How to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone? Who can receive a trust payment?

All subscribers are familiar with the situation when the funds in the account are not enough, but it is vital to use communication services. In this situation, the mobile operator can help. Many companies that provide communication services, provide their clients the opportunity to borrow a certain amount of money for a certain period of time. Beeline is not an exception and is also ready to meet its subscribers by giving them a "trust payment".

This option is available for all tariff plans (for individuals) and can be activated by the user numbers themselves. About how to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone and what you need to remember, borrowing funds from a mobile operator, we will discuss in this article.

Description of the option

The loan amount from a telecom operator is available to all individuals who are connected to the corresponding tariff plan. The only exception is customers who purchased the number less than two months ago. It does not matter what time this subscriber is a customer of Beeline.

The main thing is that the number for which you need to take a "trust payment" was serviced in the operator's network for at least two months. And how to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone (the command for connection will be given below), if the period of use of the number is less than the specified period? Unfortunately this is not possible.

Service cost

Like any additional service, a "trust payment" is granted on certain financial terms. For the use of the service from the number will be written off the amount of 15 rubles. It will be written off after the loan has expired, along with the amount that was transferred to the subscriber's account as a trust payment (how to take the loan on the "Beeline" on the phone, will be discussed further). No subscription fee for the service. Write-offs occur upon the provision of a trust payment.

What you need to know about

Before answering the question about how to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone, I would like to give a description of the conditions for users, which you should know about:

  • The service is provided for a period of up to three days
  • To receive a loan from the operator, it is necessary that the expenses for the last three months make up at least 50 rubles.
  • The amount of payment is calculated individually for each client, based on the total communication costs for the last months

  • You can use the option "trust payment" both in the territory of your region and being in roaming, including in the international one.
  • If during the period for which the loan is granted, an amount exceeding the amount of the loan granted (+ 15 rubles per use of the service) will not be received to the account, the communication services will not be available until the funds appear on the balance sheet.
  • The number can be blocked for receiving a trust payment (you can make such a ban only through the operator).
  • The fiduciary payment is terminated in two cases: after three days after the entry of the amount necessary for repayment (the amount of the loan + 15 rubles).
  • After figuring out how to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone, and paying it off in full, you can re-receive a trust payment (paying 15 rubles for getting a loan from the operator).

How to take a loan

After we learned more about the service, you can go to the main issue. So, how to get a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone?

The subscriber's number, for which it is necessary to receive a trust payment, must be serviced in the "Beeline" network for at least 2 full months. The more the client of the mobile operator spends money for communication services, the higher the amount of trust payment. For example, if your expenses for the last 2-3 months - up to one hundred rubles, you can get 50 rubles for three days, with spending on communication from a hundred rubles to a thousand - for admission is available 80 rubles, etc.

Determine what amount can be issued to your number, you can by typing on the phone combination: * 141 * 7 #. The information will be received in a text message.

You can activate the trust payment on the number through the operator's website (in your account) or through the USSD-request: * 141 #. After entering the request you will receive a message about successful operation.

If you yourself can not credit the amount of the loan, you can call the contact center at 0611 and specify with the operator how to take a loan on the "Beeline" on the phone to an ordinary user.

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