What is talcum powder? All about the amazing mineral

What is talcum powder? It is a crystalline substance, a soft mineral of white color with a greenish tinge. He is widely used in cosmetology, pharmacology, paint and varnish industry. This mineral is quite acidic and is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator.

Description of the mineral and its properties

At many at a word "talc" there are associations with a children's powdering which use for powdering of skladochek skins at kids. This hygiene product contains a powder of this element, fragrances and colorants. And in fact, what is talcum powder? It is an amazing mineral with a unique chemical formula that forms at considerable depths at high temperatures. Talc, which is mined in different deposits, has differences in structure and chemical composition. There are minerals with a large percentage of magnesium, chromium and aluminum, and there is an increased amount of iron and nickel ions. This substance is greasy to the touch and very soft. It does not burn, can withstand high temperatures, does not melt or crack. What is talcum powder and what it is, we've sorted it out a bit. Now let's talk about its application in various industries.

Application of talc in industry

Even in ancient times, this amazing mineral was used in the manufacture of jewelry and dishes. Items with its contents were found by archaeologists during excavations. In modern times talc is used in various spheres of production. So, in cosmetology and perfume industry it is used as an additive in the manufacture of powder, shadows, soap. In medicine, powder is made from it for the treatment of diaper rash. Talcum is used as a substance to prevent the rubber gloves from sticking together. No less important is this mineral in paper production. It is necessary in the manufacture of thick paper to produce a smooth surface. In textile work with the help of a solution of this mineral bleached severe fabrics. The paint and varnish industry also does not do without this amazing substance, because it has waterproof paints. When calcining ceramic products, talc is added. It is also present in the pencil leads and acts as an excellent heat and electrical insulator.

Talc in cosmetics

Cosmetology is one of the industries in which this mineral is widely used. It has antibacterial and absorbent qualities. The absence of crystalline quartz and amphibole in it makes it possible to produce environmentally friendly and safe products for health. Powder, powders and dry antiperspirants are made from it. Powder is widely used in decorative cosmetics. For example, 80% of the shadows are talc. The price for 200 g of powder is about 50 rubles. Before adding to cosmetic products, talc is thoroughly processed, it is purified from microbiological elements. When working with it, it is important to know what talc is and what danger it brings. After all, this substance is toxic - inhaling it causes serious lung disease.

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