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Sterlet. Recipe

Sterlet, the recipe of which we will tell in this article, is a fish from the family of sturgeon. It has long been called the royal fish, since it was very much to the liking of representatives of the monarchy. Fact from history: Peter the First and Ivan the Terrible demanded to serve this fish daily for dinner. Although it is customary to call sterlet, the recipes of which are even somewhat similar to red fish, in fact it has white meat. It tastes like a young veal and has practically no bones. By itself, this fish contains a lot of useful substances: omega-3 acids, amino acids and minerals. As is known, they contribute to the restoration of nerve cells in the human body, normalize blood circulation and brain activity.

Sterlet, the recipe for which involves many options and methods of pre-treatment, will be the real queen of the table, and it is almost impossible to spoil it. From her comes out a wonderful ear. It can be baked, smoked, stewed, cooked on a grill or fried in a frying pan. Also, this fish is suitable for those who follow a diet. For example, boiled or cooked with vegetables. Many recommend trying to cook this fish with champagne or wine. Incredibly delicious, if you add a little bit of brut in the ear. In general, the sterlet, the recipe for cooking which can be selected for every taste, is very easy to make.

By itself, it has an incredible taste. The main thing that the fish was fresh, had elasticity and elasticity of tissues. Gills should have a dark red color.

So, now let's try to cook the sterlet. The recipe for salt. We need one carcass of fish, several lemons or limes, onions or shallots, spices to taste. The number of accompanying ingredients is not indicated, since it depends on the weight and size of the selected fish. To sterlet, recipes (the photo is attached), the preparations of which we will describe below, turned out juicy and aromatic, it should be previously marinated in lemon or lime juice mixed with olive oil and spices. You can add herbs, such as tarragon, dill, thyme, parsley, basil. Onion cut into large rings. Lemon is also cut into slices. A suitable form for baking or a baking sheet is lined with foil, put half of the prepared onion and lemons, sprinkle with chopped herbs. We can say that we make a kind of pillow for the fish. We put sterlet on top, which is stuffed with remaining lemons, onions and greens. We wrap everything in foil and send it to the oven, preheated up to two hundred degrees. The cooking time depends on the size and weight of the sterlet. On average, it will be from forty minutes to an hour. After about thirty minutes, gently open the foil to check the condition (a golden crust should appear on the fish).

You can diversify the menu and try to make a sterlet, the recipe of which contains potatoes. Do everything the same as in the previous version, just add the potatoes, sliced slices.

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