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What is Halloween? How is it celebrated in different countries?

What is Halloween? How is it celebrated in our country and not only? Before talking directly about the celebration, let's plunge into history a little. The beginning of Halloween takes back in those distant times, when the Celts lived on the lands of Northern France, Ireland and England. The year for these tribes included only summer and winter. The warm season was replaced by cold October 31, which was associated with the end of the harvest and meant the coming of the new year. According to ancient legends, it was on this night (from October 31 to November 1) that the border between the living and the dead was opened. Celts wore animal skins and heads, extinguished fire in houses and frightened off ghosts. That's how the holiday of Halloween began. As noted today, we will discuss it further. The main thing is that all traditions and customs were passed on from generation to generation and preserved to the present time. Even the date of celebration has not changed, and we have already found out when they celebrate Halloween. Also, the attributes of the event are the luminous pumpkin, awesome make-up and colorful costumes. Well, now let's talk about how people of different countries celebrate this peculiar holiday.

What is Halloween? How is it celebrated in Ireland?

Here this holiday is used to celebrate cheerfully and brightly. Once upon a time, the so-called Jack's lamp in Ireland was carved from turnips or large potatoes. Pumpkin same began to apply quite by accident, when the potato crop left much to be desired. Today, the holiday is celebrated with a magnificent carnival procession, pupils and students organize themed parties and concerts. And in the evening the holiday is already going on in the city square, where makeup and costume competitions are held.

What is Halloween? How is it celebrated in Canada and the US?

Here the most striking events are celebrated. The official status of the holiday is still not there, however, in many educational institutions and at some enterprises a short day is traditionally declared. The main feature of Halloween is the luminous pumpkin and the tradition of Trik or trak, which means "Treat or regret". As soon as it begins to darken, the children with their friendly crowd begin their route to neighbors who prepared sweets in advance, and now they serve young beggars. Young people usually organize interesting themed parties with contests and fortune-telling. Interesting is the fact that in the US and Canada for this day sold more toys, candles and sweets, rather than for a whole year.

What is Halloween? How is it celebrated in France?

Here there are truly spectacular marches in Limoges and Disneyland. More than 30,000 people take part in parades of vampires, goblins and ghosts. Also here are held no less exciting laser shows and enchanting performances. No one will be indifferent to such attractions as "Haunted House", "Cave of Pirates", "Rollercoasters on the contrary". This evening cafe and restaurants offer to try "witch's" dishes.

How do they celebrate the holiday in our country?

If several years ago this holiday was something new and incomprehensible, today more and more people of different generations not only know about this day, but also celebrate it. The youth organizes costumed themed parties, many clubs and cafes offer their visitors a visit to bright shows. Fire and "demonic" shows are held, contests for the most terrible make-up or horrible grimace. In the shops of jokes the day before you can buy the necessary attributes: masks, artificial blood, hairy spiders, silicone worms, etc. In our country every year this holiday is gaining momentum, it is celebrated already in many educational institutions. The main thing is the emergence of new traditions, rituals, which allow you to have fun in a friendly team.

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