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Delicious homemade canning: string beans for the winter

We think there are plenty of bean lovers among bean lovers. It is a part of many delicious dishes. As an additional culinary component, such beans are good in borscht and soups. And how tempting it is boiled, and then roasted in oil, in breadcrumbs and with garlic! Or in sour cream sauce! In a word, gourmets will understand us!

Pickling rules

How to harvest beans for the winter? There are several rules. It should be recalled that the most delicious are young beans. They are yellow and green, which is not an indicator of maturity. Young pods are tender, which is why they are used more often. And in the case of overripe fruits on the sides there are hard, very coarse fibers-threads. Before cooking they must be removed, as well as cut off the tips on both sides. Marinated beans for the whole winter or cut into pieces. The approximate length is 3-3.5 centimeters. Before you put them in jars, they need to be held for three to four minutes in boiling water. Blanching is necessary in order to make the beans softer. However, and boiled canned beans for the winter should not be. Therefore, after blanching, water it with cold water, cool it well. Packing the cut beans into cans, shake the container to ensure that the products are stacked evenly. Tamp to keep less empty space. Whole string beans for the winter are laid "standing", vertical rows and also tight. Then it should be poured with marinade, sterilized and rolled. Another nuance: if you blanch the product in salted water, the pods become harsh. Therefore, to soften the beans, marinated for the winter, should be sterilized about half an hour (if the banks have a capacity of 0.5 liters).

Bean filling

Now a few words about the marinade. The concentration of sugar in it should be at least 8%. And adding salt and vinegar, be guided by your favorite, already tested recipes for sipping cucumbers, because these blanks are very similar for the winter. Beans are usually preserved without adding various spices, this is its special feature. Drawn from the jar, it tastes sourish. Therefore, canned food before use for food is preferably washed, as it is done, for example, with sauerkraut. And to make the beans look like fresh to the taste, soak them for about 5 hours. Then boil, fry and enjoy a nutritious and mouth-watering dish!

"Lepotki" (green beans) pickled

We bring to your attention such an uncomplicated recipe. Thanks to him you can close the desired number of jars, and in the winter pamper yourself with a delicious dish. Prepared, as described above, beans are packaged in pre-sterilized containers. Prepare the marinade. Its composition is as follows: for each liter of water, take 50 grams of vinegar and salt. Sugar - to taste. Heat the liquid, add the necessary ingredients, boil. Without removing the pan from the fire, pour the marinade over the jars. Sterilize every 25 minutes, then roll up, turn over, put on the lid, cover, and after a day send to the pantry - until winter.

Successful you blanks!

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