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Doram "For you in all colors": roles, actors. "For you in all color": the story line

Dorama is, as a rule, a TV series produced in Japan, as well as other Asian countries. The duration of the standard season is about three months. Now we will examine in more detail such a sensational in its time picture as "For you in all colors".

It exists in several versions: Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and has caused a truly genuine interest among the public. Let's talk about which actors "For you in all color" were played in various of her teleadaptations and about the plot line of the popular TV series.

How it all began?

The dorama is based on the story of the manga Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e. It all started with the release of comic books, the last volume of which was released in 2004. The manga was called Hana-Kimi.

It was issued twice a month in Japan. Comics were placed in the magazine Hana to Yume. Manga sold millions of copies, and it was reissued in 2007 in 12 volumes. Also these comics have been translated into English.

The main heroine of the manga is 16-year-old girl Asiya Mizuki. She moved from America to Japan in order to get to know her idol - Izumi Sano, who is a jumper in height. He studied in a closed school for boys, but this did not become an obstacle for the young adventuress.

An alternative translation of this manga is: "Secretly in love with you." Later, her characters successfully embodied in screen images actors.

"For you in all color": the plot

The action takes place in America. Events develop around a Korean girl, who is called Ku Chae Hee (according to the most recent film version). It all started with the fact that one day she saw the broadcast of competitions in athletics. In them participated a young athlete Kan Tae Juni. The girl literally falls in love with him at first sight and becomes his ardent admirer. In order to be closer to the object of her adoration, she decides to move to live in South Korea and begins with him to study in one school.

However, there is one big "but": some boys are accepted into this very school, since it is specialized. It is a closed private educational institution, in which only guys can get, and only beautiful ones.

To make the dream come true as soon as possible, she goes on a desperate step - she needs to be reincarnated as a boy. There is no other way out in this situation. But, as usually happens, all the secret things always become obvious, which happened in this case.

The main characters of the comics

With success, the character of the manga characters was presented to the actors "For you in all colors". Their roles coincide in the plot with Hana Zakari.

Mizuki Asiya, in love with Sano, dreams of becoming a trainer and very fond of the dog, which is called Yujiro. The girl is famous for running very fast and likes to eat sweet. Later she enters the karate club to become a strong spirit.

Izumi Sano is a professional in his business. He excellently jumps in height. Sano retires from track and field athletics because of an injury that he received, rescuing from the wheels of his manager's car. But this was only the official version. In fact, the guy just could not stand the moral pressure, inevitable in the big sport. But with the help of Mizuki, he decides to return to training. She also helps Sano make peace with his father and his younger brother, whom he could not find a common language before.

Suite Nakatsu is a classmate of the main characters. He is the leading player of the football school team. Fell in love with Mizuki, without even assuming that she is a girl, so classmates began to suspect him of unconventional sexual orientation. But in fact, it happened because he subconsciously felt the female side of Mizuki. Nakatsu is jealous of her for Sano, as she notices their close communication.

Tayaki Kayashima can see ghosts and read the aura, doing yoga. Neighbor Syuti around the room. Students are afraid because of supernatural abilities. However, he was able to make friends with Nakatsu.

Hokuto Umeda is a doctor working in the school. For Mizuki, a physician like a big brother, to which she often comes to get advice. He immediately reveals that this is not a guy, but a girl. She does not disclose the secret and becomes her confidant. It is a habit to often beat people on the head and call them fools.

Screen version of the earliest version

In the fascinating dorama, the girl Lee Rei Xi also falls in love with the athlete and goes for a dream across the ocean.

Actors "For you in all color" (Taiwan) - Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Ella Chen, Danson Tan, Ethan Ruan and others. Director - Ming Thai Wang. The script of the seriel coincides completely with the comic: first the girl sees the triumphant performance of the idol on TV and, inspired by the dream, embarks on adventures in order to be closer to her hero, who then falls in love. There is a love triangle, and the intricacies of feelings will accompany the heroes throughout this story.

The Japanese film adaptation

She appeared on television in 2007. Showed "For you in all colors" from July 3 to September 18, 2007. Total series 12, the duration of each of them is 50 minutes. Directed by the paintings were Matsuda Hidetomo, Tsuzuki Junichi, Sato Gent. Filmed under the script of Nakajo Hisai.

Actors "For you in all color" (Japan) - Oguri Xiong, Horikita Maki, Ikuta Toma, Konno Mahiru, Kamikawa Takaya, Matsuda Seiko, Okudzi Takashi, Kobayashi Susumu, Daito Shunsuuke, Sirota Yu, Mizushima Hiro, Kimura Ryo, Kyo Nobuo .

The girl Asya Mizuki should get into a closed school called Osaka Gakuen. The task is complicated by the fact that only boys are accepted to study there. But she needs to get there anyway to be closer to her object of admiration, which so far does not even know about anything. Izumi Sano left the big sport and is now studying, but the girl wants to convince him that it is necessary to continue training. To ensure that students in this school do not suspect that something is amiss, she will have to skillfully play the role of a kid.

Then Nakatsu, a classmate who falls in love with Mizuki, appears on the horizon, although he does not even suspect that he is not a guy at all. In the formed love triangle, the passions are growing more and more, and all three characters have to hide their feelings.

Korean teleadaptation

This version was released in 2012, it consisted of 16 series. In the airtime was from August 15 to October 4. Directed by Jun Ki Sang, the screenwriter was Lee Xie Yong.

Actors "For you in all color" (Korea) - Min Ho, Solly, Lee Hyun Wu, Kim Ji Won, Soo Zhong Yong, Kang Han Nyl, Hwang Gwang Hee, Yu Min Gyu, Kim Ian, Gee Tae Yen, Kim Wu Bing, Li Yong Eun, Kang Ken Joon, An Xe Gen, Julian Kahn, Jeong Eun Zhu.

As a child, the main character moved from Korea to the United States. She practically did not live in her homeland, but at the same time she retained her love for her culture and her native language. According to the script, the girl Koo Zhe-He falls in love with the hero from the screen. He is a jumper in the height of Kang Tae-jung. The girl is fascinated by his dexterity and grace.

The girl is so delighted with him that she can no longer live in America and begs her parents to go to South Korea. After changing into a boy, she successfully enters a closed boarding school.

Cuts her hair and puts on boy's clothes. She manages to enter the image of a guy, and everyone takes it for her, at least the vast majority of people, with only a few exceptions. The girl shows good results in her studies, and due to this she is enrolled for permanent education in this school. Her dream came true, now she is here, next to Kang Tae-jung.

But already in the first week after receipt of her secret is revealed by two people, including a school doctor and ... the very thing of adoration, which then became her roommate. But he is not in a hurry to openly expose the girl who has just arrived to school openly and pretends that he does not know anything.

Love Triangle in the series

The rapture that prompted the girl to be in this place, leaving her past life, is rapidly evolving into something big. But she can not show him her feelings, because she still has to pretend to be a boy.

Meanwhile, the athlete falls in love with her, but still does not dare to tell her about it, fearing that she will leave again. Attention to her draws and classmate - the footballer Cha нn-Göl. He is very handsome and talented, and the girls do not give him a pass. But his heart now belongs to the young Zhe-Hee, and he does not even suspect that she is ... a girl.

Thus, there is a love triangle. The plot begins ever since to revolve around a couple in love, afraid to admit to each other in love and the third party - a guy who is unrequitedly in love with the heroine.

In the series, love feelings are shown very realistically, without any contrivance and a touch of naivety. Characters have a bright individual character, each of them is interesting in its own way.

The advantage of the series is also music to it: it helps to further reveal the emotional side of the characters and make the perception of the picture more memorable and profound.

Actors "For you in all colors": the composition of the Japanese remake

In the drama with the prefix "Incomprehensible Paradise" they played: Atsuko Maeda, Aoi Nakamura, Sehei Miura, Ryu Ando, Kodai Asaka, Mana Ashida, Arata Horia, Risa Hotta, Sonde Kanay, Shige Kasai, Yuki Kashiwagi, Ren Kiriyama, Goki Maeda, Yukito The Nissi. Directed by: Matsuda Hideamoto.

The series shows the history of the relationship of adolescents who are studying at a sports school. The plot is built in the same way as in the previous Japanese version.

The main heroine from California, where she lived with her parents, moved to Japan with one goal - to be closer to the one who became the object of her sincere admiration. To make a dream a reality, it must decide on an adventure.

For the sake of her dreams, she took this risk, saying goodbye to her lifestyle and moving far beyond her city.

The embodiment of the famous manga in the cinema

As a result, based on these comic books, 4 dramas were removed: in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The first screen version of the manga was in 2006.

In Japan, two teleadaptations of the comics were made. In 2007, there was a 12-serial dorama. The actors "For you in all colors" (main characters) are Maki Horikita, Xiong Oguri, Tom Ikuta. In 2011, a remake of the previous series appeared. The main roles were directed by Maeda Atsuko, Aoy Nakamura, Shohei Miura.

In Taiwan, the series "For you in all colors" was shot in 2006 (15 episodes), which became the first manga adaptation of Ella Chen, Chung Wu, Jiro Van, Danson Tan. And, finally, the newest version in the Korean version of To The Beautiful You, consisting of 16 series.

A little about the main characters of the first adaptation of the manga

Wu Chun, who played track and field athlete Zuo and Chuen, was born in 1979 in Brunei. He graduated from Australia with a bachelor's degree in business management. He participated in the musical group "Fahrenheit". He came from a wealthy family, but in his youth he lost his mother.

Wu Chun became one of the most popular actors in Taiwan. In the past, he had his own gym. In addition to working on the series "For you in all color," he starred in such dramas as "The Perfect Guy", "Tokyo Juliet", "The Family X" and others.

Ella Chen is his partner in the film. She signs an extract with Him international and becomes a member of the SHE musical group, which in the future has gained immense popularity in Asia. Was born in 1981 in Taiwan. She has a surprisingly beautiful voice - a strong viola. Her work: "Bad Girls", "Down with Love", "Perfect Couple", "Rose", "Magic Love". By nature, she was always a tomboy, and the role of a kid for her was at the right time.

The third character here was a schoolmate in love with Ray Ci, Jin Sue Yi, who was played by Jiro Wang. He was born in Taiwan in 1981. Specialty - advertising design. In 2004, he began his acting career. Along with Wu Chun played in the band "Fahrenheit". He has a rare voice - baritenor.

Wu-chan, Jiro Wang and Ella Chen are actors "For you in all colors", the main roles of which they played in the Taiwanese version.

Heroes of the Japanese version

Now let's talk about the Japanese versions. For the first time in this country in 2007 the premiere "For you in all colors" was held. Actors of the first plan in it are Maki Horakita and Shun Oguri.

The girl was born in the city of Kieso in 1983. Actor's career began in 2003. In addition to working on TV series, she appeared in television commercials. Filmography: "The guy from the train", "Nabuta's Progress", "One missed call." During her career, she received a number of awards, including "Best Actress."

Shun Oguri was born in the Japanese city of Kodaira in 1982. He dropped out of school and began teaching acting skills. First he voiced the characters in the anime. Among his most striking works, one can distinguish the role in the series "Flowers after the berries" and, of course, the main role in the drama "For you in all colors", where he played that same athlete Izumi Samo. In addition, he starred in the movie "Ravens", "Tokyo Dogs", "Doctor Doolittle." Tried himself and as a director. Shun Oguri filmed both commercials and feature films.

Tom Ikuta was born in 1984 in Hokkaido. He is an actor and singer, as well as an anime fan. From his childhood he dreamed of becoming a singer, and his wish was fulfilled. Since 1998, he has appeared in the group Big Image Generation. His musical activity was full of events, after the band BIG, he plays in several other groups, among which No Border can be singled out.

Yet popularity comes to him in connection with his acting. In the series "For you in all colors," he played Nakatsu Suzy. After this role, he began to receive many proposals. His next works were pictures: "Blooming dogwood", "Devil", "Honey and Clover", "Voice" and others.

Remake on the 2007 dorama: the cast

The second time the Japanese screen version of the famous manga happened in 2011. Let's talk about which actors of the drama "For you in all colors" played the main roles in it.

Maeda Atsuko was born in the Japanese city of Ichikawa in 1991. Her nickname is Acchan. She acts as a member of the band AKV 48 until 2012, then begins to perform solo. Her songs became movie soundtracks.

Debut in the film took place in 2007, then she played a role in the film "Find yourself." The main role for the first time she received in 2010 in the series "School Magiska." In addition, she starred in "Shiori and Shimiko", "Moshidor", "The best ending of life" and others.

Nakamura Aoi is the birthplace of Fukuoka, Japan, 1991. His career began with a talent contest, where he won the grand prize at the age of 14. First, he tried himself on the stage, and then in 2007 he gets the lead role in the series "Boys Este". His popularity is beginning to grow in 2010, when he begins actively to act in films. Among his roles: the film "Paranormal phenomenon 2: night in Tokyo". In the drama "For you in all colors," he played Sano Izumi.

Shohei Miura was born in 1988 in Tokyo. In 2003, he appeared in the school drama "Gokusen", in which he made his debut as an actor. Among his works: "Tsunami: survive at any cost", "Beautiful rain", "Writer-ghost" and others. He starred in the role of Nakatsu in "For you in all colors".

The actors of Korean seril

Choe Minho played the role of Kang Tae Zhong. He was born in South Korea, in the city of Incheon, in 1991. Before his singing career he worked as a model. He did not want to become a singer at first, but at the insistence of the agency's representatives he became a member of the rap group Shiney (SHINee). He loves sports and participated in the show "Dream Team". His nickname is "The fiery charisma". Movies: "Pianist", "The genius of medicine" and others.

The role of Ku Jae-Hee played Solly (Chhwe Jin Ri). She was born in 1994 in Yangsan. She performed in the group F (x). Since childhood, she was sent to study acting school, and the first role was the little princess in the series Bullad Of Suh Dong. She also played in the films "Holidays", "Pirates", "King of Fashion" and others.

Lee Hyun Wu was born in Seoul in 1993. The career of the actor began even when he was a child. He starred in such films as "Master of Research", "Queen Sondok", "Man from the Equator" and others. He participated in the group "Music On Top".

We examined who actors are "For you in all colors". The genre of this drama is defined as a romantic comedy and melodrama.


Of course, this sweet Dorama with a disguise in a boy and an unusual exciting story worth watching. It tells about pure impulses, about a dream for which you can take risks, and about youth, capable of great adventures.

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