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What are the ovaries sick? The ovary hurts: how to treat?

Recently, more and more often the representatives of the fair sex have to face various concerns from the genitourinary sphere. Most often, doctors have to hear from women the following question: "Ovaries are sorely hurt, what should I do?"

In fact, there can be many reasons for this concern. Consider the most popular problems that cause such unpleasant feelings, and answer the main questions. What if the ovary hurts? How to treat this ailment?

Causes of pain

Female genital organs can harass women for many reasons.

Sometimes such an uncomfortable condition is a variant of the norm and does not require a doctor. Once a month, approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the release of the oocyte from the follicle occurs in women. At the moment of rupture of its walls and right after it the lady can experience pulling or a little pressing pains in the bottom part of an abdominal cavity. In this case, the sensations are localized more often on the one hand.

Also, unpleasant sensations can be caused by various pathologies, for example:

  • Infectious diseases;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Development of tumor processes.

Ovaries hurt: what to do?

So, if you are concerned about constant pain in the lower abdomen, which extends mainly to one side or grabs the entire lower segment, you need to consult a doctor for advice.

An experienced specialist will listen to all your complaints and fix them in the card, then perform a physical examination and appoint additional diagnostic methods if necessary.


During the examination on the gynecological chair, the doctor notes the size and location of the uterus and ovaries. With a fuzzy clinical picture after examination, the patient is examined using an ultrasound device.

On the screen the specialist sees internal organs and establishes the cause of the appearance of unpleasant sensations.


Any detected pathology that causes discomfort in the fair sex should be eliminated. Consider the methods of correction.

Inflammatory process

If a woman has an inflammation that makes her ovaries hurt, what should she do in this case?

To begin with, you need to undergo a test and find out what has become the causative agent of the infectious process. For this, the patient is offered to pass a number of tests for the detection of sexually transmitted infections. The result of the study can be obtained in a few days. After this, you need to re-visit the doctor for appointments.

Usually in such cases, gynecologists prescribe certain types of antibiotics (drugs "Doxycycline", "Ciprofloxacin", "Erythromycin" and others, depending on the disease). Their reception is necessary for the destruction of the pathogen of the inflammatory process. It is worth noting that in this case it is necessary to carry out complex treatment, in which the sexual partner must take part. Otherwise, after recovery, you risk once again get the pathogens of the inflammatory process at the first unprotected contact.

After antibiotic therapy, a woman is prescribed the intake of beneficial bacteria to restore the vaginal microflora. Also a course of physiotherapy is recommended. It will help to avoid the development of adhesions, which is a frequent consequence of inflammation.

Hormonal disorders

If the hormonal background of a woman is unstable, and for this reason the ovaries are hurt, what to do in this case? For the beginning it is necessary to hand over the analysis of a blood on definition of level of those or other hormones. The study is scheduled for a certain day of the cycle. Some hormones must be taken immediately after the end of menstruation, and others should be examined in the second phase of the cycle.

When you get the result of the study, you need to visit the doctor and get the appointment you need. Usually, the doctor prescribes the administration of certain hormonal drugs (for example, Dufaston), and also prescribes oral contraceptives for 3-6 months (medicines Yarina, Zhanin, Novinet, and others).

Development of the tumor process

In the case when on the ultrasound machine the specialist sees a new formation on the ovary, then it is a tumor. So, if the ovarian cyst hurts, what should I do in this case?

To begin with, it is necessary to establish with certainty what kind of neoplasm the woman is dealing with.

If the left ovary hurts, what should a woman do in this case? As statisticians establish, on the left side, women mainly have functional cysts. They do not require treatment and dissolve on their own in a few months, but in some cases, a woman needs a course of taking hormonal drugs.

If the right ovary hurts, what to do then? In most cases, cysts on the right side are not functional and almost always require treatment. On what kind of tumor the lady had to face, and the chosen method of correction will depend.

Usually, if the ovarian cyst hurts, what to do - the doctor decides. Women, of course, have the right to choose, but it is strongly advised not to argue with the appointment, as this may end badly.

In most cases, with non-functional cysts, surgical intervention is indicated. During the operation, the doctor removes the cyst. After the manipulations, the specialist appoints the patient hormonal means for faster recovery of the body, as well as antibiotic therapy for prevention.

If the ovaries are aching after surgery, what should I do? In the first month after removal of the cysts, minor pain in the lower abdomen can be observed. This is a variant of the norm, since the "living" tissue was affected. If the unpleasant sensations persist after four weeks after the operation, then this is an occasion to contact the doctor, since, perhaps, you are developing an inflammatory process.

Traditional methods of treatment

Some of the fair sex, who are concerned about unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, prefer to engage in self-medication. It should be immediately said that such manipulations can lead to serious complications, so before such a correction it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

If the left ovary hurts, what should I do? In some cases, discomfort helps to remove heat. To do this, put on the left side of the lower abdomen a heating pad or hot salt wrapped in a towel. Remember that heat can aggravate the development of the inflammatory process.

If both ovaries are aching, you can take decoctions of various herbs. For example, viburnum, chamomile or sage. They help to remove the inflammation and fight the pathogens. Remember that some herbs accelerate the development of the tumor process.

If the right ovary hurts, what to do and what folk remedies to use? Many healers recommend taking mud or salt baths. They have a beneficial effect on the entire urogenital sphere and usually do not have contraindications.

Specialists strongly recommend in any complaints to contact the doctor and adhere to the appointments. This will help to avoid irreversible complications. Be healthy!

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