Dry shampoo "Oriflame": reviews, description, prices

Today, from the flickering names of cosmetics manufacturers, eyes are running wide. There are already familiar names that have proved themselves in the Russian market. Among the most famous - the line of cosmetics Oriflame. This Swedish company is very popular in Russia. The basis of all products of the company is natural environmentally friendly raw materials. Perfume, mascara, lipstick, lacquer, cream and much more have become firmly established in the everyday life of the modern Russian. But the company is moving forward, and not to lose its potential customers, trying to anticipate their wishes. The latest developments led to the creation of a dry shampoo.

Let's get acquainted!

Among the many well-known means of the famous line of Swedish cosmetics, let's get acquainted with another unfamiliar drug, this is a dry shampoo "Oriflame". Reviews about this product are the most controversial. This product is available on the official website of the company. Having opened the catalog of products for hair, we find dry shampoos. The most popular brands are dry shampoo of three types: dry shampoo for fine hair "Expert-Maximum volume", strengthening shampoo "Expert Beauty and Strength" and dry shampoo for oily hair "Expert Balance". We will learn more about each exhibit and draw conclusions for ourselves.

«Expert-Maximum volume»

As can be seen from the name of this shampoo, it is intended for people who want to give extra hair volume. Individuals with thin or colored hair such shampoo fits best. The use of this shampoo is necessary to quickly create a lush hair. The volume of your hair will increase, and save it for the time you need can only dry shampoo, customer reviews about the results are enthusiastic. Buyers, as they themselves write, did not expect such a stunning result. The volume can be stored up to three days. If your hair leaves much to be desired, it is not necessary to grow hair in a hairdresser. The ideal way out is just to apply this shampoo. It costs from 240 to 279 rubles.

"Expert-Beauty and Power"

Such a shampoo will be required for hair that is fragile and in need of support. Reborn health and natural power attract the attention of others. And who wants to remain invisible? One turn of the head, a sweep of a mane of luxurious hair - and the looks of others are chained to your person. The use of the "Expert Beauty and Strength" means, as the tip about the dry shampoo "Oriflame" tells us, just leads to becoming the focus of attention in any company. The price of this product is 240 rubles.

Expert Balance

This shampoo cleans not only the hair, but also the scalp, gives a feeling of perfect cleanliness. This effect lasts more than 72 hours. The most common - dry shampoo Oriflame Pure Balance. What is it that attracts users? The answer to the palm, or rather on the head. The faster the hair becomes fat, the faster they lose their attractive appearance and need to be cleaned. The best dry shampoo for oily hair "Expert Balance" perfectly copes with this problem. Those who at least once used it, leave positive feedback about (dry shampoo for oily hair Oriflame) it. He saves in seemingly desperate situations, from a business meeting to a romantic date. This product costs only 190 rubles.

Which shampoo is right for your hair?

In order not to make mistakes and correctly choose the ideal shampoo for you, you need to honestly answer yourself to a few questions. What is the type of your hair? What effect do you want to achieve? How often do you plan on applying shampoo? Your answers will be the impetus for deciding what kind of dry Oriflame shampoo you need, a tip about using each product will help you if you are still at a loss to make a choice.

What is it made of?

The composition of the shampoo should be read on the package. But, firstly, it is written in a language incomprehensible to many people. Secondly, most of them are names of substances from chemical laboratories. You can describe the same thing, but it's easier. The basis of all types of dry shampoo is made up of natural ingredients. This is a specific composition that distinguishes Oriflame from other cosmetics manufacturers. Menthol, obtained from mint, gently cools the scalp, gives a pleasant aroma to the hair. From vegetable fats and oils, glycerin is extracted, which cleanses the skin and hair from the results of the activity of the sebaceous glands. And vitamin E, giving freshness and health to hair. The components of dry shampoo are aimed at solving two main tasks: not to harm your consumer and as much as possible to meet the goal. Safety and effectiveness are the basis for the success of Oriflame products.

Who invented it?

Dry shampoo can not be called know-how. Our great-grandmothers used the method of dry hair cleaning. For this purpose, they used what was at hand: flour, starch, crushed grain or roots, talc. Modern inventors advanced further and created a very convenient bottle with a sprayer. Combining the best traditions with the latest technology has led to the appearance of shampoo, to which we are accustomed. Modern discoveries make life easier.

How to apply shampoo?

Have you at least once in your life used a hair spray? The methods of applying Oriflame dry shampoo are exactly the same. Take a bottle of shampoo, shake it for several seconds, evenly spray on the roots of the hair (if necessary, plus the entire length of your hair). And then a slight difference: massage the scalp with your fingers, carefully (always very carefully) comb your hair. It remains only to put them in the hair you need. All is ready. Simple, fast, efficient.

When you need a dry shampoo?

The possibilities of using dry shampoo are unlimited. The reason is always only one: the urgent need to appear in public in a decent manner. This can happen on a business trip or in the city at the time of water shutdown, with the unexpected appearance of guests on the doorstep of the apartment in "unacceptable" time. It is rest in extreme conditions or cold season, when hair often lose its appearance due to the constant wearing of the headdress. Finally, the elementary "I do not want to go to the shower." Frequent washing of the head adversely affects the appearance of the hair. They become brittle, brittle, often messy. We have to look for some way out, while remaining in a well-groomed form. Compromise is possible: use a dry shampoo "Oriflame", give feedback about it to other users.

How often can I use dry shampoo?

The frequency of application of this product from "Oriflame" is not specified. Use dry shampoo "Oriflame" reviews are advised as needed. But, before doing this again, you need to bring your head in order in the usual way, that is, just wash your hair. If you do this without washing your head, you simply will not get the expected effect. This method of cleaning hair from dirt is still, rather, urgent than permanent.

Small tricks of application

Try the day after you have applied a dry shampoo, do not immediately wash your hair, and you will be pleasantly amazed. The next two days the volume of your hair will be better, more than after cleansing your head with an ordinary shampoo. The hair will remain beautiful. You will feel at the height and will be able to rush into battle as soon as you rise from the bed.

There is another trick: if you apply a dry shampoo immediately after washing your head and drying it on the roots, the hair will last longer and keep it clean and well-groomed. Sebaceous glands can not overcome additional protection on the hair. As soon as you start to apply dry shampoo "Oriflame", reviews about it, about unusual possibilities of its application will appear and you. This product is becoming increasingly popular, and now dry shampoo is in the arsenal of almost every modern person.

How can I get it?

Oriflame proposes to purchase its products in various ways. The most famous was the order online on the catalog (electronic or paper). No less popular is the order made by the subscriber from the phone to the contact center. It is very advantageous to purchase your favorite products, becoming a distributor of cosmetics from Oriflame. You will get the work of your dream (at home, in your spare time, with pleasure) and a discount of eighteen percent for the purchase of all goods. The cost of one bottle of dry shampoo rather big. It changes, as everything is now in our today's unstable world, but it does not compare with the results of its application.

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