T-800 (bulldozer): specifications. Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant

T-800 - bulldozer development of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. It was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest and most productive caterpillar tractor. The unit is the pride of the machine builders of the Urals, one of the most significant brands in the region.


The heavy-duty caterpillar tractor T-800 (T-75.01) is designed for opening large volumes of soil during the construction of railways and highways, clearing large areas when building large industrial facilities, and in meliorative construction.

Another area of application is the full-scale energy-intensive work in open mines in the extraction of building materials and the extraction of minerals. The giant is indispensable in the development of rock and very heavy frozen soils.

History of creation

In the late 1970s, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, as the leader in the development of special machinery in the region, received an order for the manufacture of an unprecedented machine. This was a challenge to engineering, because no one in the world has assembled such a powerful caterpillar technique. When creating a heavyweight, designers were faced with the task of designing such a strongman who could develop strong soils where the use of explosives is not advisable. The T-800 bulldozer was conceived as an object of dual purpose: if necessary, it could be used to clear rubble, operational construction of strategic facilities.

Labor baptism

In 1983 the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant manufactured the first car. And immediately the superheavy tractor "was thrown into battle." At that time, the South Ural NPP was being built, and the builders faced a non-trivial problem of sampling the soils in which the rocks predominated. The American tractor-bulldozer "Intern" working at the construction site could not cope with the task - its capacities were clearly not enough.

The leadership of the region, despite the unpredictability of the novelty, instructed to send the model T-800 to the strategic object. The bulldozer faced a harsh reality - its mechanisms experienced the maximum possible loads. According to eyewitnesses, it was scary just to be around. Heavyweight tractor rested with a ripper in the rock and rammed it with incredible force. Pieces of rock with sparks and rumbling flew to the sides. T-800 is very impressed and experienced builders, and the developers themselves. The glory of the steel giant flew all over the Union.

To help steelworkers

T 800 - bulldozer, which became desirable at any major construction. The next test was the reconstruction of the legendary Magnitogorsk (Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant). Simultaneously with the T-800, a Japanese bulldozer worked on the facilities. However, the volume of work performed was not comparable. Chelyabinsk strongman for the shift fulfilled the task, which the representative of the Land of the Rising Sun could only master for two weeks.

Operation "Delivery"

The management of the diamond mining company in Yakutia learned about the miracle machine. Previously, they had to blow up the site being developed, which caused the micro-cracks to appear on the precious stones, which reduced the cost and valuable qualities of the gems. The operation of the T-800 bulldozer made it possible to refuse (at least in part) the use of explosives.

Chelyabinsk were not against sending the hero to help, but the issue arose of transporting a 70-ton giant, plus 30 tons weighed attachments. There was no railway in those places, so heavy object along the road would not be transported either. It was decided to deliver the T-800 with a powerful Antey plane, but the platform could not withstand the loading. A powerful tractor-record-holder had to be carried by the world's largest cargo lifter Mriya.


The Chelyabinsk plant assembled 10 units of phenomenally powerful caterpillar tractors T-800. They were issued for special projects on special orders. In modern market realities, unique equipment was not found in Russia. However, they know about the unique machine abroad. Some mining companies show interest in the T-800. A bulldozer, the price of which in each case is negotiated separately, can appear in the mines of Asia and Africa. We are negotiating with clients from Tajikistan, South Africa, India.

Bulldozer T-800: specifications

According to the characteristics of the T-800 is still ahead of most similar models in the world. And this despite the fact that it was developed in the early 80's. The working force of the giant's thrust is 75 tons, however, if necessary, it can reach 140 tons. T-800 - bulldozer, whose engine power is comparable with the tank - 820 liters. from. The tractor itself with a complex of bulldozer-ripping equipment weighs an impressive 106 tons, which is more than twice the mass of the T-90 tank. Only caterpillars weigh 8 tons for clay soil (broader) and 6 tons for rocky soil (standard).

Main characteristics:

  • Weight (without equipment) - up to 76.5 tons.
  • The weight is full (with a hinged set) - 106 tons.
  • The height is 4.77 m.
  • The width of the tractor is 4.18 m, with equipment - 6 m.
  • The length of the tractor is 7.94 m, with the equipment - 12.4 m.
  • Engine 6DM-21T from dump trucks "BelAZ" with a capacity of 820 liters. from.
  • The capacity of tanks for fuel is 2.5 tons.
  • Speed front - 10.6 km / hour.
  • The rear speed is 14 km / h.


Transmission - hydromechanical. The transmission (three-shaft planetary type) provides two rear and four forward gears. Each of the transmission elements is in a so-called oil bath, which significantly reduces the wear of the units. Turns are carried out by two levers. Tracks are equipped with a pneumatic traction mechanism of a telescopic type.

Designers have tried to simplify the life of the driver so loud car. The double cabin has a good (as far as possible) circular view. The hermetic arrangement prevents dust from entering the interior. An acceptable microclimate is created thanks to the air conditioning system. Special cabin design, double glazing and elastic suspension with rubberized shock absorbers dampen vibration and reduce noise.

T-800 (T-75.01) - a bright example of amazing technology, which can create domestic engineers. Its design embodies the advanced ideas that are taken into account in the development of new technology. The management hopes that the new generation of superheavy tractors will become one of the important links in the development of the region.

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