Rubber on the "Niva" - which one to choose?

The off-road car VAZ "Niva" was originally developed as a vehicle with increased terrain. It has a four-wheel drive and a supporting structure, so it perfectly overcomes any obstacles. However, some car owners do not have this, and they are beginning to remake their iron friend in a real monster - the conqueror of impassability. And the first step, which the car owners get up while performing tuning, is the choice of suitable tires. In this article, we'll figure out what kind of tires are on the "Niva" for off-road and what sizes of tires to choose.


First of all, before buying, you should find out what diameter the future wheel will have. Basically it all depends on your preferences and the scale of the improvements. Often motorists who exploit their car purely for trips outside the city (in the woods, hunting or fishing), choose tires with a diameter of 29 inches. Rubber r16 on the "Niva" is the base, so a difference of 13 or more inches entails not only a significant increase in clearance, but also a long modification of the running system, since large tires simply do not get into the arches. Also because of the large size of the wheels , intervention in the gearbox is required, as the factory gear ratios are not able to provide a normal ride with 33-inch tires. According to many car owners, the most suitable tires for the "Niva" should be between 29 and 31 ".

Tire type selection

At the moment, among the many proposals for fans of tuning, there are two main types of tires. These are mud and extreme variants. With regard to the first variety, this type of wheel copes well with overcoming small obstacles in the form of a wet dirt road or grass. But in the field such a tire will help its car owner. Thanks to the large tread pattern and side checkers, this rubber on the "Niva" is able to deliver the car to any place outside the city - even to a remote lake, even in the mountainous terrain. With regard to overcoming marshes and mud puddles, this type of tires also copes well with similar tasks. However, here it is worth remembering that the mud summer and winter tires on the "Niva" are soft enough, therefore for operation in mountainous places one should buy wheels with a lot of cord.

And the second type is extreme tires. This version of tires has very strong and large grunt. Therefore, such wheels are particularly in demand among fans of professional competitions (rally, for example). From various damages and cuts this tire is insured for 100 percent, and it can only be damaged by a special Bulgarian for metal. This greater strength is achieved due to a thick layer of cord, which prevents foreign objects from penetrating into the chamber. However, despite the presence of a large tractor tread that can pull the Niva out of any swamp, this tire can not be operated on an asphalt track. Therefore, if you operate your car in most of the asphalt, do not use extreme rubber.

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