for about forty minutes under a lid on a small fire, at the end salt, add any spices to your liking. Ready mixture to pass through the meat grinder three to four times in a warm form. Then add half a pack of soft butter and mix thoroughly. Make a small piece of ground meat and leave in the refrigerator for the whole night.

Quickly cook it can be gravy with beef liver. Semi-finished (0,5 kg) cut into small pieces and fry together with chopped onion. Add a large spoon of flour, salt and champignon plates (200 g) to the frying pan. Make a mixture of half a glass of sour cream, a saturated broth, a slice of butter. Pour everything into a frying pan and extinguish until such a condition that the gravy thickens.

Bon Appetit!

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