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Non-yeast bread: good and bad. How to Bake Non-Yeast Bread at Home

Unhealthy bread, the benefit and harm of which will be described in detail below, is a simple and quick baking. It is almost impossible to buy such a product in a store. After all, all the producers, one way or another, add yeast fungi to their product. Therefore, to get real unleavened bread, we suggest using the old Russian recipes. Applying them at home, you are able to make a very tasty and healthy pastry, without making any special effort.

Non-yeast bread: benefit and harm of the product

Experts argue that with frequent use of products of brewing, the human body begins to suffer rapid fatigue. It increases susceptibility to adverse environmental effects. In other words, lovers of lush and ruddy products are very often reduced immunity, which contributes to a rapid disease. Therefore among all home baking the most safe is the unleavened bread. The use and harm of this product is the main topic for discussion of many specialists.

The store-free, unleavened bread does not really contain baker's yeast. But for the production of lavish baking, producers add special yeast cultures or so-called wild yeast to it.

Often, for the production of such bread, use is made of sponge obtained by processing hop cones or willow twigs. However, researchers argue that wild yeast does not differ from ordinary baker's yeast.

So what is the difference between yeast and unleavened bread? The benefits and harms of these products are exactly the same. In this regard, experienced culinary experts recommend to cook real unleavened bread, making it without any kind of yeast (including intoxicating cones and willow rods), and using only unleavened dough.

We make unleavened bread at home

As mentioned above, this unleavened bread should be prepared without using any yeast. Therefore, for the leaven of such baking, we decided to use whole-grain flour. But first things first.

So, to independently make homemade bread without yeast, we will need:

  • Hercules fast - 1 full glass;
  • Whole-grain flour - 1 full glass;
  • Soda canteen - dessert spoon incomplete (optional);
  • Common salt - ½ teaspoonful;
  • Honey liquid - 2 large spoons;
  • Sunflower oil (take without flavor) - a large spoon;
  • Milk is warm fat - 1.6 glasses.

Preparation of test with Hercules

Before you bake unleavened bread, you need to mix the base. To do this, warm fatty milk is poured into a deep container, and then combined together with a spoonful of honey and whole-grain flour. Both ingredients are mixed to a consistency of thick sour cream, covered with a towel and left in a warm place (about 5 hours, but it can be longer). During this time, the flour mass should be slightly fermented. If this did not happen, then it's okay. You can add baking soda to the baking process.

Thus, after keeping the ingredients warm, they spread the husk crushed in a coffee grinder, the remnants of liquid honey, sunflower oil and table salt. After mixing the products, they get a rather steep but soft dough. It is immediately used for its intended purpose.

Baking process in the oven

Bezdozherzhevoy bread in the oven bakes pretty quickly. To do this, the dough is spread into a greased with sunflower oil form and sent to a warmed cabinet. In it, the product is cooked for 45-57 minutes at a temperature of 197 degrees. During this time, unleavened bread rises, becomes lush, ruddy and tasty.

We serve homemade bread to the table

Homemade bread without using bakery or any other yeast is much more delicious than what is sold in the store. Moreover, such baking is much more useful. After all, scientists have long been proven that yeast fungi, which are used to make bread and other products, contribute to the emergence and development of cancer cells. Therefore, we recommend baking bread exclusively at home.

You can serve such a product to the table both in a hot state and in an already cooled one. As a rule, bread with oatmeal and honey is presented to the guests along with the first or second courses.

Preparation of unleavened bread on yogurt

Sour milk drink can serve as an excellent starter for making home-made bread. It's not for nothing that this product is very often used for baking various rolls, pancakes and other sweets.

So, to make a real unleavened bread at home, you need to purchase in advance:

  • Whole grain flour - about 450 g;
  • Soda food - a dessert spoon;
  • Salt - a dessert spoon;
  • Kefir fresh high fat content - about 420 ml;
  • Sesame seeds - 2 large spoons;
  • Egg is small - 1 piece;
  • Pumpkin seeds - 2 large spoons.

Preparation of the basis

Bezdorozhevoy bread on kefir is prepared much faster than the previous one. After all, for kneading the basis, there is no need to long stand the sponge in a warm place.

To make homemade bread, fresh kefir high fat content is poured into metal containers and heated slightly on low heat. After that, the sour-milk drink is removed from the plate and the baking soda is quenched in it. When the product ceases to foam, it adds to table salt, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, as well as whole-grain flour. All the ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous and soft dough is obtained. Cover it with a napkin and leave it aside for 15-19 minutes.

The process of forming products and their baking in the oven

After the dough rests, it is divided into several pieces (3 or 4), and then mold round shapes. Laying the products on a sheet, they are smeared with a chicken egg whipped. This procedure will contribute to the fact that homemade unleavened bread will become rosy and will acquire an appetizing glossy crust. In this form, the products are immediately sent to the heated cabinet.

Bezdruzhevoy bread in the oven should be prepared for 47 minutes at a temperature of not more than 200 degrees. During this time homemade cakes will increase significantly in size, will become lush, tasty and very fragrant.

Serving homemade cakes to the table

After the unleavened bread on kefir is baked in the oven, it is immediately taken out and presented to the guests. As a rule, such a product is served to the table with hot tea. Use it with butter, a slice of cheese or jam.

If you want to get a more sweet pastry, then in the dough you can add a little sugar or honey.

Useful information about homemade unleavened bread

Now you know how you can independently bake delicious and flavored bread without using baker's yeast. It should be noted that such a product has a number of useful properties. Among them are the following:

  • Homemade bread, prepared in a no-yeast way, contains an incredible amount of minerals and vitamins.
  • Unleavened bread made from wholemeal flour is a self-sufficient and balanced product. Due to its unique composition, it helps to reduce excess weight, as well as the normalization of the digestive tract and the whole organism.
  • Microbiologists argue that the regular use of homemade homemade bread significantly strengthens the immune system, and also promotes the formation of healthy cells, preventing the formation of various tumors.

Among other things, we can not help saying that bread, cooked without the use of yeast, is stored for quite a long time, without losing its palatability and useful properties. It is this fact that motivates many housewives to make pastries at home, and not to buy it at the store.

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