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The series "Escape": reviews about the American and Russian versions

They say that the new is a well-forgotten old. It was this principle guided in 2017 by American television channel "Fox", releasing after a long break the new season of the series "Escape". Continued feedback from viewers and critics gathered no less numerous than the first season of this project. Let's find out how the new season of "Escape" met the world, and also get acquainted with the fact that Russian viewers think about its native adaptation of the same name.

A little about the plot of the first four seasons of the series "Escape"

Reviews about the new season of the project before considering, it is worth paying attention to the very plot of the television series. As the name suggests, "Prison Break" is devoted to the attempts of prisoners to escape from prison.

At the heart of all events is the ingenious engineer Michael Scofield. His older brother - Lincoln Burrows, because of a false accusation got to Fox River prison and in speed must be executed. Realizing that a legal way to save him is impossible, Michael comes up with a clever plan for how to organize a brother's escape. However, for this he himself has to go to jail.

Encrypting in the body tattoos drawings of the Fox River building and all his communications, Scofield manages to escape, but with him some very dangerous criminals are on the loose.

For four seasons, Michael had to repeatedly hit and escape from prison, meet love, find true friends and no less real enemies.

In the final of the fourth season, Scofield heroically dies, saving her beloved Sarah. At the same time, thanks to his efforts, friends and relatives of Michael receive the opportunity to live peacefully in freedom.

Spectator reviews of the four seasons of the project

Hardly having left on screens in 2005, the American serial "Escape" responses has collected the most enthusiastic. He was compared to such popular films as "Shawshank Redemption", "Green Mile", "Shut Up", "Escape from Alcatraz" and similar films. At the same time, the fans of the project noted not only an interesting intrigue, but also well-written, multifaceted characters of all the characters, as well as a thoughtful relationship between them.

In the second season, the spectators' interest in the series "Escape" has cooled slightly. Reviews about him were also enthusiastic, but at the same time he was compared to the movie "Fugitive". Gradually, the fans were not so interested in watching the attempts of the main characters to find their place outside the prison.

Realizing this, the creators in the third season of Michael Scofield again sent to jail with the task to organize an escape to one of the important prisoners. This plot twist, on the one hand, caused a lot of praise reviews, on the other - it seemed to some viewers too crude attempt to raise the ratings of the series, exploiting the developments of the first season. That's why the real fans of Prison Break consider the best only the first two seasons.

In the fourth part (which for eight years was considered the last), Michael and Lincoln are both free. In order to preserve it, as well as its life, they have to confront the mysterious Company, which is the cause of most of the troubles that the brothers have suffered.

Despite the attempts of writers to retain the attention of viewers (for this they "revived" Sarah, and also introduced into the plot such a controversial character as Michael's own mother, beat the situation with Scofield's illness and his beloved's pregnancy), the ratings of the project in the fourth season continued to fall. Moreover, reviews and reviews about the series "Escape" (USA) became worse with each series. For this reason, the project had to be closed. And the heroic death of the protagonist, which caused tears even in the male half of the audience, seemed to set a fat point.

New plot twists and turns of the fifth season

For eight years the series "Escape" was considered complete. Continuation (2017) reviews began to receive a few months before its premiere. As soon as from the official trailer "Fox" it became known that Michael is alive, there was a stir among the audience. Numerous assumptions were put forth that should explain how the protagonist managed to save his life, and why for so many years he was hiding even from his relatives.

So, what are the new fans of the "Escape" writers pleased with besides the resurrection of Michael Scofield? Especially nothing more. The plot of the long-awaited nine episodes is a frank exploitation of the audience's love for the project.

Michael, with the help of Lincoln, as in previous seasons, continues to help others escape from prisons. However, this time the enemies of the main hero use as a lever of pressure on him not only Sarah, but also the son of Scofield.

The main joy for fans can be considered unless meeting with other favorite characters, such as Sucre, Paul Kellerman, C-Nout and T-Bag. At the latter, by the way was an adult son, which allowed the creators of the series to reveal the image of the scoundrel on the new side.

Positive reviews about the series "Escape" (season 5)

The unexpected appearance of the continuation of the favorite television series, most of his fans met with unconcealed joy and secret hope. This is evidenced by numerous laudatory reviews.

The series "Escape" (season 5) fans in their reviews compare with the most successful first part of the project. In addition, it is called the "incredibly cool" revival of the cult television series.

Particularly noted was Michael's trick with a tattooed face in his arms, with which he deceived the security system. Although many in their comments notice the improbability of this, while they do not get tired of admiring the unusual nature of this plot.

Also, many regrets caused the death of Tie-Bag's son in the final.

As for the new enemy of Scofield (a clever criminal hiding under the pseudonym Poseidon), then, judging by the responses, many fans managed to guess who he was, even before this mystery was revealed in the series.

Among the many laudatory reviews of the series "Escape" (USA), much is devoted to the happy ending of the season in which the protagonist, at last, was able to reunite with his family, and the scoundrels received a well-deserved punishment. At the same time attentive spectators were noticed references to the potential sixth season.

What negative are the viewers writing in their responses about the continuation of the "Escape"

Despite the flurry of praise, among the fans there were those who, contrary to the general euphoria, managed to notice the shortcomings of the fifth season.

First of all, the "resurrection" of the protagonist was criticized. So, according to the scenario, Michael agreed to become a mercenary of the special services and to stage his death in order to ensure freedom and security for Lincoln and Sarah. However, even by the standards of this not always realistic project, this version looked very unlikely.

Also, the censure was caused directly by the escape from prison. In their reviews of the series "Escape" the audience has repeatedly expressed disappointment. In the fifth season, Scofield did not develop any ingenious plan, but simply took advantage of the unstable situation in Yemen, because of which the guard left its posts, leaving the prison to the mercy of fate. Some of the fans even expressed the opinion that the writers were simply "too lazy" to come up with a new complex escape plan.

Criticism in the reviews of the TV series "Escape" was subjected to new tattoos by Michael. So, according to experts, so small elements, as it is shown in the tape, to put on the skin without deviations is simply physically impossible.

As for the main characters, besides Michael, Lincoln and Sarah, everyone liked the character of T-Bag. But the characters of Sucre and Si-Nout were somewhat flat (compared to past seasons).

In addition to all of the above, the episode "Runaway" (2017) reviews negative also for lack of explanation for the actions of the protagonist, as was done in the early seasons. Also, the project was oversaturated with action, which, according to fans, tried to compensate for the lack of good intrigue.

Russian adaptation of "Escape"

Considering the feedback on the Prison Break project, it should be mentioned that in 2010 the Russian television holding Krasny Kvrat purchased from Fox the rights to screen the Escape. Thus, in Russia the own version of the world-famous television project was filmed.

In this case, unlike the original, the adaptation was poorly received by the spectators and hardly survived on air for only two seasons, after the expiration of which the project was closed.

Differences from the original

Before considering reviews about the series "Escape" (Russian version), it is worth paying attention to its differences from the original project.

As is often the case with adaptations, character characters and plot lines have been almost completely preserved, but "adapted" to the Russian realities. So the main characters were renamed into Russian manner. For example, former boss of the Chicago mafia John Abruzzi, turned into a thief in the law of Archil "Koba" Kobakhidze (by the way, this name is the early pseudonym of Joseph Stalin), and the pet of spectators, Puerto Rican Fernando Sucre became Alim "Nalim" Kurtoğlu,

Since the Russian Federation (unlike the US) abolished the death penalty, it was necessary to come up with a plot with the introduction of a new law on the deprivation of life of particularly dangerous criminals.

Among other things, the creators of the television series had to come up with their own drawing of the protagonist's tattoo.

Also, unlike the original, the plot pays a lot of attention to the visit of the church's heroes (naturally, Orthodox).

Reviews of the audience about the Russian "Escape"

It's sad, but despite the huge funds spent by the creators of the project, viewers defeated him to the nines. Considering the numerous reviews about the TV show "Escape" (Russia), one of the main reasons for its failure is that the writers very few contributed their own original ideas to the project, because of what it looked like a cheap copy of Prison Break. It should be noted that many homegrown critics did not even bother to watch the TV series.

Also a lot of negativity in the audience caused plot holes, which in the project was quite a lot. And it was not just about adopting a law of the state scale, only to "eliminate" just one prisoner (it would be easier to pay for his murder to other prisoners).

Also very unreasonable was the plot line with the attempts of an unknown international criminal organization to promote its man to the post of head of the Russian Federation. This move by the majority of spectators was recognized as very confusing and implausible.

Despite the majority of negative reviews, the Russian TV series "Escape" earned and praise. As a rule, they were expressed by those who either did not see the original, or simply tried to support the domestic manufacturer.

Reviews about the selection of the main actors

Among the numerous complaints about the Russian remake was a lot of complaints about the very unsuccessful actor's ensemble of the project. So, the audience often negatively spoke about the game of Yuri Chursin (Russian Scofield - Alexei Chernov) and Vladimir Epifantsev (Barrouz - Cyril Panin). Despite Chursin's very good game, some noted that he has a too slim physique for such extensive tattoos.

A lot of negative went to the Russian T-Bag - renamed the Speech Therapist. Vitaly Kishchenko, who played this role, absolutely did not match the charismatic character in the American version and from this the show lost a lot in the eyes of the audience.

Also, it was negatively accepted how Paul Kellerman (the worker of special services Konstantin Galdaev) "crushed". Although the performer of this role, Yuri Tarasov - a great actor, for this role, he was catastrophically not suitable.

The star of the film "On the Game" - Nodar Siradze, who played Nalima (Sucre) in "Escape", despite all his charm, looked faded against the background of his American colleague, who had a perfectly pumped up body.

As for women's roles, the most successful choice was the claim for the role of lawyer Svetlana Dunaeva (Veronica Donovan) actress Yekaterina Klimova. But the Russian Sarah Tancredi (performed by Dana Agisheva) was met with hostility, and for all two seasons and could not fall in love with the audience.

Among other things, the selection of extras for prison extras was criticized. The fact is that most of these roles were taken by artists already "lighted up" in other pictures about prisons or police work. Because of this, many viewers had the impression of "Escape", as a clone of countless bandit serials.

The series Prison Break vs. "Escape": which is better, according to domestic viewers

The Russian adaptation of Prison Break is not just inferior to the original, but, unfortunately, it has become a real failure, according to the majority of viewers.

In their opinion, the reason for this lies in the specifics of access to information in modern society. So, 10-15 years ago the majority had no free access to the Internet (some did not even have cable TV). In this regard, viewers could not see the originals of such popular Russian adaptations as "My Fair Nanny," "Do not Be Born Beautiful," etc. Thus, Russian television production was perceived as something new and original.

However, today, when most television series of the world can be viewed without leaving the house without interruptions for advertising, it's very difficult to surprise someone with the domestic adaptation of a project. Especially when it comes to one of the most rating series in the history, which, moreover, was previously demonstrated on Russian channels.

It is in this, according to everyone's opinion, the reason that the episode "Escape" (American version) reviews collected magnificent, and its Russian adaptation became a failure.

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