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Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya: biography, nationality, photo

It is quite difficult for a woman to succeed in politics. This is evidenced at least by the fact that most politicians are men. True, it should be noted that those representatives of the weaker sex who managed to still make their way to Olympus, outshine their radiance all the rest. Among the historical examples are Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto ... There are similar women in Ukrainian politics, and one of them is Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya. The biography of this famous person will be the subject of our study.


Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya was born in August 1960 in Kharkov, which was the second largest city after Kiev in the Ukrainian SSR. Her father, Herman Bogoslovsky, born in 1936, was a regular military and teacher of the university of the corresponding profile, and the mother of Lyudmila Gudyr was a lawyer.

Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya graduated from the school in her native Kharkov. Then she entered the local law institute, which is considered the most prestigious in Ukraine for this profile, and graduated with a red diploma in 1982.

Professional activity

After receiving higher education, Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya began her professional career. Since 1982, she worked as a lawyer in the local bar association.

It must be said that from the very beginning the girl showed herself to be a real professional in advocacy. In the same year, that is, at the age of twenty-two, Inna Germanovna won her first case. She specialized in protecting clients both in civil and criminal cases.

In 1989, in order to improve her qualification level, Bogoslovskaya Inna Germanovna entered the correspondence department of the graduate school of the Institute of State and Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences. There is nothing surprising, as she easily overcame this barrier. In 1990 she took part in a joint conference of domestic specialists with American colleagues on the issue of protecting human freedoms. Inna Bogoslovskaya was asked to undergo an internship in the United States, but for a number of reasons she was forced to abandon such a tempting offer.

In the early 1990s, the USSR disintegrated, and a number of new independent states, formerly union republics, were formed. Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya, as she lived on the territory of Ukraine, automatically obtained the citizenship of this country. New economic realities allowed her to open her own entrepreneurial activities. Naturally, Inna Bogoslovskaya decided to choose a business according to her profile - in the field of jurisprudence. She opened a private legal service, which was one of the first in the city of its kind.

Over the following years, the woman was the organizer of large law firms - "MAS" and "Prudence."

Since 1997, Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya is the head of the Kharkov branch of the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine, and has also been appointed deputy head of the Union.

The beginning of political career

In a big politics, Inna Bogoslovskaya appeared in 1998. In the spring she was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of the third convocation in a single-seat constituency.

Even then, her work in the parliament, Inna Germanovna, showed that she has great political potential. Her profile activity in the Verkhovna Rada was working in the Finance Committee. After two years of parliamentary activity, she also became deputy head of the budget committee. Applied Bogoslovskaya in the work of parliament and her professional skills, taking an active part in the development of the Criminal, Budget, Tax, Civil and several other codes. She was in the faction "Labor Ukraine".

Already at the first cadence in the parliament, Theological Inna Germanovna was remembered by the voters. A photo of one of her speeches in the Verkhovna Rada can be seen below.

But the deputy term has the property of ending, and the members of the third convocation of BP in 2002 have resigned.

Outside Parliament

To participate in the 2002 new elections, Inna Bogoslovskaya led a separate political force, the Constitutional Democratic Party, a year before the elections. This organization, together with the LDP, the "Private Property Party" and the USP, created an electoral bloc called "The Winter Generation Team," in whose list Bogoslovskaya took second place after the famous politician Valery Khoroshkovsky. But, despite the involvement of foreign political technologists, the union failed in the elections, taking the ninth place and gaining just over 2%, while the passing barrier was 5%. Thus, Inna Bogoslovskaya did not get into the Verkhovna Rada of the fourth convocation.

Nevertheless, she continued active public and political activities, often appeared in the media. So, in 2003, on her initiative, the public movement "Veche of Ukraine" was created. His task was to build civil society in the country, as well as the development of culture and business.

In 2003, Inna Bogoslovskaya was invited to head the State Committee for Regulatory Policy, but because of disagreement with the government's actions, in early 2004 the woman resigned.

In 2005, the Constitutional Democratic Party, headed by Bogoslovskaya, decided to rename the party Veche, after the name of the same social organization. But in the 2006 elections Veche was defeated, gaining only 1.7% of the vote and not getting into the parliament. Thus, Bogoslovskaya was again outside the Verkhovna Rada.

In April 2007, Inna Germanovna received the post of Deputy Minister of Justice in the government of Viktor Yanukovych.

In the "Party of Regions"

Preparing for the extraordinary parliamentary elections, which were to be held at the end of September 2007, in August of the same year, Inna Bogoslovskaya withdrew from the party Veche. This was due to the fact that she decided to participate in the elections on the lists of the Party of Regions headed by Viktor Yanukovych. In the meantime, she did not want to become a member of the party in question, and she remained non-partisan, but after a while, already in the status of a people's deputy, was forced to join the party.

In the 2007 elections on the lists of PR Inna Bogoslovskaya finally gets to parliament. Immediately she receives the post of deputy. Head of the Committee on Culture, who held until the end of the Verkhovna Rada of the sixth convocation.

In May 2009, wishing to be nominated for the post of the President of Ukraine, Inna Bogoslovskaya withdrew from the Party of Regions and the parliamentary faction of the same name. In the presidential elections in January 2010 Viktor Yanukovich won the victory, and Inna The Theological with 0.41% of the total number of votes took a disappointing 10th place. In October 2010, she returned to the Party of Regions and the faction.

As a result of the 2012 new elections, Bogoslovskaya again got into parliament. She took the post of deputy head of the committee on European integration.

The way out of the Party of Regions

Theological Inna Germanovna withdrew from the Party of Regions in December 2013. This was due to her disagreement with the recent violent dispersal of law enforcement bodies of demonstrators who protested against the abolition of the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union. In February 2014, the protest movement on the Independence Square, which was joined by Inna Germanovna, led to the actual deposition of President Yanukovych.

Inna Bogoslovskaya remained a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation until her extraordinary reelection in the fall of 2014, having non-partisan and non-factional status.

Modern period

In the parliamentary elections of 2014, Inna Germanovna refused to participate, explaining this in August in her principled position.

Currently, he tries to distance himself from big politics, although he continues to take part in television talk shows of political direction. At the same time, he does not stop participating in public activities, in particular in the volunteer movement to help ATU fighters.


The name of Inna Bogoslovskaya is associated with numerous political scandals. She deserved the glory of a man who is not afraid to tell the truth, even if many of this truth seem uncomfortable. At the same time, its political competitors say that the behavior of Inna Germanovna is guided by populism and the desire to play in public.

At one time, when Inna Bogoslovskaya was the head of the Constitutional Democratic Party, later renamed Veche, the funding of these organizations was attributed to Viktor Pinchuk, the oligarch and son-in-law of Leonid Kuchma, who had previously held the office of president of Ukraine. In 2009, Inna Bogoslovskaya together with Rustam Tamirgaliev took part in the creation of the "Crimea Island" election bloc, which the media attributed to another oligarch - Dmitry Firtash.

Quite a big response was caused by the fact that Inna Bogoslovskaya in June 2013, at the time in the Party of Regions, became one of the 148 Verkhovna Rada deputies who sent an appeal to the Polish Sejm with the proposal to recognize the Volyn tragedy of 1943-944 as the genocide of the Poles . Many Ukrainian politicians, this act was equated with national treason.

Question of nationality

Many people are interested in which ethnic group the Theological Inna Germanovna belongs to? Her nationality raises questions, especially considering the atypical surname for Ukrainians.

The answer to this interesting question was given by Inna Germanovna herself in one of the interviews. Her mother is a purebred Ukrainian woman. But the father, Herman Bogoslovsky, despite the fact that the passport was recorded as a Russian, had a rather complicated genealogy. His mother was German, and his father, Sergei Bogoslovsky, was half Russian, half Polish.

Inna Germanovna considers herself to be Ukrainian.

A family

It was quite difficult for Inna Bogoslovskaya to develop her personal life. She was three times married. Currently her husband is a deputy of the last two convocations Vladimir Melnichenko, until December 2013, as she herself, consisting in the Party of Regions.

Does the theological Inna Germanovna have heirs? Children bring joy, but at the same time are often a source of anxiety. A child in a family is a big responsibility. Inna Germanovna could not fail to understand this, so, having a rather busy schedule, she could afford to have only one daughter - Anastasia Surinu, born in 1980, still in her first marriage. Anastasia has already given Inna the Theological grandson.

general characteristics

We have studied the life path of such a politician as Inna Germanovna Bogoslovskaya. The biography, nationality, family and political career of this woman were examined in detail by us.

It must be said that many of Inna Bogoslovskaya is described as a single-minded and strong-willed person. She has established herself as a true professional in jurisprudence and a successful politician. Although because of her political and vital position, as well as her habit of saying what she thinks, Inna Germanovna has acquired to herself not only friends, but also numerous enemies.

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