The meaning of "business in a hat" phraseology, origin and examples

The meaning of phraseology "business in a hat" is not reduced to clothing, although, at first glance, it has a direct relationship to it. In this case, the headdress is remembered, when a person has everything to argue, and to the success of a hand to file.


There is no consensus on where the story came from, but there are three basic theories.

First version. Ostensibly in Russia messengers sewn important documents in a hat to protect themselves from bandits. In this case, "case" means documents. True, it is unclear how documents are related to the successful end of an enterprise.

The second version. Not only today, but also in ancient times, to get an official result, he was "cajoled", of course, with coins. A bribe was put in the hat. So it turned out:

- What's the matter?

- In the bag.

A hint of what would be nice to give the kids to the milk.

The third version. Controversial cases in court used to decide the lot. And the latter, of course, was placed in the headdress. Therefore, the meaning of phraseology "business in the hat" is.

True, all theories do not explain why the role of headgear is favorable, and not vice versa. Versions are very vague.

In other words, the origin of the expression is covered with gloom or a thick layer of fog. Perhaps, the true source at all does not imply any officials, no messengers, not even a court. Perhaps this is a borrowing from a foreign language, but from which is a mystery.

Modern life of expression

However it was in ancient times, and in modern Russian-speaking people, phraseology is clearly colored in positive colors. When they say: "It's a hat!", The most iridescent is put into the expression.

Exams and hat

Imagine that there are two entrants, and one to another says:

- Hello, Vovka! How are your entrance exams?

- Excellent, Lenka, "Social Studies" and "Russian language" handed over to "5". Remained the "English language". I'll hand it over with ease.

- Well done, I'll stop, "business in a hat!".

The meaning of phraseology in one word is difficult to convey, but if you shorten the meaning as short as possible, then it turns out that the phrase is a replacement, synonymous with the words "wonderful", "beautiful", "wonderful."

Soviet TVs and Japanese

Or there are two tough businessmen, and one of the other asks:

- Did you sell to the Japanese that lot of used Soviet TVs?

"You will not believe it, but there's nothing to be said here but to attract the meaning of phraseology" business in a hat. " The contract is almost in my pocket.

- It's amazing, I thought that only we had nostalgia for Soviet times.

- Yes, the Japanese are an amazing people. For some reason, they needed our decommissioned technology. But, I think, it's not just about nostalgia, they probably have an idea.

The tone of expression

Rare case - the expression does not contain any morality. Therefore, let's talk about the tone of the phrase. Naturally, the importance of phraseology "business in a hat" does not imply its use at official meetings and events. He is appropriate in the circle of friends, at meetings, as they say, without a tie.

To "vulgarize"

At last one interesting fact. It is known that to "slip" is to miss something. There are different hypotheses about the origin of the concept. For example, there is an opinion that one class in Russia called "hats" the other (the proletarians called it the intelligentsia, the first wore caps, the second - hats). The other theory is linguistic: meaning came to us from Yiddish, in which the "hat" is called a sleepy, sluggish person.

Studying the history of just one expression, you can look into the soul not only of a person, but of a whole people. And root words and even the same in different contexts sometimes have opposite meaning.

Today we explored the meaning of phraseology "business in a hat." It is noteworthy that directly to the headdress, the phrase has only a historical relation.

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