"Orion" - a sports motorcycle

Motorcycle "Orion" is produced in factories of the Russian holding company "VELOMOTORS". In class, it is an easy motorcycle. A similar model is Stales, but there is no unification of spare parts between them. "Orion" - the motorcycle is constructively reliable, has several modifications, which differ mainly in appearance. The design of the motorcycle can be futuristic, as, for example, the model "Gryphon", or, conversely, restrained and elegant, like the "Orion 125 City".

Road characteristics

"Orion" - a motorcycle with pronounced sportiness, thin wheels with a deep protector indicate the readiness of the motorcycle to ride off-road at high speeds. And its wheelbase of 1240 mm makes it possible for a quick maneuver. The length of the machine is 1850 mm, the width along the rudder line is 770 mm, and the height is 1020 mm. The motorcycle's clearance is 125 mm, this is enough for the passage of uneven ground roads, this is also facilitated by the relatively small weight of the "Orion" at 85 kg.


The frame is tubular, steel, its geometry is designed for high static loads during movement. "Orion" - a motorcycle with a margin of safety, can make jumps with a hard landing. Inertia is paid off due to an extended rear suspension pendulum type with two shock absorbers. The front suspension is a classic telescopic fork. The brakes on both wheels are drum, completely identical, interchangeable. The size of the rear wheel is 2.75x17, the front wheel is 2.50x18 inches. The wheels are pneumatic, the tire protector does not have a directional pattern, the spikes are quite high, this makes it possible to drive along the winter roads. Motorcycle "Orion", the price of which is relatively low and is 35-50 thousand rubles, may well qualify for the title of the all-season.


The "Orion" engine is compact, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke. Rotation nominal - 7400 revolutions per minute, at the same time the capacity of 7 horsepower develops. Lubrication of the crank mechanism is due to the oil content in the fuel mixture in the proportion 1:20. In the run-in period of the new motorcycle, the ratio of oil and gasoline should be 1:10, that is, a liter of oil per 10 liters of gasoline. Motorcycle "Orion", the technical characteristics of which are close to the world standards in its class, with a good break-in can last for a long time. The fuel from the 8-liter fuel tank enters the carburetor by gravity and then is already delivered in a sprayed manner to the combustion chamber. Ignition is carried out with the help of a magneto CDI and a candle A8U.


The rotation from the crankshaft is transmitted to the transmission via a multi-plate clutch operating in an oil bath. This principle of operation of the clutch ensures a smooth connection of the rotating components of the engine, and hence the movement without jerks. "Orion" - a dynamic motorcycle, needs some stabilization of its impulsive nature. KP at it 4-step, with a foot shift of transfers by the lever located from the left side. From the gearbox, the rotation is transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a chain, the tension of which is regulated by the movement of the wheel axle, followed by its fixation. The chain should not be over-stretched, this creates tension between the links and can lead to chain stretching. The tension of chain transmission is verified in a simple way, the chain must sag in its middle part for one and a half to two centimeters.

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