Crochet sarafan crochet

Crocheting is an exciting activity. As a rule, this kind of needlework is dealt with by mothers in the decree, pensioners and simply enthusiastic people. In this article we will tell you how to tie a sundress crochet, what threads and materials to use, in what technique to perform it.

First of all, you should determine the thread. As a rule, craftsmen knit summer sarafans. For a hot season, suitable threads are made of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk or viscose. You can also use synthetic, for example, acrylic. For the sarafan crochet you can buy the thread of famous manufacturers both foreign and domestic ("Iris", "Malva", "Maxi", "Alize").

Then you need to make a pattern for your shape. Next, you must choose a pattern for your sundress. It can be dense, laced, in a mesh. As a basis, you can take a beautiful napkin (for the back) and two small ones for the chest. Crochet sarafan crochet should be on top (but there may be exceptions). First, the necessary number of air loops is fastened, and then continue to carry out a pattern in the circle, adding or subtracting the loops.

For the beach fit bright sundresses with an openwork pattern. In this case, the predominant loops are air and columns with two or more cusps. Colors are better to choose bright and contrast, you can also use yarn mélange or sectional dyeing threads, in which one color smoothly passes into the other).

What is the technique of knitting a sarafan crochet? The simplest sundress can be tied in a loin technique. It consists in untying the grid, some fragments of which can be filled with columns without or with a crochet. Thus you can tie beautiful patterns: flowers, animals, ornaments.

A dressing-gown can be supplemented with the necessary accessories: a scarf, a bag, a cloak or a bow. It is important to remember that sometimes two knits do not look like each other. For example, do not wear a variegated knitted sarafan with the same scarf. But a sarafan, a knitted flower on the rim for the hair and a scarf, for example, made of silk fabric, will look harmonious.

If you already know the basic methods of crochet, then you can try to tie a sundress crochet in Irish technique. It consists in untying individual patterns (flowers, petals) and further connecting them with a thread with a needle or a hook in a continuous cloth. Patterns can be different or same color. It will depend on your ideas and fantasies, as well as on where you will wear such a sundress.

As we said above, mothers in the decree often choose such an occupation as crocheting. Dress, original dress, fashion tunic, summer jacket - all this can easily be crocheted. After all, wearing a thing created by their own hands is nice, and no special outfit will require such outfit.

Young mothers can try to tie a children's sarafan crochet. As for materials, it is better to choose natural yarn. For the summer, cotton or linen is ideal. Linking a sarafan crochet for a girl, you can decorate it with knitted flowers or various applications.

Dresses made with their own hands using a hook, will never go out of fashion.

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