Arched windows

Arched windows have been used since ancient times to decorate and give individuality to structures. Due to their shape, they let in more light. It is also proved that the presence of smooth lines in the construction contributes to the formation of a sense of security and tranquility on a subconscious level. Such windows look very aesthetic, but the process of their manufacture is very laborious and requires the involvement of highly skilled workers, which can not but affect their cost.

Types of arched windows

Arched aluminum windows are very durable and durable, but their main disadvantage is the high price. For the production of curved frames, expensive equipment is used, which causes an increase in price by 2-3 times in comparison with rectangular windows of the same area. But their performance is very high: aluminum is a strong and durable metal.

Arched plastic windows are very popular today. Their share reaches 7-8% of the total market. Frames for them are made of PVC profile, which is bent on special equipment. In order for this to become possible, the profile is preheated to 130 degrees Celsius.

There are two heating technologies: "dry" and "wet". When using "dry" heating through the profile in a special chamber hot air is expelled. "Wet" technology is that the item is immersed in the heated glycerin. This method appeared earlier, it allows to achieve a more uniform heating and significantly reduce the appearance of disturbances in the bent material. But the equipment for "wet" processing is very cumbersome and expensive, which affects the price.

It should be noted that the curved sections of the frame are not subject to reinforcement - the metal insert can not be bent simultaneously with the plastic profile and do not damage it. Therefore, additional protective elements must be installed on the arched PVC windows.

The technology of manufacturing curved structures from this profile has significant limitations: a dull arch window should have a width of more than 700 mm, and an opening arch must not exceed 800 mm. If you have small arched openings, or you want a large window of this form to open, only wooden frames made of glued maple timber can become a way out. But they are even more expensive, which is due to the complexity of production: the elements are glued together in a semicircle, then on the milling machine the corners are smoothed. The whole process takes a lot of time and requires high qualification, which is reflected in the high price.

Advice of specialists

The technology of production of arched windows has a sufficient number of restrictions, which must be taken into account by the manufacturer. So, there are restrictions on the diameter of the double-glazed window, the ratio of the width and height of the window, the presence of vertical and horizontal imposts (reinforcing elements), etc. Only if all these features are observed, the arched windows will be comfortable and functional. Therefore, pay special attention to the fact that the manufacturer has experience in the production of curved structures.

Arched windows are made only to order. The representative of the company comes, who, taking into account all the features of the opening, will recommend the best way of glazing. But the general recommendations can be the following:

  • The rounded parts of the windows are best done by the deaf - this guarantees protection from drafts.
  • It is desirable that the upper curved part be separated from the rectangular leaf located below the horizontal impost. In this case, the reliability of the window increases.

These recommendations are not mandatory. The current level of technology development allows to realize almost any openings of non-standard form. You can make windows in which all the doors will be opened, and round ones including, you can make them without horizontal imposts, only in this case it will be necessary to put the grilles to prevent hacking.

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