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What does a monkey dream about: interpretation of various dream books

As a rule, small monkeys in people cause a feeling of affection: we are happy to play with them and take pictures. Large humanlike creatures such as gorillas or orangutans inspire us, rather, with some fear. What can we expect and what to prepare for, if we saw a monkey in a dream, and not in real life? In order to answer this question, we have collected the opinions of several of the most popular dream books.

What is the dream of a monkey : the dream book of Freud

If in a dream the monkey shows you various grimaces or faces, then in real life one should exercise more caution. Especially it concerns acquaintances from the look of very nice people, communication with which may later result in a cruel disappointment.

What does a monkey dream about : an esoteric dream book

If you dream of primates, it means that in life you love, as they say, "stick your nose out of your business." If the monkeys in your dream are in a cage, then you should keep your curiosity, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

What does a monkey dream about : an Italian dream book

Italians associate a monkey with a person's state when his emotions literally beat over the edge, but in reality they are not worth anything, only emptiness and pretense. Therefore, in every way try to avoid false emotions both on your part and on the part of others. Also, if the monkey dreams about you quite often, then carefully look at your surroundings. It is possible that among it will be a kind of "primacy", which only externally shows friendship and positive emotions, which in fact is only a parody of normal human behavior.

What is the dream of a monkey : dream book XXI Centuries

If you saw a monkey in a dream and even play with it, then probably in real life you are surrounded by many ill-wishers, envious persons or even enemies. Be sure to take a close look at friends and acquaintances, perhaps, their attitude towards you is caused by some selfish goals.

In addition, such a dream can be a symbol of spiritual degradation or marriage by calculation, which in the end will not bring you any satisfaction or benefit. If you dreamed of a dead primacy, then perhaps in the near future you are in for a very dubious success or laughter through tears. If you dream of a monkey that you yourself killed, it symbolizes some bad deed that you have committed, and in which you now deeply regret. Think, perhaps, it's not too late at least to try to fix everything.

If the primates in your dream are sitting in a cage, then expect a quick end to the black band in life. If you dream of a monkey playing with a stranger, then, most likely, in real life you will face disbelief. And with suspicion to you is someone from close people, and perhaps not groundless. But if in a dream you are trying to run away from the big and furious gorilla from all the legs, then in real life behind your back are plotting and dissolving baseless rumors and rumors of your colleagues. Be sure to try to clean up your reputation, so that the efforts of the malcontents are not reflected negatively on your career.

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