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Appendicitis phlegmonous - what is it?

Appendicitis phlegmonous is the pathology most often diagnosed when patients enter the hospital with complaints of pain in the abdominal cavity. It is characterized by a constant intense pain in the right side of the abdomen, which can take a pulsating character and be given to the back or chest. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix (it is also the appendix of the cecum), which requires immediate surgical intervention.

Diagnosis: phlegmonous appendicitis. Disease history

When admitted to the hospital, they complain of permanent or recurring pain, the localization of which is the right iliac region. There is severe nausea, vomiting is a rare symptom, the tongue is covered. When palpation there is a noticeable tension of the abdominal wall. Can be increased temperature. Appendicitis phlegmonous is the next stage after the purulent inflammation of the appendix, when its size increases, and it becomes impregnated with pus. A few hours after the onset of this stage, the appendix can burst, which is fraught with a difficult rehabilitation period and even death.

Phlegmonous appendicitis: causes

Until now, the true cause of appendicitis is not known to medicine . All that science can do is to designate two factors necessary for the development of appendicitis: 1) the presence of an excess of bacteria in the intestine; 2) blockage of the appendix due to foreign body intrusion or spasm. Clotting of the appendix may be fecal masses, various bones, seeds, foreign bodies, for example small toys or details, which often cause inflammation of the appendix in children.

First aid

Appendicitis phlegmonous is a very serious disease that can lead to death if untimely provided. For this reason, the first symptoms should immediately call an ambulance. Remember that doctors can not diagnose an inflammation of an appendix not in conditions of clinic, hospitalization at suspicion on an appendicitis is obligatory. While the ambulance rides, you can alleviate the suffering of the patient. First lay him in bed and apply a cold compress to the sore spot: a bottle of water, a bag of ice. No warm heaters, this will accelerate the rupture of the appendix. The patient should avoid taking painkillers before the doctor arrives, and he should not drink or eat. It happens that pain can subside, and at the most inopportune moment, when you will be examined by a doctor. Insist on hospitalization and a more thorough examination, as the temporarily subsiding pain speaks only of the fact that inflammation occurs with complications. And no laxatives, if you suspect appendicitis phlegmonous, because they only provoke an early rupture and development of peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal cavity).


Acute appendicitis is treated only in one way - by removal. No other methods are used here. To date, this is a simple abdominal operation, after which, if there were no complications (for example, an appendix burst in the process), there remains a small thin scar in the right lower abdomen.

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