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Why I love You? 100 Reasons Why I Love You

It is an original dream of each person in love. One of the unusual and attractive acts is the preparation of brief phrases on the theme: "Why I love you." A person has the opportunity to show imagination and frankness, because to think up, for example, 100 reasons "Why I love you" is not always easy; Will have to try.

The tips below will help you either prepare a template, or wake up a dozeful inspiration. Sometimes it's really enough to admire other people's paintings to want to create your masterpiece - so in our case. The provided "causes of love" are almost universal and suitable for many couples, but nothing prevents them from diluting, diversifying and modifying. The main thing is that the thematic reasons "Why I love you" do not slip into the usual enumeration of adjectives like "you are good, sweet, affectionate", but were a little more diverse and original.

How to apply

After selecting the appropriate phrases and reasons, one thing remains: to report them to your second half. There can be as many options as possible, but the most common ones are:

1. Throughout the day, tell your beloved a prepared confession. Suppose, every 10-15 minutes to approach and gently whisper in your ear for one reason. The main thing is to have the opportunity to spend the whole day together, otherwise this method will not work.

2. Make one hundred pieces of paper on each of which to write for one reason and hand to your beloved / loved one as a gift. Each note can be accompanied with a small picture or smiley for a more positive response of the recipient.

3. If you have enough friends, you can send each one to send for one reason, which you tell the person. Of course, the phrase should be changed to "NAME loves you, because ...", etc.

So, now you can go to the most important: 100 "why". I love you, because ...

Confessions of a girl guy

1. ... with you I feel myself happiest in the world.
2. ... you have an excellent sense of humor.
3. ... with you I like a stone wall, I feel protected.
4. ... you make me smile sincerely even on rainy days.
5. ... you do not bother me.
6. ... from you I can always wait for moral support.
7. ... thanks to your compliments, I do not have complexes: I know that I'm cute.
8. ... sometimes it seems as if you are reading my thoughts.
9. ... I feel welcome next to you.
10. ... you are both a lover and a friend at the same time.
11. ... your willingness to break out to me at any moment is amazing.
12. ... with you, I realized what the meaning of women's happiness.
13. ... your promises are not empty.
14. ... sometimes I can be with you capricious, harmful child.
15. ... you come to me in dreams.
16. ... you have a bewitching voice.
17. ... you can easily make me laugh.
18. ... you will never hit me.
19. ... I can feel like a real woman.
20. ... I found the "ideal prince".

Confessions of a guy girl

21. ... you are good at kissing.
22. ... I like the way you look at me with a loving glance.
23. ... I feel stronger, because I have someone to protect.
24. ... you always look at all 100.
25. ... thanks to you I want to perform feats.
26. ... you excite me.
27. ... you are a talented hostess.
28. ... you trust me and you are not jealous from scratch.
29. ... I can admire you.
30. ... if you are offended, then very quickly you go.
31. ... you are my beautiful muse.
32. ... with you I'm not afraid of seeming ridiculous.
33. ... next to you I feel like a naive teenager in love.
34. ... with each passing day I learn something new about you.
35. ... I like to hug you.
36. ... you want to wear on your hands.
37. ... sometimes I want to make you feel good without a reason.
38. ... you treat your friends and hobbies with respect.
39. ... with you I do not want to look "left".
40. ... you are the girl of my dreams.

General (universal) recognition

41. ... we understand each other even without words.
42. ... Your touches start.
43. ... you are the most beautiful person in the world.
44. ... you inspire me daily.
45. ... you know what I like.
46. ... you are genuinely interested in what is happening in my life.
47. ... your unpredictability is classy.
48. ... you always look sexy, despite the look of clothing or drowsiness.
49. ... I like our conversations, even if they are about anything.
50. ... all my thoughts are occupied only by you.
51. ... you do not wear a mask, you remain yourself.
52. ... your advice is very valuable.
53. ... I like to wake up in the morning with the thought of you.
54. ... you do not betray me.
55. ... thanks to you, I have the closest and most reliable person.
56. ... we always have something to talk about.
57. ... next to you I do not need anything more for happiness.
58. ... our embraces, kisses and exchanges are the best antidepressants in the world.
59. ... never our quarrels last long.
60. ... thanks to you, I know for sure that love exists.

Playful confessions

61. ... you are erotic yawning.
62. ... you can talk.
63. ... you just go.
64. ... you do not fight like Chuck Norris.
65. ... you do not have a nose like Buratino, otherwise it would be in the way to stop kissing us.
66. ... you are not a genius, otherwise I would have to feel like a stupid person.
67. ... your voice is not disgusting.
68. ... Your culinary delights have not yet poisoned me.
69. ... thanks to you I'm not half anymore.
70. ... you do not suck money from my wallet, like a vacuum cleaner.
71. ... you do not suffer from sleepwalking.
72. ... you do not make any serious attempt to kill me. I hope this is not only because of criminal liability.
73. ... I do not know all your skeletons from the closet.
74. ... we have common secrets that can not be told to anyone to avoid someone's death.
75. ... you weigh less than an elephant.
76. ... at the thought of the wedding, I do not want to run away for long.
77. ... my brain has not yet been blown up.
78. ... I have no choice.
79. ... you are a witch (sorcerer) and you have bewitched me (-a).
80. ... Together we are able to conquer the world.

Recognizing each other's married people

81. ... we have a wonderful child (children).
82. ... our wedding was unforgettable.
83. ... you have not changed (after the wedding) for the worse.
84. ... Together we went through and pass fire and water.
85. ... our family is perfect.
86. ... we do not forget each other for a minute.
87. ... our sex life is no different from pre-wedding.
88. ... we do not have major scandals with you.
89. ... I have never had any thoughts about divorce.
90. ... we have our own family secrets and values.
91. ... we can always understand each other.
92. ... with your work you do not forget about me and the family.
93. ... our joint nest is very cozy thanks to you.
94. ... I am proud of you always.
95. ... we have common habits.
96. ... our relations with time do not deteriorate.
97. ... all my memories and joyful moments are connected with you.
98. ... you create the feeling that I am 18. Always 18.
99. ... I look forward to living with you for many more happy years.
100. ... your relatives treat me positively.

Additional / final card / phrase: "Now you know why I love you!"

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