Mark Kurtser's clinic "Mother and Child". Reproductive medicine clinic "Mother and Child": reviews

The appearance of a child in the world is a real happiness for the parents. But it often happens that young people face a number of difficulties associated with conception and normal bearing of an infant. In this case, you can not do without proper medical assistance. In Moscow, problems of this nature can be solved with the help of the "Mother and Child" institution. The clinic accepts patients with a variety of pathologies.

Basic information

The main task of the clinic "Mother and Child" is to solve problems related to reproductive function. The work of the institution is aimed at revealing pathologies that prevent young couples from becoming happy parents. Today a whole group of missions is united by the name "Mother and Child". The clinic also provides related medical services in the field of dentistry, surgery, urology, cardiology, etc. After all, it often happens that infertility is the result of pathologies of body systems that are not related to reproductive function.

The first branch of the clinic "Mother and Child" was opened only 10 years ago. Despite a short period of work, the institution was able to give the joy of motherhood to thousands of women. Today there are 27 representative offices in Moscow and the region. People from other regions of Russia also come to the survey. It attracts high-quality service and professionalism of specialists.

Doctors of a medical institution

A lot of good reviews can be heard about Mark Kurtser - the founder of the clinic "Mother and Child". His career began at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Second Moscow Medical Institute. Today Mark Kurtser is a doctor of medical sciences. He not only heads the clinic, but also is engaged in practical activities. Many couples who have lost hope for a normal conception of the baby, tend to get to the reception to this specialist.

The patients also respond well to Julia Kutakova. The doctor has an academic degree in medicine. Since 2012, Julia is the chief physician of the clinic "Mother and Child". The specialist is mostly engaged in administrative activities, but there is also the opportunity to attend an infertility therapy session.

A lot of positive reviews can be heard about the following doctors: Andrei Khopersky, Alexander Wright, Degtyar Lyudmila, Demchuk Pavel, Zhilina Svetlana, Kalinina Elena, Alfimova Marina, Nikitina Tatiana, Novikov Oleg, etc.

Women's Center

Reproduction is the main activity of the "Mother and Child" institution. The clinic has all the necessary equipment for conducting a survey of women and treatment in case of detection of pathologies. Great attention is paid to the treatment of menstrual disorders, inflammatory diseases. Therapy can be carried out both in hospital and outpatient settings. Women who come from other regions of Russia are offered comfortable chambers.

Conducting a healthy pregnancy is another direction of Mother and Child. The clinic offers convenient conditions for observing women, starting with the first trimester of bearing a child. Reception is conducted at any convenient time. This is actual for women who work and can not visit a specialist during the working week.

Mark Kurtser's clinics "Mother and Child" offer a procedure for in vitro fertilization to women who for a number of reasons can not conceive in the traditional way. Modern technologies are used that increase the chances of a positive pregnancy outcome.

Maternity hospital

Women who are in the process of pregnancy are observed in the clinic "Mother and Child", services of the maternity ward are offered on preferential terms. Particular attention is given to patients whose conception was carried out through IVF. Women regularly visit a specialist and take the necessary tests. On the last terms, preparations are being made for the forthcoming birth.

During pregnancy, the woman's immune system is weakened. Therefore, future mothers often have to deal with health problems. Many diseases can harm the baby. Reviews about the clinic "Mother and Child" show that the company has the necessary equipment to carry out the delivery, even if the woman has a serious inflammatory process. Thanks to the timely reaction of specialists, it is possible to save the life of the baby and the child in childbirth.

children's Hospital

"Mother and Child" is a clinic of reproductive medicine. In this case, patients can be provided with services after delivery. Qualified pediatricians, when drafting an appropriate contract, will monitor the health of the baby after it is born. In the state there is a children's ophthalmologist, surgeon, traumatologist. Babies are scheduled vaccination. Children with developmental peculiarities are observed.

Has also a children's hospital clinic "Mother and Child". Doctors know how to urgently help a newborn. Within the precincts of the medical institution complex surgical interventions for children with developmental anomalies are carried out. Thanks to the professionalism of doctors, many children in the future can lead a full-fledged lifestyle.

Polyclinic for adults

The medical company offers qualitative treatment of all organs and systems. After all, the problem of infertility can be provoked by any pathological processes. Patients are admitted on an outpatient basis. There is an opportunity to undergo comprehensive diagnostics. The arsenal of clinics has the latest equipment for ultrasound and X-ray examination. Anyone can go through a computer tomography.

Qualified specialists of various branches of medicine work in the offices of "Mother and Child". These are cardiologists, therapists, neuropathologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, etc. Doctors closely interact with each other. Often only qualitative differential diagnosis helps to identify pathology that prevents the conception of a healthy baby.

For adults, there is also a therapeutic hospital. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the wards of the institution. Patients note that there is everything for a comfortable stay.

Bank of stem cells

If a woman could endure and give birth to a healthy baby, this is only half the success. Throughout life, the baby will face many more difficulties, not just one stroke of health. The company "Mother and Child" offers to insure itself and the future of children. Stem cells that form in the embryo at an early stage can protect human health throughout life. Use of biological material is possible in the treatment of oncological pathologies, cardiological and neurological diseases.

Stem cells can be obtained from umbilical cord blood after delivery. The clinic "Mother and Child" created all the conditions for high-quality storage of biological material. The received blood is examined according to international standards. Services on processing and transportation of stem cells are also offered, if further treatment will take place in another medical institution.

Plastic surgery

Beauty and health are closely interrelated concepts. Therefore, one of the promising areas of the clinic "Mother and Child" is plastic surgery. Thanks to the professionalism of doctors, women can not only quickly recover physically after birth, but also gain aesthetic perfection.

The most popular, if you believe the reviews, are operations related to breast tightening. During pregnancy and feeding, the mammary glands increase in size. Then the bust comes back to normal, but it may not look the same as before. The problem is easily solved by a simple operation.

Reviews about medical institution

Every year, thousands of patients who can not conceive a baby, the "Mother and Child" clinic, receive thousands of patients. ECO reviews are mostly positive. Patients claim that they can get the long-awaited pregnancy at the most at the second attempt. In the future, women are under the supervision of specialists. When detecting a particular pathology, the medical staff reacts instantly.

Pleases patients and a huge number of related services. The clinic makes it possible to normalize health and appearance. A whole family can be served in a medical institution, from the baby to the old man.

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