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Russian actors: "Criminal inheritance"

Today we will talk about the film "Criminal inheritance". Actors and roles will be named further. The director was Alexey Lukanev. Sergey Yudaev's camera work.


First, we discuss the plot of the film, then the actors will be named. "Criminal inheritance" is a film, the main character of which is Boris Yermakov. He hid from his family the truth about his own life. Once he was a hitman in a criminal group. Once the past reminded me of itself in a ruthless way. Criminals kidnapped the younger son of Boris - Andrew. The protagonist had to return to his former craft and kill the former pupil, now businessman Strukov. However, the coach was unable to fulfill the order because of his state of health.

Key players

Next will be presented, starring actors. "Criminal inheritance" is a film in which Boris Andreevich Ermakov is the main character. Alexander Galibin played this role. This actor is People's Artist of Russia. I studied at the acting faculty of LGITMiK. Visited the workshop of Ruben Agamirzyan. He received an education at the directing department of the RATI. He studied in the studio of Anatoly Vasiliev. Was an actor at the Leningrad Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya. Then I changed the scene. He began to play at the Theater actor at the Lenfilm studio.

Cyril Zaporozhsky embodied the image of Denis - the eldest son of the protagonist. Anastasia Lukyanova appeared in the picture as a daughter of Strukov named Vika.

Other heroes

Now, the actors who acted as supporting actors will be named. "Criminal inheritance" is a film in which the character Ivan Sergeevich Strukov is present. Denis Sinyavsky played this role. Ekaterina Molokhovskaya embodied the image of his second wife, Strukov - Margarita. The actors of the film "Criminal legacy" S. Yakovlev and Ilya Iosifov played respectively Andrew, the youngest son of Boris, and the system administrator Anton.

Svetlana Chernova played the role of Anastasia, the wife of Boris. The former deputy chief of the department of economic affairs, Evgeny Kotov, and investigator Dmitry Vladimirovich also appear in the plot of the film "The Crimeal Legacy." Actors Oleg Kassin and A. Chernykh performed these roles. Vitaly Kudryavtsev played Oleg Osipov, the security chief. Oleg Kharitonov embodied the image of private detective Mikhail Pashkov. Sergei Grekov got the role of Gennady Prokhorov. Andrew Witwitski played Nicholas.

Vladimir Zaviktorin was remembered by spectators as a watchman in the cemetery. Alexey Denisov played the courier. Ludmila Knyazeva appeared in the story as Grini's mother. A. Dubrovina played Marina - the girl of Andrew. Alexander Lobanov embodied the image of an ambulance doctor. Olga Mikhailova played Karina, Denis's former bride. Alexander Filatov was remembered by the audience as a cardiologist. Elizaveta Helmbrecht played Elsa - the secretary of Strukov. Yuri Filatov embodied the image of the debtor. Sergei Sholokh appeared in the picture as an attendant. Tatyana Klyukina played a neighbor. Alexey Andreev played the role of an employee of Pashkov.

Andrei Korsunov embodied the image of Grini Kostorychenko. Andrey Kaverin appeared in the narrative as a lawyer. Igor Statsenko acted as a notary. Nina Golovach played a nurse. Anna Osinovskaya performed the role of Irina - assistant to a notary. Andrei Mamonov embodied the image of Anton as a child. Victor Muravsky played the role of doctor. Ilya Zhdanikov and Ruslan Rukhadze played Anton's parents. Sergei Popov was remembered by the audience as a criminalist.


Next, we give some interesting information about the film, the actors were presented above. "Criminal inheritance" is a picture that consists of 4 series, combines genres of criminal tape and melodrama and appeared on screens in 2015. Scenario Valeria Podorozhnova. The composer is Alexey Shelygin.

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