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Robert Baratheon. King with branched horns

In the world-famous saga "The Song of Ice and Fire," King Robert Baratheon is a character in the background. This figure-string, and almost all the readers from the first pages it was clear that he was destined to die.

Literary character

In the plot of the series of novels, the life and character of Robert Baratheon are spelled out with maximum detail. His life ends in the first book of the saga "The Game of Thrones", but before that the author allows us to imagine what was Robert Baratheon. Heir to the Storm Reach (fortress-port on the west coast of Västerås), he lost his father early and did not receive lessons of male responsibility and caution.

Robert Baratheon is described as a "true knight" - an excellent fearless warrior, handsome and haughty. Such a person is completely unsuited to governing the state, and therefore, when, as a result of insurrection and murder, he receives the throne of Vesteras, he has absolutely no idea what to do with him further.

During the reign of King Robert Vesteros lives on the old reserves of the previous dynasty, while the owner of the Iron Throne divides his time between hunting, feasting, visits to fallen women and inept attempts at governing the state. He is indifferent to politics, and subjects who require money, land or justice, annoy him. The king is illiterate in finance - the treasury is empty, and there are incredibly many debts.

Years of government in idleness and melancholy turned a mighty warrior into a flabby old man (at the time of the beginning of events, Robert is only 36 years old), who need only a cup of wine, a woman, a hunt or a glorious feast and a sense of security for happiness. It was for the last Robert Baratheon and sent to the North, to Eddard Stark. The king's life provided him with a persistent conviction that everyone around is lying and weaving intrigues. In such circumstances, he decides to rely on his friend, known throughout the country for honesty and directness. In fact, Robert is not important support, but the opportunity to throw all the royal problems on another person.

Alas, but Baratheon is a real Deer King, a crowned, ill-bred animal with spreading horns.

Actor and role in the series

The television series "The Game of Thrones" has the highest rating in the world, including due to the magnificent cast of actors. Heroes of the project in their actions, characters and appearance practically do not deviate from the literary source. One of the few exceptions is Robert Baratheon. Actor Mark Eddy in 2012 celebrated his 48th birthday, and this age could not hide either make-up, or computer processing. So most viewers perceive the character as an elderly person.

The second deviation from the canon is connected with the external appearance. Fat-filled alcoholic from the book in the series turned into a good-natured respecter, merry fellow and gluttonist. Growth Mark Eddie is lower than the literary Robert, and the belly does not bulge. In his movements, the power and confidence of the ruler are felt.

The positive influence of the actor on the role of King Vesteras was noted by both spectators and critics. In the performance of Eddie Robert Baratheon causes calm sympathy and sadness. If he was shown in full accordance with the book, the audience would demand his death already in the first series.

Scene events

During his life on the pages of the saga "The Song of Ice and Flame" Robert Baratheon participated in several events, on which the whole story is tied:

1. Destruction of the Targarien dynasty.

It is Robert in the duel that kills the heir to Vesteras, Prince Reagar, who kidnapped his bride. He leads the uprising against the power of the mad king, overthrows him and puts his seat on the Iron Throne. Also, with his tacit consent, the rebels destroy the Reagar family. Hatred of the old dynasty pervades Robert's entire life and is so strong that he gives orders for the persecution and destruction of the last Targariens. Baratheon secretly fears them as a threat to his right to crown the kingdom.

2. The invitation of Eddard Stark in the Hands of the King.

Robert makes his best friend the second person in the state, thereby signing him a death sentence and drawing his own death. The ruler of the North is honest and does not trust others, especially the king's wife - Cersei. His search for the truth about the death of the previous Hand and the attempt to shield Robert from a pernicious life lead to charges of treason and execution through decapitation.

3. A lot of royal bastards.

The active "gestures" of Baratheon with different women led to the appearance of his illegitimate children. The offspring inherited his appearance and unhappy fate. In the novel, after the death of Robert, his bastards are persecuted and destroyed by Cersei, who fear that they will demand the recognition of their rights.

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