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An oppressed condition is a whim or a disease?

Despite the global development of medicine, the high development of technology, humanity is facing new ailments every year. For residents of cities it becomes normal to experience an oppressed state. High speed of life, a lot of stress - all this strikes the psyche. Because of prevailing prejudice in society regarding psychologists, a person sharply appeals for help to specialists and eventually worsens his condition. Some believe that "there is no happiness in life" only with slackers and idlers, and they offer to treat them with shock work.

Causes of the disease

For the treatment of any disease, it is important to correctly determine the cause of its appearance. This is necessary to eliminate the probability of a repetition of the situation. Since it is not enough to cure the symptoms correctly. If the cause persists - after a while the disease will return. A depressed state is often a manifestation of depression. Its causes may be due to disruption of the hormonal system, and psychological and social factors.

Personal problems

For example, often a depressed state occurs in families where there is a high level of conflict, quarrels and assault. Often the unfavorable course of life becomes the catalyst of the process: alcoholism of relatives, loss of work, financial problems, etc.

Psychologists have long studied the manifestations of depression and the causes of its appearance. They have repeatedly noted that the mood "is not in the life of happiness" is inherent in people with low self-esteem, a small number of social contacts, etc. That is, people with chronic illnesses come under threat (against the background of many disorders, the production of hormones is knocked down) and with certain psychological problems.

Social phenomenon

The oppressed, decadent state among people becomes a normal response to the development of urban civilization. Because of the unstable situation in the society, high economic threat, a lot of stress - almost every person in his life is facing depression. Unfortunately, it is advantageous for some corporations to speculate on important public topics and instill inferiority complexes.

At the forefront of everything is financial well-being with a certain set of attributes - this is beneficial to the owners of different brands, in order to successfully sell the goods to a large number of people. Do not lose relevance and the cult of strength and superiority over other people. For women, the main problem is weight, since the propaganda of painful thinness is actively being promoted from TV screens and covers of glossy magazines. Thus, a large number of people are forced to find themselves in social isolation without the right to fail. So they have to hide their failures, failures and experience them within themselves.

How to cope with the oppressed state: self-help or treatment?

In the treatment of any psychological condition, it is better to use an integrated approach, since only in the aggregate the measures of help will be effective. Prescribe medication is only entitled to a neurologist or a psychiatrist. He collects an anamnesis, conducts a conversation and chooses drugs. It is important to take their course, as the effect of their action accumulates for a while.

If the patient is depressed, then, as a rule, he is prescribed antidepressants. Preparations of this group artificially regulate the production of hormones, which allows you to regulate your mood. To reduce feelings of anxiety and anxiety, sedatives can be prescribed.

But in recent years, there are studies that show inefficiency of taking only medications. Without eliminating the cause of depression, it will appear again and again.

Is psychotherapy the key to success?

Since the oppressed state often develops against the background of psychological problems, their decision will be the passage of a course of psychotherapy. A specialist helps a person find the root of his troubles and effectively destroy him. There are many methods of psychotherapy, and it is not possible to determine in advance what will suit a particular person.

In modern society, there is a prejudice regarding the treatment of psychotherapists. Most often this is due to the reluctance to distinguish between "psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists", a misunderstanding of what psychotherapy is. It seems uncomfortable for many to load a person with their personal experiences, intimate problems, since all this can become public. Because of the poor understanding of psychotherapy and its methods, many people think that this is "just a conversation."

In fact, studies have shown that psychotherapy in combination with drug treatment works quite effectively to overcome depression.

Help yourself or help a loved one

Close help is rendered by close people. If a person has an oppressed state, a loss of joy in life, then outside support is of great help. Close people need to know how to behave correctly, to help and not to harm.

Be sympathetic, do not try to dive with a sick person in the depths of pessimism and despair. Endure the emotional distance, but provide the necessary support, press on positive emotions.

Scientific research has proved that the deterioration of the patient's condition occurs where he is attacked by criticism. Therefore, one should refrain from assessments and remarks. It is important to create an environment of understanding, support, show the patient that the disease is not his fault, and he needs treatment. You also need to involve a person in some kind of active activity.

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