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Consider how to learn how to draw people: a few practical tips

Unfortunately, not every art school fully tells how to learn how to draw people. Yes, of course, there are certain proportions of the human body , which are spelled out in books and manuals. There are also dummies for drawing, with which you can catch and transmit in the future this or that movement or body posture. The same is true of the face: there are certain parameters, the laws of the fall of light and shadows, which are followed by all novice artists. However, to convey the features of the face, the features of the figure of a particular model are given only to the select people who have a special talent for fine arts. Why is that? How to learn how to draw people and transfer on paper all of their features? Read about this in the article.

Practice as often as possible

So, in order to be able, so to speak, on the fly to grasp the faces of people, their figures and transmit them with a pencil, coal or paint, you need a very long time to train it from nature. Start drawing your loved ones every day in different poses, from different sides. For example, today you are depicting a wife sitting facing you. The next day she already stands, turned in profile in relation to you. Think up each time new provisions for your models and try to grab them, pass them on paper.

Proportion is your credo

In the question of how to learn how to draw people, the proportions are the key ones. Forget about everything that you were taught in the school of artists, and start from scratch. If you draw a full-length man, note how much his upper body is smaller (or larger) than the bottom, also measure how many times his total width is placed in height. All this can be done with a pencil: stretch the hand, pin the finger on the pencil the distance (from the top of the head to the bridge of the nose, from the shoulder to the elbow, etc.), transfer it to the paper. In this case, the model should be at a distance so that you can put her face on your canvas.

Mistakes of the majority

Many people, not knowing how to learn how to draw people so that they were like themselves, begin by carefully drawing all the details. Doing this categorically is not recommended, as in your picture there will be a lot of marks, which then will confuse you, while the proportions will be violated. Start with a sketch in which you depict the true shapes of your model, it can be a complete person or thin, with an extended face or with large cheeks. His nose can be small or, conversely, wide and long. Apply the pattern gradually, first in the form of "spots", light outlines, then draw more precise lines, later you can draw lines of cheekbones, pupils, muscles and so on.

Some useful tips

If you know how to learn how to draw portraits of people, you are guided in proportions, then you just have to be patient and practice in this case. The more drawings you make, the more perfect your artistic skills will be. Look for new people who posed for you, catch their features. First you will only depict their features in accuracy and in all its glory, and later you will be able to convey the mood of the model.

Now you know how to quickly learn how to draw people. Having a little experience, you can become a "street artist" and even earn money on your talent.

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