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Beautiful tattoo with an inscription on the hand with a translation (male and female)

Foreign inscriptions on the body - this is the direction that will always be popular. The younger generation prefers phrases that carry a hidden meaning. Solve it is not so difficult, because now on many sites you can see a huge list of tattoo with an inscription on the hand with a translation. Thanks to the selected phrases, you can bring your individuality to other people and show the character. This is a kind of non-verbal communication with the outside world and a way to express your "I".

The inscriptions in Latin, stuffed on their hands, have now become very popular. You can choose any suitable font, and the phrase with an elegant line will decorate your hand, turning into a certain pattern with great meaning. This attracts such inscriptions, because having a riddle on the body is very intriguing, it helps to get to know a representative of the opposite sex and get another person interested in you.

What phrase should I put on my hand?

Our hands are almost always in sight, so most often tattoos are applied to the hands, palms, fingers and wrists. A tattoo with an inscription on the hand (translated into Latin) should primarily be of interest. Do not choose an inscription that you just liked, because it should reflect the inner world of a person, characterize it. It must be remembered that all outsiders can see the tattoo with the inscription on the hand.

With the translation into foreign languages - it is precisely these tattoos that are now being chosen by young people. Here are some examples of the most popular tattoos-inscriptions in Latin.

  • Perigrinatio, that in the translation "life is wandering", this phrase will always inspire its owner.
  • Amor omnia vincit - these beautiful words on your hand will mean "true love conquers all".
  • Audi, multa, loquere pauca - will characterize a person with a certain disposition, because it translates as "listen a lot, and do little."
  • The phrase Non ducor duco will make it clear that this person is accustomed to be the initiator, the literal translation of it is "not a leading, but leading."
  • Absolutely unusual way will look the offer Dicere non audeamus. From Latin it is translated as "know how to say no".
  • And, on the contrary, absolutely positive emotions will be caused by the phrase Rectum, quia honestum est, because she will report that a person can do everything he thinks is right;
  • Non progredi est regredi translates as "not going forward, it means going back"

Beautiful tattoos, inscriptions on the hand with translation - it's a stylish and fashionable trend in the modern world. But do not forget that this procedure should be approached with the utmost responsibility.

What will suit a man?

Male and female tattoos on the arm are very popular . Inscriptions with translation must necessarily correspond to the inner world of their owners. Men basically choose such phrases that would emphasize their courageous nature, strength, will and courage.

Tattoos, the inscription on the hand (men's with translation) should be selected beautiful and necessarily with meaning. Here are some of them.

  • Contra spent spero - this magnificent phrase in Latin means that only a confident and able to hope for a person in all is accompanied by luck.
  • Errare humanum est - its meaning lies in the fact that absolutely everyone has the ability to make mistakes.
  • Fecit - this short Latin word will reveal the man from the best side. After all, it symbolizes the fact that he is responsible for his words, which will necessarily be confirmed.
  • Gloria victoribus - translated as "glory to the winner".

It is necessary to adhere to one rule, if a young man decided to make a tattoo and chose what kind of tattoo he needed, an inscription on his hand. Men with a translation into Latin have a hidden meaning, so one appearance of the inscription is not enough, it is necessary to know its exact translation.

What will suit a woman?

There is also a list of popular tattoos on the girl's hand. Inscriptions with translation also have their meaning, which is to emphasize femininity or show the obstinate nature of the owner.

  • In hac spe vivo is a typical Latin phrase for refined natures. Its literal translation - "this hope I live";
  • Magna res est amor means "love is a great thing." It will suit a woman who believes in true feelings.
  • Closed nature can prick the inscription Noll me tangere, which means that its owner can not be touched.

Where else can I make a tattoo inscription?

Usually, guys and girls in most cases make a tattoo with an inscription on the hand. With the transfer of complexity arise in the surrounding people, this is the riddle of such inscriptions on the open parts of the body. Mostly unusual phrases can be seen on the shoulder or wrist, and also they will be seen in the following places:

1) Neck. Stitching is fashionable to do on the side or back under the back of the head.

2) Chest. The inscription on the chest should reflect the state of mind of a person, so it should be as simple and touching as possible.

3) Back. In the area of the back, you need to prick something strong, understandable and persistent. Even any scandalous word forms will do.

At what age is it better to do tattoos on your hands?

Unfortunately, the craft of drawing tattoos assumes that such work remains on the human body forever. Therefore, before the pattern or inscription appears on the hands, you need to analyze your life and activities. Many employers have a rule not to hire people with tattoos on their hands, so you should be ready for this. This mainly applies to the profession of office workers.

If the tattoo is made in the form of a text in Latin, then it must carry emotional feelings, human thoughts. Very often the person who made the tattoo inscription at a young age, after growing up, understands: this idea is stupid and superficial, not corresponding to the current worldview.

What rules should I adhere to if you decide to put the tattoo inscription in your hands?

1) Tattoos on such open parts of the body as hands require long decisions. Therefore, do not do it spontaneously, ask yourself the question: "Is it worth it?".

2) There is a belief that you can not copy other people's phrases. Your inscription should correspond personally to your mental state. If at this stage to make a mistake, it may even worsen the health, the character and fate of the owner change.

3) The choice of tattoo parlor should also be approached with the utmost responsibility. Collect reviews about the best masters of your city, see the portfolio with photos of ready-made tattoos.

Nudity is not just a fashionable trend of modernity. Foreign signatures on the hands of young people all over the world. It is such a cry of the soul of a person that he wants to convey to all those around him. In choosing a tattoo inscription to place on your arm, you should be sure that the character trait expressed by it will be present in you throughout your life.

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