Summer dress crochet. Tips for knitting

Knitted things made by skilled craftsmen are always in demand. Each dress, blouse and even a baby cap can be called exclusive. They allow you not to think that you can meet someone in the same clothes. In addition, the thing will be relevant both on the beach and at a party. This article contains general tips for crocheting a summer dress. Especially useful it is for beginners.

Summer dress crochet. Choose a model

Seeing the liked model of a knitted sundress in a new magazine, many needlewomen immediately go to the store for yarn. It is worth noting that the choice of the model should be taken very carefully, since not every summer dress crochet will suit one or another girl.

Slender young lady with a figure of "hourglass" to think about this is not necessary - almost any thing will sit on them just fine. Thin female representatives will be approached by more magnificent models with flounces and frills that will make them look more attractive. Polnenkim girls better to choose a simple knitted dress just above the knees, focusing on the figure in the chest, which will divert attention from the figure as a whole.

Summer dress crochet. Choosing the yarn

As you know, when crocheting, unlike spokes, the thing is more dense. Therefore, it is better to buy yarn more thin. Also, your choice should be stopped with natural raw materials, it will not let you languish from the summer heat. However, a small amount of viscose or acrylic will allow things to keep the shape better.

As a rule, a detailed description and recommendations for the selection of yarns are attached to each model in magazines. Of course, you can buy other threads, but it is better that their composition was a bit like. It should also be taken into account that after washing one yarn shrinks, and the other, on the contrary, stretches.

Knitted summer dress. Choose a hook

Its size depends on the yarn that will be used when knitting. Her ethics usually indicate the recommended size of the hook. If such information is not available, then you can make a choice yourself. To do this, you need to link a small sample. If the hook size is too large, it will turn out to be loose, and for a small one - too dense.

If you do not pay attention to it, then as a result you can get a completely different dress crocheted. Summer mood in this case will be spoiled. To make a sample is always when you take on a new thing.

However, sometimes hooks of different sizes are used for knitting. So, a smaller tool will allow you to emphasize, for example, the waist area.

It is best to knit a dress-sarafan crocheted with metal. Plastic tools are more suitable for winter and warm clothes.

Summer dress crochet. Choose accessories

The dress can be decorated with ready-made accessories, and made with your own hands. These can be ribbons, flowers (knitted, satin or beaded), finished brooches and belts from various materials. Also, to the summer dress, you can tie a rim, a hat and even a handbag from the same yarn.

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