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What musical preferences can tell about your personality?

Each of us has our own musical taste. And even in the company of close friends, the preferences can be very different. One likes the style of pop, the other - rap, the third fanatyut from rock. It is interesting that the musical preferences of a person can tell a lot about his personality. In this article, we will present brief characteristics of people, depending on their favorite style.

Classical music

It is mostly heard by intellectuals. They are creative and inclined to think deeply. Most often these are introverts with high self-esteem. But this does not prevent them from easily communicating with people and being good listeners. In life they are open to everything new and love to engage in self-education.

Pop music

Fans of such music are mostly extroverts. They are socially active and have high self-esteem. On the other hand, they are very often dependent on the opinions of others and worry about what others think of them. They do not aspire to comprehend the sciences, but they are rather hardworking.


Rhythmic and energetic music, sometimes with elements of rap. Listen to her people love to dance, expressing their emotions. They are bold and accustomed to saying what they think. And also fans of hip-hop - extroverts, open to communication and carefree. They fall in love easily, but they themselves find it hard to find a soul mate.


Lovers of this style are liberal. They are intelligent, creative, profound people with high self-esteem. Jazz tunes stimulate them in their work and help create something new. In life they are extroverts and have many reliable friends. As a rule, they are successful and belong to a higher society.


Fans of this music are mistakenly attributed to aggressive behavior, which is not very true. In fact, almost all fans of heavy metal are friendly. There are three main directions of this style: punk rock, indie rock and classic rock. Fans of punk rock are strong and energetic personalities. Indie lovers are rather creative people, adoring new impressions, but at times they are anxious and are characterized by passive aggression. Well, fans of classical rock are almost all self-centered introverts, having a complex character.


Fans of this style are conservative by nature. High emotional stability. In life they are extroverts: very sociable and easily find new friends. Now the country style is going through a crisis, but it does not stop to be happy to all its fans.

Dance music

The dance itself is attributed to expressive art forms, therefore, fans of dance music are extraverts by their nature. They express their inner world through dance. Of course, among them there are introverts, but there are very few of them.

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