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"Medicine for Grandma": actors and their roles

A modern mini-series with the unusual name "Medicine for Grandma", released in 2011, has caused quite conflicting reviews from viewers. Some complain about the banal plot of the film, others, on the contrary, consider it a picture that can distract from life's realities and believe in miracles.

Fulfilling their roles in the television series "Medicine for Grandma", the actors seemingly fully got used to the images of their heroes, but, in the opinion of critics, they could not reflect in their characters any special catching moments.

The series, consisting of only four series, is slightly similar to all the famous fairy tale about Cinderella, true, in a modern way. Therefore, if you loved this tale as a child, viewing the picture will certainly leave a positive imprint in your soul.

"Medicine for Grandma": actors and the plot of the series

Having looked at this film, of course, everyone will learn for themselves some specific life experience. The main story revolves around a young couple, played by Konstantin Kryukov and Aglaya Shilovskaya.

She is a seemingly unremarkable, modest student with an ordinary name Sonya. He - a young wealthy businessman, a handsome man and an enviable groom (Zhenya Pisarev). At a certain moment in life, he realizes that all the women in his life looked at the presence of money in his wallet and overlooked his personality. Against this background, Zhenya decides to find a worthy girl who will truly love him.

So, in one of the series between the main characters, relationships are fastened, which can not surprise others. After all, not only that the characters of the film are very different, so they also belong to different social strata.

But, in spite of everything, their relations are developing rapidly, and, it would seem, romanticism and love will not have a limit, but still in the cinema, as in life, everything can not go smoothly. Therefore, some difficulties can not be avoided.

The conclusion, of course, is a happy ending! The final scene is adequately beaten by the characters.

"Medicine for Grandma": actors and roles in the series

The cast consists mainly of young actors. Some of them have already gained some popularity in the viewing circles, but there are also some that just take the path of acting.

Main cast

  • Aglaya Shilovskaya as a student of Sonya;
  • Konstantin Kryukov - businessman Zhenya Pisarev;
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva - allegedly the grandmother Pisarev;
  • Vitaliy Saliy is a friend of Zhenya;
  • Evgenia Gladiy is an insidious Veronica.

"Medicine for Grandma," the actors of which gave the audience a fairy tale, from those films that make them believe in miracles. In addition, this film breaks the boundaries of different social strata of society.

Some actors in the series "Medicine for Grandmother" were beaten with special zeal, which could not but give the film a certain zest.

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