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Signs of the New Year

New Year is magic, fairy tale, expectation of a miracle. Every person is waiting for him with impatience and wants to believe that the time of change is coming. This holiday has always been shrouded in a very special atmosphere. And our ancestors observed some signs for the New Year. Some of them have reached us.

Previously, people believed that the advent of the New Year - this time, surrounded by mysteries and mysteries. In this period, spirits and gods are preparing for awakening, and people should try to coax them to gain success and prosperity from them. However, it was customary to guess what kind of future awaits in the coming year. You could get a very clear warning about trouble or good news.

What were the signs for the New Year at our ancestors? All that bothered them was well-being and prosperity. That is, all rituals can be conditionally divided into those that are designed to attract money and those that save from trouble. This, as for such a large group, as "signs for the New Year." Conspiracies and holy fortune-telling were more liked by young girls who were worried about their soon marriage and meeting with their wives.

So, what signs for the New Year, based on the experience of our ancestors, it is worth observing? On the eve of this holiday, in order to make money, you need to carefully address financial issues. It is not necessary to lend them, and even more so - to take them yourself. This promises lack of money throughout the coming year. You can also, to attract financial success, put a large denomination in your pocket and, thus, meet the battle of the chimes.

Signs for the New Year are also designed to attract prosperity to the home. First of all, it is worth remembering the well-known expression: "How to meet the holiday, and spend the next 12 months." Such a sign is connected with the opinion of our ancestors that spirits observe on how people behave on New Year's Eve, and then give them exactly what they saw.

It is accepted to cover a rich table, on which there must necessarily be a salt shaker and a loaf. Salt even earlier sprinkled the threshold, this is due to what was thought - evil spirits such measures can scare away. Old things and garbage should not be taken before the New Year. And although, of course, to do general cleaning will not be superfluous, but here you do not need to clear the mezzanine.

Signs on the New Year often relate to the relationship between people. Do not argue with anyone on this holiday, quarrel, argue. Hugs, laughter, joy, warm atmosphere, smiles and kisses - this is what will bring good luck in the coming year.

Signs are advised to thank the brownie, who according to popular beliefs lives in each dwelling. To do this, put in a quiet corner of the plate with various goodies from the festive table and a glass with any drink. Say thank you to the steward after this and ask them to protect you in the next 12 months.

After New Year's Eve it's also important to behave correctly. On January 1, you do not need to leave the house immediately and ask relatives for gifts. Thus, wealth will leave your home. The second number is finally to clear the house of garbage and unnecessary things.

The mass will take is related to the weather. On the first of January, it was usually determined what the first day of the coming summer would be like. The starry sky promised a good harvest that night.

In any case, in the minds of our people, every holiday is associated with some rituals and signs. We are all used to jumping with money from a chair on New Year's Eve, not celebrating forty years, giving women tulips and snowdrops for women on March 8. " But most importantly, always look at life with optimism. If you observe certain signs and traditions, then certainly without fanaticism. You have to be the smiths of your happiness. But, of course, without traditional guessing, decorating a Christmas tree and a festive feast simply can not do.

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