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Olga Suponeva, actress: biography, personal life, creativity

A week before Sergei's death, Olga Suponeva told him: "You are a very good husband." He was very surprised, because he considered himself a caring father and a terrific son. But it was really extraordinary.

Now Olga considers herself to be a strong woman, because now she has learned to live without him, the truth, using for this brief and capacious phrase "There is no death for me". And everything began so happily and serene ...

Biographical information

The wife of the best children's TV presenter over the last couple of decades of Sergei Suponev, the future Actress Olga Suponeva, was born on the eve of Christmas, January 6, 1976 in Moscow.

As a child, she did not think about her future plans, just lived and enjoyed the state of true childhood with all his joys and happy moments. The idea that her future will be connected with the scene, soffits and camera, visited her much later. But by some sixth sense she realized that it was her road in life, paved with yellow brick.

After school Olga Suponeva entered the RATI-GITIS (she studied in the studio of Leonid Kheifets), and then, having received a diploma, she came to the Satire Theater, where she worked for ten years.

In tandem with Nikolay Fomenko was the leading children's program "Happy Flight", participated in various talk shows of the First Channel, "Russia" and STS.

Love at first sight ... on the TV screen

Young Suponeva Olga Anatolevna Barely celebrated her thirteenth birthday, as one day, when she came home from school and turned on the TV, she saw a young and handsome "Marathon-15" host. She fell in love at one point. And immediately called my girl-friend: "Turn on the TV soon!" There's such a boy they show, I so want him to be my husband. "

So it happened. The childhood dream came true. Happy and joyful. True, with a tragic end.

They were introduced by Maria Golubkina and Nikolai Fomenko. With Masha Olga played in one theater and was friends. About Olya Suponev (then Motina) knew for a long time, especially in this same theater worked as a pianist in the orchestra and his mother, and Sergei himself was at that time a fairly famous man.

One day he appeared at the premiere of "Threepenny Opera", where Olga Suponeva played one of the prostitutes. Sergei watched very carefully, and after the curtain closed, he told his mother that he really liked the girl from the edge. "And she likes you very much," Mom answered with a smile. Then Olya often passed him a couple of warm words through his mother.

Two loneliness

After this conversation, only a few days passed. In the house of the actor Masha Golubkina came and found Olya. "Quickly get ready, Suponev is waiting for you," she said with a smile. The girl froze in surprise. Yes, she really wanted to see the object of her adoration, get to know him, stand by for at least half an hour. But when all this turned out to be so close, Olya somehow lost her head.

It was after that meeting that their beautiful romance began. It developed very quickly. At the time of their acquaintance, the young Suponeva Olga Anatolyevna was alone. Sergei too (he had already divorced his first wife). It seemed to them that a remarkable meeting of two loneliness had taken place. Perhaps, precisely because they were very similar in their preferences, interests, views, everything happened so quickly. A month later the young people decided to live together.

Memories of the husband

Olga Suponeva is still confident that she can not find a person with whom her husband could not be on friendly or friendly terms. He was very kind, though explosive (though he departed instantly). He was almost always jealous of Olga, but carefully concealed it. Sergei was sure that jealousy is a kind of manifestation of weakness. And in his understanding, a man can not afford it.

In infrequent interviews, Olga with a tender smile told reporters how her Seryozha could just wink at the nondescript girl to cheer her up, and she already felt like a real queen.

For some time before the tragedy, he greatly recovered and worried because of this. Olya tried to distract him from these thoughts, constantly telling him that he was already so good. Suponev managed to lose some weight, but then he stopped it, because he realized how much it spends.

He did not know the notes, but he could pick up any melody by ear. Once in a village club, Sergei took a guitar and sang "Hotel California." The visitors were delighted.

About babies

About that they have a common child with Olya (in the first marriage, Sergei had a son Kirill), Suponev spoke almost immediately after they met. Olya was a little dumbfounded: she was only 23 then, she was engaged in her own career. But Sergei did not understand the women who are trying to build a career. For him, in the first place, the beloved woman is the wife and mother of their children. Therefore, he tried with all his might to convince Olya that he was right. The girl did not think for long. Especially since she saw how gently and anxiously he treats his son. And she had no arguments against the children. So Polinochka appeared. They were married in the beginning of 2001, after her birth. Olya was not going to sign at all (and frightened her extreme lifestyle of a loved one), but Sergey insisted.

On the last birthday of Sergei Olya gave him an accordion, which he mastered in just three days. And Pauline always played songs on the piano.

Since Sergei was significantly older than Olga (15 years old), he was smarter and more experienced. In this for the girl there was some minus: he, for example, taught her that all homework should be performed by a man that Seryozha did as long as they lived together. After his death, Olya was lost for a long time, because she could not even figure out how to fill out receipts for paying for utilities. Yes, she used to know how to do it, but she forgot everything during her family life.

Life after her husband

Sergey Evgenievich Suponev has always been fond of extreme sports. Scuba diving, hunting, mountain biking, jet ski, scooter and snowmobile ride ... Despite the fact that Olya and forbade him this, and tried to talk to him, he begged, he was unshakable: he is a real man! Once he almost drowned, turning over on a yacht, he fell into the sewer hatch, fell from a motorcycle, broke his eyes with glass. A week before his death, Sergei accidentally cut his foot, losing half a liter of blood. His wife did not have time to move away from one of his injuries, as happened next.

Intuition failed her only on that terrible December day. Even in the evening Sergei called her from the dacha and assured that everything is fine, and tomorrow he will come home. But that did not happen. The neighbors arrived at the dacha with the news that Seryozha had crashed. Olya did not realize this, all repeating: "Do not worry, if something terrible happened, I would have been called. Sergei will get out. " But the miracle did not happen.

In December 2001, Sergei Suponev tragically died while walking on a snowmobile on the lake Seliger: the snowmobile at full speed crashed into the pier ...

For several years the TV series Kulagin and Partners have been showing success on different TV channels. The wife of the deceased TV presenter plays one of the main roles in it. This is the first Russian detective reality series, which immediately attracted the eyes of hundreds of thousands of viewers. "Kulagin and Partners" - a series in which the storyline of several series and methods of investigation were copied from foreign multi-series detectives. Olga was invited to act as assistant counsel to Kulagin.

Now Olga lives with her daughter Polina in their house with Sergei near Moscow. The girl was not even a year old when her father died. Until now, Olga does not have enough of her beloved husband, so she has silence in her private life.

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