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Stroller Capella S-709: customer reviews

The birth of a child is a joyful event. But it is usually accompanied by a variety of purchases. It is very problematic to choose a baby stroller. Especially for walks with grown-up children. Today we have to get acquainted with a stroller called Capella S-709. How good is it? What do parents think about this child's design? What are the pros and cons of it?

Fashionable solution

Any children's product should be beautiful. Strollers including. Therefore, for many parents, the appearance of the structure plays an important role. Demand is usually used stroller, which attracts views with its simplicity and refinement, in which there are no screaming elements.

Capella S-709 is just like that. Parents indicate the similarity of this stroller with the transformer. This is not a "cane" that looks like a "hammock on wheels", but a real stylish and reliable design!

Colors are offered different. You can find red carriages, and blue and purple. Practically for every taste. All originality ends with the presence of different drawings on the walking block and the cape for the legs. They depend on the color you choose. It pleases parents. Capella S-709 is the solution for parents who love to be in the spotlight!

Travel with quality

Any stroller must have good wheels. After all, they provide traffic on roads. Capella S-709 reviews in this area are mostly positive. This model is equipped with 4 plastic wheels, front - rotary. They are easily removed and washed.

Plastic wheels provide smooth and even traffic on roads. The design is light and maneuverable. But, as the buyers point out, the Capella S-709 is not suitable for winter walks absolutely. More precisely, it is not recommended to go out with her when drifting. In the snow, the construction does not move very well, it constantly "carries" it. But in simple frosts without snowdrifts, walks with the "Chapel" are doing well.

Of the disadvantages, it is still emphasized that when moving on wet snow, the stroller starts to slide. All this is due to the fact that the wheels are dirty. Not too much of a problem, but it is often shared by parents.

Walking at any time

Carriage Capella S-709 - this solution is universal. The design is ideal for walking with the baby almost at any time of the year. It has already been said that in winter it does not move well in the snow. But in the spring, summer and autumn you can safely use this vehicle.

From the sun in the design provides a large hood. He goes down to the bumper of the stroller. And from the cold saves a warm cloak on the legs and upholstery of the walking block. The fabric from which the Capella S-709 stroller is made retains heat well when necessary.

Pleasant trifles

What features of the "Chapel" of this model are emphasized by the parents? Everyone singles out something important specifically for themselves and their child. More often than not, the "laurels of glory" win a large hood. Thanks to him, the raincoat included in the stroller kit is almost unnecessary.

For summer walks there is a mosquito net. It protects not only from mosquitoes and midges, but also from prying eyes.

Many indicate that the mechanism of folding at the stroller is very convenient - "one-handed". The design is light (only 8.5 kg), equipped with a height-adjustable handle. By the way, it is suitable for children up to the age of 4 years. The leisure block can withstand up to 18 kilograms of weight.

Capella S-709 reviews positive nature earns also for the fact that the model provides a detachable crossbar in front of the child and an adjustable footboard. Trifles, but they pleasantly surprise some buyers.


A special attention is required by the stroller's stroller. It provides comfort for the child. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics. The main thing is that the children's means of transportation was not just high-quality, but also convenient!

In this sense, the Capella S-709 has ambiguous views on its own account. After all, for babies or children not too large, it fits perfectly! The walkway block is equipped with a height-adjustable backrest (4 positions in total), five-point seat belts and a footrest. The landing place, according to most parents, is narrow. Big kids will not be comfortable here. But the parents, whose children are not very large, have no complaints.

Caring for the stroller is simple: the unit is cleaned with a damp cloth. The fabric from which the design is made, well repels moisture and dirt. The wheels are easily removed and washed.


Like any stroller, the Capella S-709 has its drawbacks. Fortunately, in this case, they do not greatly affect the quality of the structure as a whole. Parents emphasize that this "walk" for winter travel is not very suitable.

Also, the disadvantages include a narrow walking unit. It has already been said that large children have little place in it. A small minus of "Capella" is a mesh bag, located directly under the walking block. If the back is "lying" position, getting to the basket is very problematic.

Carriages Capella S-709 reviews receive with indications of shortcomings. For example, sometimes the knob adjustment buttons "jam", and the cape on the legs often falls off. However, it is easy to get used to these disadvantages. The stroller is folded with one hand, but with some effort.

A small disadvantage is the cost of construction. It averages about 11 000-15 000 rubles. It is always possible to find an analogue Capella S-709, but with a lower price.

Should I buy the Chapel? If you want to purchase a stroller for several generations, then the model is created just for you! This is a strong and fashionable baby vehicle at an affordable price!

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