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Two-story cakes from mastic - recipes. Two-tiered cake with own hands

Two-tiered cakes are an ineffable splendor, which very few people risk being honored in their kitchen. Yes, and people buy such a holiday of the stomach only on very weighty occasions, which include the wedding, the first birthday of the child, his admission to school and, of course, the end thereof. Most bothers bothers even not baking - which of us does not do it! However, frightening the assembly of the structure and the need for a magnificent decoration. At once we will tell that if to construct a two-tier cake from mastic, with the first fear will consult elementary: even without additional elements of design it will turn out accurate and elegant. And how not to spoil the results of many hours of work at the stage of assembly, we will tell you in detail in this article.

Mastic with their own hands

In some stores this mass can be bought. But if you have conceived a tasty, beautiful and fresh two-tier cake, it's better to make mastic by your own hands, especially since the process is not very complicated. Take grams of two hundred marshmallows in the form of sweets (very suitable marshmallow). Sweetness should be dense, chewing, and not airy and soft. If the candy is long, they break, pour a couple of spoons of water and put on a steam bath, where they are melted in a viscous mass with continuous stirring. Then gradually poured sugar powder (the total amount - four hundred grams), until you get a smooth "dough". If you need a colored mastic, in the middle of the process, along with the powder, the dye of the desired shade is poured. In ready form, rolled into a ball, it almost does not stick to the hands and does not spread out like plasticine. In order not to get lost, it is wrapped in a food film and hidden in a refrigerator.

The basis

Cakes, from which two-tiered cakes are collected, are traditionally biscuit and thick. It is possible, probably, to build a solemn dessert and from thin, other origin, but they will hold a form of construction much worse, and soak - longer. The crust is made two; The top should be at least half the diameter, so that the "steps" are well pronounced. Tastier and more interesting if the ingredients are baked according to different recipes. However, the same cakes are also good, if they are interlaced with different fillings. The following recipes are recognized as the most successful and combined with each other.

Chocolate biscuit "Kanash"

With it, two-tiered cakes are especially tempting, since it really includes chocolate. Black tiles with 72% cocoa content (800 grams) are taken, broken by pieces and melted on a steam bath. A good butter (half the dose from the mass of chocolate) is first rubbed with two glasses of sugar, and then whipped to a steady splendor. A dozen eggs are hammered into the mass; The mixer does not stop working. Next, a spoon with a generous slide of soda (extinguished with vinegar or lemon juice) is introduced, then two spoons of cocoa and four glasses of flour are sifted into the dough. When the mixer makes a lot of homogeneous, hot chocolate pours in , it finally kneads and hides in the oven for about an hour with a warming up to 175 degrees.

Vanilla chiffon biscuit

Another version of the cake, which is simply irresistible to any two-tiered cake. The recipe will require some effort, but the result of its embodiment just melts in the mouth. In a large bowl, two glasses of flour are sifted, one and a half cups of sugar, vanilla to your taste, three spoons of baking powder and half of salt are poured in. Six eggs are divided into yolks and proteins, the first are sent to the dough, the second ones are cooled and until the dense peaks are beaten with crystals of citric acid (it, like salt, is taken half a spoon). In dry components, non-cold water flows in, slightly more than half the glass, and exactly half of this capacity of lean oil. When everything is kneaded to uniformity, squirrels interfere with the wooden spatula from the top down, the dough is distributed in shape and hides in the oven at an ordinary temperature of 180 ° C for an hour, maybe a little longer. The first 40-50 doors can not be opened, otherwise the biscuit will settle.

Sour cream

All two-tiered cakes contain some cream. Universal is made based on sour cream: it is not very fat and heavy, and is combined with any biscuits. It is prepared elementary: two glasses of sour milk product takes a glass of sugar, for five minutes - seven the mixer turns on - and you can smear it. Sour cream is better not to take too fat, with a 15-percent obtained quite firm cream. If desired, it can be flavored with vanillin.

A few words about the filling

Cakes for the conceived "tower", as already mentioned, are baked thick. To make them juicier, they are cut horizontally horizontally into two or three plates and impregnated - can be ordinary syrup, it can be impregnated, for which two spoons of sugar are dissolved in a pile of hot water, the liquid is combined with half a glass of berry or fruit syrup and a pile of rum Cognac). Especially successful is this mixture, if a two-tier wedding cake is being prepared. At collection, individual plates are folded into the original cake with a cream coating and the unfolding of pleasant additives between them. For "adult" options, for a wedding or an anniversary, most often apply dried fruits (raisins, prunes, dried apricots) and nuts. If your cake is two-tiered - for children, then it will be more appropriate to have canned fruit or berries from jam. Particularly successful use of peaches and cherries. Candy and pieces of marmalade are also good. Those who fear that his cake is two-tier, lovingly made by his own hands, because of the impregnation will be too sweet, can only do with cream between the plates. Only then it should be smeared more generously.

How to collect correctly

When all the ingredients of the food are prepared, it will only be necessary to fold the cake so that it does not sink, the top does not move, and the base does not slant. Since both floors are quite heavy, there are certain secrets about how to achieve a beautiful view. To begin with, each corn collected from the layers is coated on all sides with cream and sent to the refrigerator for a while to soak. At this time, a thin layer of rolled mastic, divided into two unequal parts. The larger circle is carefully placed on the lower cake and leveled. Mastics are evenly and smoothly glued to the sides. The extra edge is cut off - not very high, since it can after a little sting and pick up. The same manipulations are done with a smaller part of the cake. Now, to make your two-tier cake from mastic not fall apart, 4-5 skewers equal to the height of the lower cake are taken and are stuck vertically into it. A substrate is cut from the cardboard, two centimeters in diameter smaller than the upper "floor", and placed on these supports. A second cake is placed on top of the two blades.

It only remains to decorate your work of culinary art. If you are baking a two-tier wedding cake, you can buy basic ornaments - swans, hearts, figurines of newlyweds - and complement them with roses, twisted from mastic, and painted with colored cream. For children, you can bake funny figurines, gingerbread, paint them and paint a "landscape" with whipped cream. Here already - complete freedom of creativity and a free flight of fantasy!

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