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What is there to make the milk fat and nutritious?

In your life there was the happiest event. A baby appeared in it. Now his life depends on you, and you feel it and understand it. Of course, every woman, becoming a mom for the first time, worries, gets nervous and worries about the fact that she can somehow hurt her baby because of ignorance. Very often these moments are associated with the nutrition of the child. Questions arise about what to do if the milk is not fat, what to eat, etc.

Feeding the baby

Every woman has the right to decide for herself whether her baby will feed on ready-made shop mixes or her own milk. Most, of course, want to breastfeed their baby. This is right, because breast milk is the best food. So it was always and so it will be. It is inherent in a woman by nature itself.

Do not neglect one of the most important steps in the way of growth and development of your child and start right from birth to feed him with artificial compounds. Refusal of breastfeeding among women in the modern world is normal. So they consider themselves, but is it beneficial and useful for such a refusal for the baby? Hardly.

The very beginning

Even in the maternity home to newly mums, pediatricians recommend drinking as much water as possible and eating dairy products in order for the milk to develop as quickly as possible. But the main thing is not this. Often on how well the feeding began successfully, the fat content of the milk will also depend in the future.

It is there that doctors focus on tea with milk, which will give milk fat. And you need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day.

Many believe that what the woman ate during pregnancy, will depend on the fat content and nutritional value of her milk. In fact, this is not so, and the main emphasis should be made only afterwards, after birth.

What should I do to make the milk fat and nutritious?

During feeding, the child uses two types of breast milk. It's front and back. The first is more transparent and less nutritious, the second most useful and rich in components. Therefore, it is important not to change the breast during one feeding of the child, not to shift from one to the other. Otherwise, then there is a risk that the baby will not eat up, using only the front milk.

"What should I do to make the milk fat?" - this question torments almost every young mother. Moreover, she begins to experience under the influence of the opinions of others, "more experienced" moms or grandmothers. Often they can say something like: "What are you feeding the child, the milk is something transparent. He does not eat! "Then, naturally, the young woman begins to think about how to increase the fat content of milk. But this question is not as simple as it seems. And the reasoning of many people, as well as the mother, can be erroneous.

What kind of milk is nutritious and fatty?

Why did we touch upon this question ?! The fact is that the color and transparency of milk is not at all dependent on its nutritional value and fat content. Mother's milk is always produced in the right amount for the child, in the unique composition that this particular baby needs. Transparency, gray or even bluish color does not prevent milk from being very nutritious and fatty.

More experienced mothers who have this knowledge are not in a hurry to draw conclusions about quality. They express the milk and take it to a laboratory where it is checked for nutritional status. In most cases, this just convinces: color is not an indicator of quality.

An important point! Before asking yourself what is there, for the milk to be fat, take it to the test. After all, of course, you can actively start eating everything that we write below, for better quality milk, but there is a possibility of obtaining a different result than you expected. High fat content of milk can lead to constipation in the child.

If your baby is actively developing, normally increases weight, sleeps peacefully, then you should not worry about what to eat, so that the milk is fat. You can eat those products, which we will write below, as a supplement. But it is not necessary to lean on an unloved tea with milk, if you are already well.

What to eat to make the milk fat?

So, now let's turn to the main question and answer first which foods increase the nutritional value of milk, and then talk about drinking.

  • Walnuts. They are very useful, but can be allergenic. Therefore, you need to be careful with them. First, check the reaction of the baby by eating a few nuts.
  • Halva, pine nuts, seeds. As useful as walnuts. Increase nutritional value, affect fat content. Also, these products are needed by the mother herself, as they saturate her body, preventing the deficiency of macro- and microelements, which she can lose during feeding.
  • Cottage cheese. In general, it is better for mother to eat dairy products. They can rarely be allergenic. They contain calcium, which is so necessary for the baby to grow, and the mother - in order to make up for the stock spent during pregnancy and feeding.
  • Buckwheat. Many mothers to the question of girlfriends: "What is there to make the milk fat?" - They answer that they chew dry croup. Buckwheat should be fried in a dry frying pan and eat as a sunflower seed. It improves the quality of milk.
  • Broccoli. Another product that positively affects the very formation of milk (lactation). You can eat in boiled form, and in salads.
  • Meat, fish, vegetables. There are many options for what is there to make the milk become fatter. But you have to be careful. After all, some vegetables can cause allergies. There is an old opinion that mom can not eat all red or green foods. But this fact is not confirmed. Meat should not be fat and fried. The latter can cause a baby colic. Juices from vegetables that are cooked at home are very useful for lactation. Also broth from carrots, pumpkins. To such juices it is very useful to add a spoon of honey, cream.

So, we answered that eating, so that the milk was fat, now you need to talk about drinking. It is also very important for a young mother and her baby. Here, too, has its own nuances.

What drink?

Very important is the question of what to drink, so that the milk is fat:

  • Tea and milk. Probably, every mother heard such a recipe from her grandmothers or older relatives. This is tea with milk. Someone just adds, like in coffee, a bit of it. But it is best to dilute tea and milk in a 1: 1 ratio. In addition, you can use green tea.
  • Infusion of walnuts. Recipe 1. You need to take them two tablespoons, pour boiling water. Let cool, then take one third three times a day. Recipe 2. Walnuts filled with milk, it should be warm. In infusion, add a spoonful of honey. Stir thoroughly, let it brew. Then drink a glass of infusion before feeding. But it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the child. After all, walnuts and honey can cause allergies.
  • Teas on herbs from pharmacies. On sale now, there are many products that are specifically designed for a nursing mother and are aimed at increasing lactation. But it is better to give preference to those teas that are sold in pharmacies or in specialized stores for moms and toddlers.
  • Dairy. Drink milk, yogurts without the addition of dyes, kefir, fermented baked milk. Again, look at the reaction of the child. After all, these products can cause increased gas formation. Although in very rare cases.

So, to the question what to eat and drink, so that the milk was fat, we answered. But then again: do not rush to draw conclusions according to the words of friends or someone else. First look at the reaction of the child, his calmness and weight. If this is not a problem, then your milk is optimal for the baby. For more confidence, make a test in the laboratory for fatness.

But we did not understand yet another question, which was indicated at the beginning of the article. It also affects the fact that mothers often refuse to feed, and do it in vain.

What if there is not enough milk?

In addition to the fact that women are interested in the question of what is there to make the milk fat, they are also concerned about the moment when it is not enough. This is also a very common problem, which also has two sides. Often moms say that they stopped feeding because there was no milk, it was transparent and so on. But the opinion is erroneous. We have already mentioned the color and composition of milk, now let's talk about its quantity.

So, there is such a thing as a lactation crisis. It becomes the reason that periodically the mother starts to lose milk or decreases its quantity. It can happen to any woman. Someone bypassed this problem, and someone pursued during the whole period of feeding.

It also happens that a mother can breastfeed two children. And with the first child, she was not tormented by the periodic lack of milk, and with the second - on the contrary.

Special mixtures

Today in specialized stores you can buy special mixtures for nursing mothers, which will help increase the fat content of milk. True, you need to be careful with their use, because a child can respond to them with a rash and diathesis.

At the moment, the following formulas are very popular for nursing mothers:

  • A mixture of "Lactamyl". This is a special product that is made from quality cow's milk and is enriched with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, the mixture includes special herbs that increase lactation. The product is recommended to start eating when there is a crisis, and this is about 3-4 weeks after the birth of the baby, when he needs to eat more, and the milk of the mother is small, or it is not fatty or nutritious. Some pediatricians recommend using this mixture constantly, because during the whole period of feeding the mother may be nervous, because of what the milk becomes less fat, and its amount is significantly reduced.
  • A mixture of "Bellakt mama". This product is intended for women who have little milk, and it is low-fat. It contains all the necessary components for the complete formation of the nervous system in the child, prebiotics, which contribute to the improvement of the digestive process, which is very important in the first three months, easily digestible proteins.
  • A mixture of "Femilak". It has almost the same composition as the "Lactamyl" mixture, only it is produced by another manufacturer.

Vitamins for Mom

Sometimes the reason that milk is low-fat, is the lack of vitamins in the female body. To do this, you need to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, as well as meat. But even if you have all kilograms, you can not make up the deficit. That is why some pediatricians, when complaining about maternity for low-fat milk, can recommend taking vitamin complexes, with the help of which a deficit will be filled, and milk, as a consequence, will become more nutritious:

  • "Gendevit."
  • Centrum.

The composition of these complexes includes all the necessary acids and vitamins, which will make up for the imbalance. However, it is not recommended to accept them if the woman herself has an individual intolerance to the components, and the baby is allergic.

If the child has an allergy

Unfortunately, some of the products with which you can improve the quality of milk, are allergic. And the children develop a rash that only goes on if the mother stops eating it. And because of this, many nursing mothers are lost and think: what is there to make the milk fat, and yet not harm your child?

If there is an accurate belief that the child is allergic, then only need to exclude red vegetables, nuts and milk. The rest can be eaten, but in moderation.

How does the child behave if there is not enough milk?

A kid can feel a shortage, but again this is not always the case. Therefore, he begins to be capricious, sleep badly, greedily grabbing the chest, trying to suck all to the last drop. Mom is nervous, which again leads to stress and low milk production. And at this crucial time the young mother finally decides to introduce a lure and no longer breastfeed. This is a big mistake. After all, the crisis is over. It can be one day, maybe more. At that moment, pumping helps very well. Especially nowadays high-quality breast pumps are sold. And of course, you will feel that you have nothing to express after feeding. But you still have to do it. After all, thereby you give your body to understand that the baby asks for more, and he fulfills the demand. It is not uncommon that even after one or two times of this decantation, a very large number of milk arrives on the next day of milk, and everything comes back to normal.

Just at this time it is useful to ask what to eat to make the milk fat.

For a period of crisis, you can start feeding your baby a mixture. To do this, keep the house always a jar. Buy it at birth. Then you do not have to be nervous at night when the child is crying and you have nowhere to buy food. Perhaps, you will never need this jar, but it's better to be safe.

Proper nutrition

One popular answer to the question, what to do to make milk fat, will be proper nutrition. There are already many words about this. We will talk also. After all, proper nutrition is a guarantee of health. Everyone in our day should know about this. And the young mother is no exception. Her diet and in ordinary life, and with the appearance of the baby should be balanced.

Necessarily need to use the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Eat better in small portions, but often. For a nursing mother, it's 5-6 times a day. The diet should contain all of the above products. It is much easier to prevent a problem than to eliminate it. Proper nutrition, good sleep, psychological balance is the key to quality lactation and moral balance of you and your baby.

Feeding regime

Another very important and controversial issue among mothers. Someone furiously proves that the child needs a strict regime, that is, to feed the baby by the hour, others hold the opinion about feeding on demand. Everyone chooses his own. But most believe that feeding on demand - this is just what you need to make the milk fat. Nutrition by the hour is more convenient for the mother, but it is better for the child to get his milk when he wants it. Then the kid behaves more calmly. He knows that his mother is always at his request. Do not think that this will spoil him. Wrong opinion.

It is also important that such feeding will help your body produce more milk than when you are feeding on a schedule. Baby will be full and calm. Here you still need to think about it, not about your convenience. After all this short period of feeding can be only once in a life, therefore it is not necessary to drive the child under frameworks for the sake of the convenience.

Therefore, in no case do not refuse to feed. No mixtures will replace the breast. Children, fed by mom, are always healthier, and your connection with them will be stronger. It is necessary to know how to make breast milk fatter and nourishing, so that the baby was well, and you are calmer.

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