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When to give birth late? Up to what age can you give birth

The notions of "late" or "early" are absolutely abstract and do not have a clear edge when it comes to the age at which a woman should become a mother. Our grandmothers gave birth successfully in 18-19, and this was considered the norm. Moms and aunts have already a little time and decided on this step at 24-25. We, the representatives of the young and advanced generation, will not surprise anyone if we become parents at the age of 35 and later.

Causes of late pregnancy

If the woman was not treated for infertility, then, most likely, the conception was postponed because of the unwillingness to become a mother. For example, a girl who has just graduated from a university does not hurry to burden herself with a house and pots. She wants to go to work, make a career, become successful and self-sufficient, and only then have a husband and a few kids. Unlike her, a middle-aged woman is ready psychologically and emotionally to this step: she approaches the matter more responsibly. This lady is experienced and calm, so motherhood will be for her a real joy and a long-awaited gift.

Other reasons for late pregnancy include: availability and accessibility of safe methods of contraception, advanced methods of treatment of complications during pregnancy. A woman does not ask the question: "When can I give birth?" She is sure that modern technologies will help her become a mother at almost any age.

How many years to give birth?

If you take into account medical evidence, then the ideal age for this noble cause is 20-24 years. But often girls at this time are not mature enough for motherhood. Doctors call this time period a transition period: if the physiological falls on average for 14 years, then the emotional comes ten years later. A girl who has celebrated her two dozen, only begins to "flaunt": she has a lot of ideas about the work, creative plans, etc. Where is there to think about the child. The main thing in this case - do not go for a walk up to retirement, when to give birth late and almost impossible. Although ... There have been cases when women at such an advanced age became surrogate mothers for their daughters.

Based on the foregoing, the ideal age for delivery will be a period of 28 to 33 years. If you decide to acquire offspring later, the risk will increase: the number of problems associated with pregnancy is directly proportional to the figure in your passport.

Arguments for

You can give birth after 40 years. Moreover, conception and bearing will even benefit the fading organism. A powerful hormonal shake caused by the birth of a new life, will prolong youth, protect from the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of gray hair. The precursors of the early menopause, which threatened a nulliparous woman, would blow like smoke. In addition, in the future, menopause will be easier and less painful.

Doctors say that late pregnancy will improve the general condition of the body: the risk of stroke and osteoporosis will decrease, the level of cholesterol in the blood will decrease, and sugar will stabilize. In a word, do not doubt when to give birth. Late it does not actually happen, there would be a desire and health.

In addition, a lady of 30-40 years is already a fully formed person who has a roof over her head and a stable financial income. Having visited dozens of christenings with her friends, she often nurse babies, so she will not shy away from the screaming baby and call the pediatrician every ten minutes. On the contrary, the woman will know what to do with the child, how and why.


Up to what age can you give birth? There are no specific restrictions: it all depends on the woman who wants to become a mother. The only thing the doctors are in solidarity is the figure of 35. In their opinion, it is that border, after which few people can boast of excellent health. Therefore, the future mother, pregnant in this life stage, is exposed to the following threats:

  1. Miscarriage. The inexorable statistics testify to the fact that in women of 20-30 years the risk is 10%, in 30-40 - already 17%, in 40-50 - 33% and higher. The reason is the aging of the eggs.
  2. Problems with the placenta: premature detachment, chronic failure of the embryonic organ.
  3. Cesarean section. With the years the probability of its application increases. If the woman in labor is far beyond 30, then in 40% of cases, surgical intervention is necessary.
  4. Fading of the fetus. It occurs in different age groups, but in older women, the threat increases.

In addition, late pregnancy after 40 years provokes exacerbation of chronic diseases and activation of hereditary ailments.

Other risks

First, when a woman finally realizes and decides to continue the family, fate can play a cruel joke with her. Being completely healthy and having no contraindications, she will not be able to become pregnant. The fact is that every girl is born with a definite stock of eggs and with age their number is significantly reduced. Sometimes such women, to conceive, need to "work" in the sweat of a whole year, or even more.

Secondly, late pregnancy after 40 years affects the duration of labor. They can be protracted and difficult. Although studies show that, on average, the burden is only 45 minutes longer than the young ones. Another contraindication is the age of a woman. Staying for ten years longer on this planet, she was more exposed to toxic effects of the environment: she inhaled the exhaust gases, consumed contaminated water and poor-quality products. Therefore, it has more chances to "earn" a fibrous tumor, endometriosis and other diseases that can negatively affect the conception and course of pregnancy.

Down Syndrome

This is the greatest danger that lies in wait for a primiparous woman if she is far beyond 30. According to statistics, a forty-year-old woman has a 9 times more risk of having a baby with this ailment than her youngest ten-year-old colleague. In such pregnant women, the threat is 1%, for a woman who is 45, already 3%. Also recently, physicians put forward a new hypothesis: a baby with Down's syndrome is more often born in those families where the mother of a woman in childbirth was in old age. That is, at one time she gave life to her daughter, being already a mature woman. At first it seems that this is the case when it is too late to give birth.

But it is not all that bad. Just think: for girls who are 25 years old, the probability of producing a baby with this genetic disease of the baby is 1 out of 1,400 cases. Those who have 30, - 1/1000, 35 - 1/350, 40 - 1/60, 45 and above - 1/12. But since the young lady is much more likely to become mothers, 80% of the down-going children on the planet were born to women who have not yet turned 30 years old.

Other threats to the fetus

Up to what age can you give birth? There is no exact answer to this question. Some doctors say that the sooner the better. Others, on the contrary, adhere to the policy of conscious, "mature" pregnancy. The choice is only for a woman who decides herself when to become a mother. In doing so, she must clearly understand that her future baby lies in wait for other, but described above, the danger: a small weight or hypoxia. The latter is a consequence of a protracted second period of labor, which is often observed in late pregnancy.

The following fact is interesting: if a woman already has a child who at the moment of the second conception has reached adolescence, then she will bear the laws of the "first time". This means that for 15-20 years the body "forgets" about pregnancy. Therefore, such a lady and the one who really conceived for the first time, find themselves in absolutely identical conditions with all the ensuing consequences.

The course of pregnancy

If before the conception a woman had headaches, then they can intensify. Moreover, often ailments are associated with arterial pressure, which rises and causes discomfort. When this happens on a regular basis, gestosis develops - it manifests itself in the form of swelling. Also after 40 years, the risk of developing diabetes is increased. When diagnosing a disease before pregnancy during gestation, it can worsen and worsen the general condition.

When to give birth late? Then, when you have collected a bunch of ailments for the past three or four decades. In this case, they can not only progress, but also provoke complications: thyroid diseases lead to miscarriage; Kidney, heart and lungs - to premature birth. In addition, in young women, tissues and muscles are more elastic. With age, the fibers lose the ability to stretch and maintain the density. Therefore, in middle-aged women, the risk of losing a child increases.

How to minimize the danger?

You can give birth at 45. The main thing is to observe some rules that can significantly reduce the chances of miscarriage, fetal fading in the womb or the occurrence of genetic disorders in it. The first thing to do is to carefully plan the pregnancy, prepare for it morally and physically. A woman should visit a gynecologist: let him exclude the presence of diseases and infections, and also consult.

The baby's organs are formed in the first trimester, therefore, half a year before conception, the expectant mother is simply obliged to love a healthy lifestyle. Namely: to refuse from fatty, smoked, canned food, to enter in a diet a lot of greens, fruit and vegetables, to stop smoking, to forget about alcohol and coffee. It is recommended to take a complex of vitamins prescribed by a doctor, go in for sports, walk a lot and sleep 8 hours a day - this will also increase the probability that a woman will quickly become pregnant, without problems, and without complications will give birth to a healthy baby.

If the doctor is intrusive

This should not be embarrassing. Focusing exclusively on age, he will not forbid giving birth. But put this lady on a special account. Attention to increased attention and excessive control should be philosophical: additional tests do not interfere, but will only add confidence that the fetus develops correctly.

It happens that midwives, in order to avoid possible complications, already at the beginning offer a woman to consent to a cesarean section. Under such circumstances, it is not worth hacking from the shoulder: the lady needs to think about, discuss the situation with other doctors, undergo a complete examination. If there are no serious contraindications, then you can try to breed on your own.

And more: an insulting label "old-timer" to the future mother will be hung on the first visit to the women's consultation. From this, the mood should not deteriorate, and self-confidence should evaporate. The health of the baby is now the most important, and as for the naphthalene terms, they simply do not need to pay attention.

Prenatal diagnosis

But this is really useful and necessary thing. Modern medicine has the most high-quality drugs and technology, with which help you can become a mother in 50 years. Doctors say: 97% of pregnant women, who are 40 years old or more, after passing many tests and laboratory tests, have gained firm confidence that they will succeed. A positive attitude is already half the battle.

Prenatal diagnosis is:

  • Invasive. Methods are associated with a violation of the integrity of the tissue in direct examination of the fetus (cordocentesis, amniocentesis, chorionic biopsy).
  • Non-invasive. Examination of the future mother, her tests (USD, sorting of fetal cells, screening of blood serum).

If the patient is a middle-aged woman, she must undergo prenatal diagnosis. It will exclude possible chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus at an early stage of its development, which allows parents to interrupt pregnancy if the pathology is very serious. When the deviations can be eliminated, they are eliminated through intrauterine surgery or immediately after the birth of the baby.


Up to what age do women give birth? There is no doubt: they do this at any stage of life, forgetting about the figure in the passport. And this act should not be shocking. If the lady has good health, there are no chronic, infectious and other diseases, she is full of strength, energy and optimism, then such a step is absolutely justified. Such a woman can find the happiness of motherhood even in 50 years. At the same time, accurate planning of pregnancy, early diagnosis and constant monitoring of the process by medical personnel will protect it from possible complications.

But the most important thing is desire. When a woman of the fair sex sleeps and sees diapers, diapers and rattles, she will be twice as likely to acquire offspring. Hope for success and faith in the future - they will become one of the guarantees of a positive result. When this is supplemented by powerful support from close and dear people, the lady will quickly and confidently achieve the goal.

Do not be afraid to give birth. Be careful not to try. And remember: age is punishment for people who are boring and weak in spirit, to whom you do not belong at all.

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