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Sushi "Philadelphia". Recipe

A few words about Japanese cuisine

Now a lot of people are passionate about the culinary arts of different countries, studying recipes and cooking them at home. Japanese cuisine - one of the most popular and popular, its dishes are not high in calories, and the ingredients for them can be purchased in any supermarket. Dishes of Japanese cuisine - thousands: sushi, poppies or rolls, sashimi, tempura, miso, udon, sukiyaki and much, much more. Sushi and rolls, the main components of which are rice and seafood, are the favorite national Japanese dishes of Russians. One of the most frequently ordered dishes of sushi bars in Russia are sushi "Philadelphia", the recipe of which varies in different restaurants, but the main ingredients are unchanged - salmon, rice and cream cheese "Philadelphia". The secrets of preparing rolls for each sushi master are their own, and it will take a long time for the rolls to become perfect in shape and consistency. Sushi "Philadelphia" is called Uramaki, and they are interesting because they are rolls "inside out", that is, rice outside, and nori inside. The name of sushi "Philadelphia", the recipe of which, by the way, was created by the American sushi master in the 80s of the XX century, was obtained thanks to the main component - tender cheese.

Preparation of rolls "Philadelphia"

There are a lot of recipes for cooking this dish. But traditionally for the preparation of rolls or sushi "Philadelphia", the recipe of which is simple enough, you will need the following products: fresh, salted or smoked salmon (to choose), avocado or fresh cucumber, rice, tobiko or flying fish roe, nori and, of course, cheese "Philadelphia". First, put the watered nori sheet on the mat, and put a lump of rice on top and spread evenly over the sheet. Nori with rice is doubled, and the Philadelphia cheese is laid out on top in the form of a path. Next to the cheese put a cucumber or avocado, cut into thin slices. On the other side of the cucumber or avocado are placed thin strips of salmon. Then, using a mat, the roll rolls up, a little is rammed, and a rectangular shape is attached to it. After shaping the Philadelphia roll, the mat is removed, and the roll itself is evenly covered with caviar of flying fish. Then you need to roll the roll again with a mat, so caviar is better attached to the rice, and the form of the roll will be even more ideal. Cut sushi "Philadelphia" followed by a sharp knife, moistened with water, to pieces not more than 3cm thick.

Sushi "Philadelphia", a classic recipe with apples, cucumber and avocado for 6 people

To prepare this dish at home, the following ingredients will be required:

- rice - 720 g;

- fillet of salmon - 360 g;

- Philadelphia cheese - 210 g;

- nori - 6 sheets;

- medium-sized cucumbers - 6 pcs .;

- Ripe avocado fruit - 6 pcs .;

- green apples - 6 pcs .;

- soy sauce, rice vinegar, flying fish roe (tobiko), lemon, ginger, wasabi.

First it is necessary to prepare all the products: boil the rice with the addition of rice vinegar, carefully (removing the bones) cut the salmon into thin rectangles, cucumbers, avocado and apples cut into thin slices. Covering the food film with a mat, place half of the nori sheet on it with a shiny side down and moisten it with rice vinegar. Thinly spread the rice, bend the mat and cover the rice so that it is on the bottom, and the nori on top. The next ingredient will be cream cheese, on which one of the fruits (vegetables) is laid. After that the roll rolls up, the upper part of which is enclosed with rectangular pieces of salmon. When the roll is formed, it must be cut into six identical pieces using a thin sharp knife soaked in cold water. Before filing sushi "Philadelphia" is poured soy sauce in a special dish, a plate or a wooden tray is decorated with ginger and wasabi, the rolls themselves - tobiko caviar.

You can replace the eggs of flying fish with sesame seeds, add various vegetables or fruits, different types of fish to taste - all this will be appropriate in the sushi "Philadelphia". The recipe is convenient because such a dish can be prepared both immediately before the arrival of guests, and in advance.

Bon Appetit!

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