Why do the leaves turn yellow at pepper seedlings?

The health of seedlings of peppers is recognized by the appearance of plants - the stems are strong and bushy, the leaves are large green and shiny, many flower ovaries (or even flowers). But not all gardening enthusiasts get a good seedling, and as a result, a crop that you will not boast, or even quite - lack of harvest.

Secrets of the harvest of peppers

The secret of a good harvest of peppers begins with the planting of seeds. Grow pepper for seedlings begin very early - the number from 1-15 February. The soil can be bought (the "Living Land" or the mixture of "Violets" is half with sod land - these soils do not need to be fertilized), and you can prepare light nutritive soil by yourself: 1 part of the turf ground and 2 parts humus (one composition), or In equal parts peat and humus (another composition). On the bucket of each of these mixtures add 1 tablespoon. Ash wood and 1 tbsp. Superphosphate. The mixture is well mixed, covered in a box, compacted a little, after 2 cm, shallow grooves are made (1 cm), which are poured with warm water. Spread the seeds of peppers through 2 cm, fall asleep with the same soil, slightly compact and put it where the temperature holds about 24-26 degrees Celsius. After 2 days, the soil is lightly sprinkled, and on 5-6 days, under such conditions, the plants will start to rise. Immediately need to put the box with seedlings in a sunny place for a week with a temperature of 16 degrees. Then the temperature should be raised to 25 degrees in the daytime and not lower than 16 at night. Water the plants every 7 days with water at a temperature of at least 25 degrees. In such conditions, pepper grows a month, during this time you need to pour it 1 time with a warm solution of calcium nitrate (per bucket of water 1 tablespoon). The box with the seedlings needs to be turned to the sunny side in a day or two. Then, picking of plants on cups with a diameter of 10 cm is necessary. Before planting, the soil is watered with a solution (for a bucket of water, the "Ideal" fertilizer is liquid (according to instructions) and a spoonful of tea ash), the plants must be buried before the first cotyledon leaves. 2 hours before diving, the seedlings must be watered so that the soil does not fall off the roots of the peppers.

The cause of yellowing of the leaves of the seedling is incorrect nutrition and watering

Why do the leaves turn yellow at pepper seedlings? There are several reasons for this. When the root system is cooled (cold window sill, watered with cold water, total prolonged hypothermia), it will not feed the growth point, and the plant will begin to take up nutrients from the lower leaves, which will turn yellow and fall off. Or the reason is that the roots have become much larger, intertwined with each other, and in them there have been disturbances that prevent feeding the leaves. Or it may be that the overgrown root of the plant was not carefully spread out during the transplant. The transplanted plant begins to grow strongly, and the crumpled root can not cope with the supply of food. Another reason why the leaves turn yellow at pepper seedlings, starting from the lower ones and getting to the upper ones is a lack of nitrogen. It is necessary to feed the seedlings with cooked mullein (1 liter of a bucket of water) or any modern nitrogen containing fertilizer (for example, "Riverm", "Vermistim"). If the leaves turn yellow at the edges, the reason for this lies in the excess of nitrogen and the lack of potassium and phosphorus in the soil. The third reason why leaves turn yellow in pepper seedlings is insufficient watering. But excess moisture also leads to yellowing of the leaves and their wilting.

Other reasons

Leaves of peppers turn yellow from lack of light, from temperature drops, acidified soil, deep planting of plants, when the root is pricked with insects. If the leaves turn yellow and dry up - examine them, whether it is not the aphids who feed on the juice of plants.

If the upper part of the leaves is covered with yellowish spots, they fall off prematurely, and between the stem and leaves there is a white cobweb , which means that the plant is harmed by the spider mite - a small insect that lives on the lower surface. The reason why leaves turn yellow at pepper seedlings can only be established by careful examination of plants, knowing the conditions of growing seedlings.

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