Infrared heaters - consumer reviews

When the cold, autumn rain drizzles outside the window, people start to think about the proximity of winter frosts and the ways of keeping the heat in their homes. Modern apartments are heated with water heating. When it is not enough, include oil coolers. But progress does not stand still, and they have an alternative. For example, infrared heaters, reviews about them are collected in the proposed material.

Infrared heater: what is it?

In fact, these devices are not new. They have long been used in large stores, offices and industrial premises. But gradually they began to penetrate into private homes and squeezed household heaters. Most infrared heaters are installed in country houses and cottages. Their greater distribution, compared to traditional radiators, is hampered by a high price. But, nevertheless, people who have purchased infrared heaters give positive feedback, although, like any other device, they are not without flaws.

For example, the disadvantages of such heaters include their fire hazard, limited impact and not always the existing opportunity to choose a heater that will fit well into the interior of the room. However, these disadvantages are easily redeemed by the advantages that promise the use of an infrared heater.

The principle of operation of such instruments resembles the sun, emitting rays. But unlike it, heaters spread rays of the infrared spectrum, with no ultraviolet radiation . The heat energy coming from the heater, the air heats only partially, and more heat gets the objects in the room with the heater. How much the objects heat up depends on the angle at which the rays fall, what things have color and shape, and what material they are made of.

In order to calculate what capacity an infrared heater is needed, one must take into account the ratio - 1 kW per ten square meters. But more often it is necessary to choose a device with a power reserve, since it is necessary to take into account possible heat losses (walls, windows, floors).

Infra-red heaters of small capacity are sold, which can be used, for example, in a garage. These devices are of 2 types: gas and electric. The first are suitable for heating large rooms. But they need effective ventilation to remove combustion products. Heaters can be floor or ceiling, for example, "Peony". For more rational operation, they are equipped with thermostats. As an illustration of whether the infrared heaters are really easy to operate, economical and convenient, reviews They should be considered in detail.

Infrared radiators - consumer reviews

Buyers who purchased similar heaters for their homes and apartments are happy with the purchase, because thanks to these appliances the room is quickly filled with heat. And not only the owners of private apartments positively characterize the device, but also the workers in the workshop who bought four heaters, and now do not experience problems with heating at their workplace. For example, the infrared heater "RIO" received good responses.

It can be noted that IR heaters reviews receive a critical nature. For example, some of the buyers noticed that the heater makes loud clicks, which prevents a quiet sleep. But these problems are single and do not affect the efficiency of the device. People who have bought such devices, advise them to their relatives and friends. After all, when compared with other heaters, it is they who win - infrared. Heaters reviews collect positive for the reason that they are really economical, they quickly warm the room, the air remains clean. Spreading a comfortable warmth, they locally warm the room. And to avoid complications during operation, you should adhere to safety rules.

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