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Cutter for motoblock own hands. How to properly assemble cutters for a motor-block

Such an agricultural device, like a motoblock, has not lost its popularity over time. On the contrary, the development of technologies has ensured the emergence of new and demanded mechanisms that have a wider range of functions.

As you know, with the help of this machine you can perform a number of tasks: transport cargo, handle the soil and just use it as a vehicle. Since this equipment has been most widely used in rural areas, it is necessary to understand exactly how to make such a detail as a motorized milling cutter with your own hands. This structural element has many useful properties, but it is quite unprofitable to purchase the finished device from the financial point of view, which explains the need for self-assembly.

Basic functions of milling cutter

This type of equipment is hinged, so that at any time it can be dismantled and replaced. The cutter is an extremely important part of the motoblock, since in the process of functioning it directly affects a number of factors:

- quality of soil cultivation;

- Convenience of driving;

- the state of the power unit transmission;

Stability of the vehicle engine.

Many owners are not in vain wondering how to assemble a milling cutter on a motoblock with his own hands. Only with the help of this element can you qualitatively loosen the soil and prepare it for sowing works, while removing all the weeds.

The main detail of any cutter is knives. For motoblock mills, you can find different samples, made, however, by a similar technology. The quality and depth of tillage depends on the material used in the production process.

Advantages of the milling cutter

Among the undeniable advantages that these details possess, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Cutters perfectly cope with weeds, destroying them without a trace;
  • The soil treated with such an element loosens well, which facilitates the mixing of its layers and positively affects fertility rates;
  • With the help of such knives you can easily distribute fertilizers.

In addition, by making such a detail as a milling cutter with your own hands, you can be sure that it will cope with the soil of absolutely any type, whether it is clayey, moistened or very hard earth. Due to this motoblocks equipped with similar devices are common in regions with a wide range of climates and natural conditions.

Types of milling cutters for a motor cultivator

The development of agricultural machinery has also affected the design of such equipment. So, there are several types of mills, but the most common of them are two:

  1. System with knives saber shaped.
  2. Mills, called among consumers only "Crows feet", which is due to their not quite the usual form.

The first product is extremely common among consumers in many ways due to the fact that it can be used to accomplish almost any task. At the same time, a saber-shaped milling cutter for the motor block is assembled by hand without any difficulties. One of the advantages of its design is the ability to remove the knives at any time, since they are made of steel, which, as is known, can not be welded.

Mills for motoblock "Goose paws" - these are more modern products. The main purpose of this mechanism is the treatment of hard ground. When operating this model, it is important to remember that it is necessary to work with it only on flat and clean ground, otherwise there is a possibility that the knives will be constantly wrapped with weeds. This product is perfect for planting crops and can be used even in the cold season.

Materials for the assembly of milling cutters

Before assembling the milling cutter on the motor-block, it is necessary to measure the parameters of the section that is planned to be processed, and then, starting from the received data, perform assembly of the mechanism. To make the design as correct as possible, you need to have the following list of materials available:

  • Not a very long metal tube having a diameter of 42 mm;
  • Details that will act as elements of loosening the earth;
  • Apparatus for welding;
  • Bulgarian.

Understanding how to properly assemble the cutters on a motoblock, many owners are wondering about the arrangement of soil loosers. The basis of these details may well be springs for the car, which are bent and then welded to the main pipe at the right angle.

The process of assembling the milling cutter for the motor block

Start work, as mentioned earlier, you need to perform the measurements of the site. After all the calculations, you can begin the assembly. With the help of a welding machine, the knives of the future cutter should be connected to a pre-prepared pipe. Beforehand, you can sharpen the edges of the elements under the desired degree.

The received mechanism is fixed on the hitch node, and the work can be considered complete. To verify that the entire system is functioning, you can perform a trial run and adjust the device.

Gathering such a design as a milling cutter with your own hands, it is worth remembering that to achieve the longest possible service life of the product can only be strictly observing all the rules of its operation. When the mechanism is turned on, the knives must be kept at the top and in no case should they be allowed to touch the soil. Having started the motoblock, the cutter can be lowered slowly and start to work.

Additional recommendations

The easiest way to perform the assembly of such a device will be for someone who has some experience in the field of metalworking. Simplify the installation process will allow a pre-compiled scheme, as well as quality tools and materials.

Deciding how to properly assemble cutters on a motoblock, many owners are faced with a problem when it is impossible to produce small and curly parts of a structure. To do this, it is best to turn to a professional blacksmith for help, which will perform this work much faster and better.

In addition, do not forget that an incorrectly assembled system entails a change in the direction of rotation of the knives, which, in turn, is fraught with equipment failure.

Having studied all the above recommendations, it can be concluded that it is absolutely realistic to design such a mechanism as a motor block for its own strength, it is important only to observe all the subtleties of the work, and then the device will last several decades without the need for repair.

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