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How to clean the liver at home

The liver in our body is one of the most loaded organs. It is like a filter, through which all substances entering the body pass, and almost all metabolic processes in our body in one way or another proceed in correlation with this body. That is why it is very important that our liver works correctly, and for this it is necessary that it is in perfect order. Unfortunately, practically every person has a liver that is polluted, and this is natural: it is extremely difficult for this body to remain clean, being practically a barrier between the body and substances coming into it from outside. For this reason it is important to know how to clean the liver: so we can help one of the most important organs work correctly.

There are several ways to clean the liver. Similar techniques have been developed since ancient times, because as the liver carries vital functions, it has been known since ancient times. To date, it is known not only how to clean the liver with folk remedies - there are more effective procedures conducted in the clinic under the supervision of specialists, but they are more expensive and not available to everyone, while anyone can clean the liver and intestines at home.

How to clean the liver

The simplest and most well-known method is tjubazh. It is distinguished by its simplicity, availability and efficiency. Tyubazh is widely used not only at home, but also in clinics, including, and the most famous. Before you clean the liver using this method, you need to prepare your body for it. This is done as follows: for a few junas before the procedure you need to minimize the load on the liver, completely switching to low-fat vegetable food. Very useful in this period are freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, for example, apple and beetroot. There is even a separate way of how to clean the liver folk methods using apple juice. As for beetroot, one must remember that it can be consumed no less than two hours from the moment of squeezing.

Immediately on the day of the procedure, you need to drink as much warm liquid as possible, the warmer, the better. Generally on this day, you need to be warm all the time - dress accordingly, and in the afternoon you need to attach a warm-water bottle to the right side. When he warms up properly, you will need to drink half a glass of warmed vegetable oil, preferably olive oil, into which it is desirable to add lemon juice or acid. Stomach by the time of the procedure should be empty, that is, there should be nothing but drunk oil, so the last meal should be no later than three hours before it. The optimal time for doing tjubazh - before bed, but you can choose any convenient time at your discretion. The procedure lasts several hours, and all this time, a hot enough hot water bottle should be located on the right side. After a lapse of 2 to 3 hours, the discharge of impurities from the body will begin, expressed in the form of a liquid stool, after which it is desirable to hold the warmer on the right side for some time.

Despite the fact that this procedure is quite effective, in some cases, olive oil may not help. In clinical conditions instead of vegetable oil, grams of sorbitol or magnesia dissolved in warm mineral water without gas (this is important) are used, which are also very strong cholagogic agents. The procedure differs only in that the solution is repeated after 15 to 20 minutes, and everything else, including preparation for it, remains the same. The remaining methods of liver cleansing are very similar to those described above, only as the active substance can be used choleretic teas and other means, for example, apple juice. Also, in accordance with some recommendations, it is possible to do cleansing enemas before and after the procedure. The procedure itself can be repeated after a few days.

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