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Dependence is ... Psychological dependence. Internet addiction in adolescents

Mankind often likes to defend their right to freedom. On a global scale. Simultaneously, each of us is captivated by one or another dependence. For example, we can not live without a sweet, watching a TV series, reading newspapers, etc. It would seem that there is nothing wrong with these innocent preferences. But, by digging deeper, you can make sure that any bondage acts destructively: if not on a physical level, then on a moral and spiritual level.

Dependence: what is this?

Every morning most of us start with fragrant coffee. We pour it into a cup, inhale a pleasant smell, slowly savor each sip. Do you affirm that this is not an addiction? You are wrong, because this is a real slavery. Try to erase from the life of your favorite morning ritual, and you will see that this will require exactly the same effort as with the refusal of smoking or alcohol. Nerves, irritability and anger are what you will encounter in the first days. Further symptoms can appear already at the physical level: trembling in the hands, pressure jumps, headaches.

Dependence is the need to periodically perform an action. On a simple example with coffee, we see that sometimes absolutely do not control the situation, rather, on the contrary, we ourselves are in captivity. Even if this or that addiction is completely innocent, it slowly destroys our "I", makes us unfree, and in the future - weak and weak-willed. Dependence - it is always getting used to this or that subject, action, phenomenon or person. Having lost the object of addiction, we find no place for ourselves. And sometimes it takes many years to get rid of unnecessary bondage.

Dependence on the physical level

Our unhealthy addictions manifest themselves in different ways. There are the following main types of dependence: physical and mental. The first type is the most dangerous, as it damages our health, leads to antisocial behavior. A predilection of this kind provides for the intake of certain chemical or other substances, as a result of which changes in the body occur, habituation and acute necessity develops.

The most common physical dependence is alcoholism. First, a person drinks to relax, relieve stress. But gradually gets used to the next dose of alcohol and "requires" it every day. The same happens when taking drugs, which can additionally cause hallucinations, mental disorders and insensitivity to pain.

Physical dependence also applies to medicinal - taking drugs (hypnotics, from cough or pressure) in very high doses and a pathological reluctance to abandon them. And, of course, smoking is also a variant of "slavery" when the body can not function normally without a regular dose of nicotine.

Mental dependence

This is an infinite craving for a person to a certain activity, a way of leisure. The most common manifestation of mental dependence is ludomania, or the need for gambling. The meaning of human life in this case are machines, roulette, cards, sweepstakes. The first reason why people start to play is the desire to get rich, to win a valuable prize. But gradually the person is so drawn in that he takes all his money, sells his property in order to recoup, gets into debt, starts stealing, etc.

At the psychological level, there are also different kinds of dependence, such as workaholism and shopaholism. In the first case, a person simply dissolves in the work, he spends his time around the clock in the office and business trips. Of course, career growth is important for each of us, but when it completely dislodges the family, leisure, hobbies and other joys of life, we can talk about dependence. As for shopaholism, women are usually subject to it. The desire to acquire new things becomes obtrusive, as a result of which every day absolutely unnecessary items are bought (clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.).

Internet addiction in adolescents

About this phenomenon should be discussed separately, since recently the problem has become so serious that it can be called a mass epidemic. Dependence on the Internet has its own subspecies: web surfing, obsessive roaming from site to site, virtual communication in social networks, dating, correspondence, computer games. The teenager spends all his free time at the monitor, he stops sleeping normally and is eating truant, does not go in for sports and does not communicate with peers. As a result, he develops obesity, problems with eyesight and stomach, school declines in progress, problems begin.

Internet addiction in adolescents can be prevented. Prevention is the total control of the child: you should always know what your son or daughter does on the Web. Also, parents can become for their child a so-called guide: show that on the Internet, in addition to games and social networks, there are many interesting things. Organize the leisure of a minor, persuade him to enroll in all sorts of sports sections, the whole family actively rest. In this case, the child's chances of becoming Internet-dependent will be minimal.

Other types of slavery

Above, the most common types of addiction have been described. But psychological dependence has other features, more rare, but not less dangerous. For example, religious fanaticism. A person falls under the influence of a certain dogma or sect. Dependent people not only follow often meaningless laws of this or that fanatical union, but also refer all their savings there. Recently, cases of such dependence are encountered more often. The same can be said about emotional bondage - the inability to live without a loved one, parents or children. A person is so strongly attached to them that this feeling becomes the basis of life. If there is a parting with the object of adoration, the dependent falls into depression, gets into a madhouse or ends up with a suicide.

Psychological dependence can overtake a person and in the form of bulimia - the pathological desire is constantly there. The patient can only absorb 10-20 kilograms of products in one day. The causes of bulimia are often stresses, nervous tension. Also you can not help remembering perfectionism - a maniacal desire to look perfect, as a result of which people constantly resort to plastic surgery. This is also a dependence, the influence of which is more often experienced by women who are related to show business.

Main symptoms

Each of them manifests itself in different ways, but there are common, characteristic for all signs. For example, dependent behavior. It is characterized by the same type of patient's actions. Man again and again fulfills the same pattern of behavior, rejecting even the opportunity to reassess the situation in a new way and react to it. Such actions are unproductive, they leave no way for creativity, self-development, possible social adaptation, the ability to find a way out of this situation.

Here is an example of a player. Even if he cashed down a lot of money in the casino, he still continues to try to break the jackpot. Every day he will make new bets, lose, but again return to the cards or roulette. His behavior is fixed on the same pattern: a person does not allow the possibility of stopping to save the remaining finances and property. As for alcoholics, many of them claim that they drink because of depression. This condition, in turn, often becomes a consequence of excessive drinking, resulting in people again reaching for the bottle. Dependence is a craze that takes on the shape of a vicious circle.

Signs of dependence

Very often, pathological traction is incurable. Even if a drug addict or alcoholic does not drink for several years, he at any time can break. Already for the rest of his life he can not control the use of psychotropic substances or alcohol: a healthy person who knows the measure and can always stop, he does not already become.

Dependence is a disease. It develops gradually, has its stages. The dependence progresses, often it looks like a snowball rushing from a mountain. With each new second it flies even faster, forming new layers. Therefore, if the patient breaks down, it is found that during abstinence his addiction not only did not abate, but, on the contrary, gained strength.

Some forms of dependence are deadly. A drug addict can die from an overdose, crash into an accident "high," go insane, commit suicide. Alcoholics waiting for cirrhosis of the liver or a fight in which it is stabbed with a knife. Very often such people die much earlier than they should.

Can I stop?

Treatment of dependence is a very long and painstaking process. The most difficult to get rid of cravings for drugs and alcohol. Usually the patient can not cope with addiction independently, and he needs specialized treatment. For this group of dependent, anonymous circles and profile clinics are organized. Physicians and psychologists develop complex treatment, which will necessarily lead to a happy ending. The main thing that the patient aspired to become on a correct way and worked above itself.

Other types of dependence do not require hospitalization, in these cases only willpower is needed. For example, a person can self-abandon smoking, for this it is important to formulate the motivation for such an act. Players, shopaholics, workaholics and other addicts need the help of close people who will distract them from the harmful thrust, organize an interesting pastime.

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