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Shchi from sauerkraut: the recipe - you will lick your fingers!

When it comes to schach, immediately appears a traditional Russian hut with a stove in the half-house, a massive oak table and a large pot of this food in its center. I want to take a wooden spoon and start the meal right from the pot. Yes, Russian cuisine is still famous for its uniqueness and diversity. To this day, lovers of tasty, rich cabbage soup have not gone to Russia. And if you have already run out of water, here are some recipes for you, how to cook cabbage soup with sauerkraut.

Recipe 1 .

On a six-liter pot you will need: 900 g of sauerkraut, 5-6 pieces of medium-sized potatoes, 3 Bulgarian peppercorns (for a change, take two red and one yellow), 2 onions, 5 tomatoes, 5-7 garlic cloves (to taste), 4 table. Spoons of sunflower oil, black pepper and sweet pepper (both peas), salt, bay leaf.

Shchi from sauerkraut, the recipe of which you now dream of realizing, are cooked on broth from any meat, with the addition of one whole carrot and parsley root. When the broth is ready, remove the carrots and parsley, remove the meat, cut into pieces and put it back in the broth. While the broth is brewed, take sauerkraut, drain the juice, chop it into small pieces, put it in a frying pan and, after pouring a little water and covering it with a lid, extinguish for about forty minutes. Next, cut into cubes of onion and sweet pepper. In a separate frying pan fry in oil first onions (three to four minutes), then put pepper on the onions and fry-stew for ten minutes, without a lid. We clean and cut into cubes potatoes. When the cabbage and onions with pepper were stained, we spread them and potatoes into broth, add the laurel leaf and cook for 15 minutes. While the soup is boiled, fry in a skillet peeled and finely chopped tomatoes and finely chopped garlic. Fried tomatoes with garlic are added to the common pot, we put peas and peppers there, salt and cook for another 10-15 minutes. After turning off the fire, you need to give the sausage a little to brew. Serve with sour cream and black bread.

Here are very delicious cabbage soup.

Recipe 2.

This soup not only with cabbage, but with mushrooms, so you need to prepare the mushrooms in advance. And for the cabbage in general, prepare: 800 g of sauerkraut, 50 g of any dried mushrooms, 100 grams of carrots, onions and tomato paste, parsley root , 20 g of flour, 50 grams of butter and sour cream, fat, greens of dill or parsley, salt.

Mushrooms and soak them for 10 minutes in cold water. After this time, rinse the mushrooms and re-soak in water, but for 4 hours. After 4 hours, remove the mushrooms from the water and rinse them. The water in which they are soaked, strain through the cheesecloth, which must be folded into several layers. Rinse the mushrooms in a strained water and cook until ready. Welded mushrooms take out of the water (do not pour again), cut into small pieces and fry in butter. Now cabbage. Rinse it thoroughly, squeeze it and chop it finely, put it in butter, stirring occasionally. On the second frying pan, melt the fat and, stirring constantly, pour the flour there and fry it until its color begins to change. Then add a little bit of water to it, constantly stir so that there are no lumps and everything is mixed up to a homogeneous mass. Pre-peeled and melenko chopped carrots and onions, chopped parsley root and tomato paste put in a frying pan with fat and, a little salted, fry. Now take a large pot, put into it stewed sauerkraut and fill it with water, in which mushrooms were cooked. We also put mushrooms here, which are already fried and are waiting for further action. We put the pan on the fire and bring its contents to a boil. After that, add to it what was roasted in the second pan, once again let the boil boil, turn off and insist a few minutes. Season with sour cream, sprinkle with dill or parsley and serve it to the table.

Perhaps someone will decide that soup from sauerkraut - the recipe is too tricky, but would not it be nice for you all who will try your culinary creation to unanimously say that there are no more tasty soup in the world?

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