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About how to use iCloud

Today we decided to talk about the popular cloud service, called iCloud.

Service iCloud is designed to connect various devices of Apple products. For example, it can be an iPad, iPod, Mac or iPhone. The connection takes place directly between the computer and one of the devices to transmit any information. As you can already understand, the program is intended for the owners of Apple products, it is she who can facilitate their life.

In this article, we decided to tell you how to use iCloud. Surely, many still do not quite understand this and need additional information. On iCloud service you should create a special account, after which you will be given the opportunity to connect to it all of your Apple products and a personal computer. The program works on a simple principle. For example, if you add new information to your iPhone, it will automatically "fly" to other devices connected to the service. However, you can identify that it is really very convenient, because you do not have to manually transfer all the information to other devices, for you it will make the service.

The solution of the problem

So, before you is the most important question about how to use iCloud. First of all, you will need to connect all the necessary devices to a personal computer, after which you need to synchronize with iTunes in order to transfer the necessary information there. By the way, it can be absolutely any files. As soon as you upload something to your Iphone through a special "cloud", this information will immediately appear and, for example, on the iPad, on a personal computer or on any other device that, as we mentioned earlier, will be tied to Service. However, how to use iCloud on the iPhone, we now disassemble, but still I would like to say that there are versions of the service software for the Windows system.

An association

Let's now talk about what can be synchronized via the iCloud service. Cloud service allows you to automatically download music, books or applications to another device. Through iCloud, you can synchronize contacts, reminders, bookmarks, notes and so on. Be sure to immediately learn how to use iCloud correctly, and only after that start synchronization, otherwise you can lose your important data.


You should also take into account the fact that in the cloud you can store no more than 1000 photos, that's when the iCloud service comes to the rescue. You can simply send your old photos to a computer or another device. If you reach the limit in iTunes, then the old images will simply be overwritten on top of the new ones. And this means that the old photos will be irreversibly deleted.

Using the program on a PC

Now let's take a closer look at the iCloud system. How to use it on your computer and where to start setting up the program? In fact, there is nothing complicated, first you need to download the software from the service. To do this, go to the official site, select the parameters, and then start the download. When the program is downloaded to the computer, you should install it and follow the instructions to configure it.

As you can see, the question of how to use iCloud was completely resolved. Obviously, the question is simple, and if he is given a small amount of time, then everything can be quickly understood.

It should be noted that the service was presented in 2011. By October of the same year, all Apple device users had access to the new project. Thank you for your attention and hope that this article will help to solve the task.

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