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Alatyr - amulet: features of use

Slavic amulet alatyr is a star with eight ends. The meaning of this amulet lies in the development of life and movement.


According to the Slavic tales, the alatyr is a stone with miraculous and healing properties. According to legend, he fell from heaven and on it the laws of Svarog were written. Alatyr (amulet) is mentioned in conspiracies as "white - combustible stone", "to all fathers stone", "alatyr-stone". This amulet stands at the head among all the obverse signs. He is the bearer of the laws of the universe, wisdom and enlightenment.

Alatyr - shield

Alatyr is the most popular among all amulets. Since it is believed that any of the signs that guard, is included in this amulet. Alatyr-shield from ancient times used the Slavs to save the house and bring peace and prosperity to it.

They placed his image on utensils, household items and houses. Since his symbol acts as a reliable shield, which protects his master from bad deeds and thoughts. It protects against diseases, and if the owner is sick, then it brings a speedy recovery.

The image in the amulet "Shield Alatyr" from the amulet "Alatyr" differs. In the first, the rays diverge in different directions and resemble the sun, while in the second ray the rays are directed equally up and down.

This symbol is suitable for any person. Because it is considered a symbol of the universe. Positive influence exerted on all, and women, and men, and children, regardless of age, social and financial situation. Alatyr has incredible power. To his possessor he brings health, success, prosperity and brings harmony into his life.

Do or buy the amulet

If a person wants to have such an amulet, then it is necessary to know some features in order for him to work for protection. You can buy an alatyr (charm), but you can do it yourself. Preferred amulets of precious metals, but it is possible and of steel, and if you do yourself, you can give preference to the tree. Take the gift of the guardian must be with care.

The one who gives it, should have bright thoughts and a friendly attitude towards the person to whom the amulet is presented. This is extremely important. If there is even a fraction of the doubt in the person who gives the alatyr, then you should not take it. Since the amulet must be given with wishes of health, happiness, peace of mind. The amulet must be constantly next to its owner. Since it is necessary to hold every day in their hands for 10 minutes, charging with their energy.


The Alatyr Star protects the unity of the two crosses. A straight cross is a man's head, a slant is a woman's. Denotes the unity of opposition between the two principles. Eight rays are connected at the central point, which is the alatyr stone. The result is the divine number 9, which was of great importance among the Slavs. Nine consists of three triples, which are in each other. They thereby create everything that exists. Therefore, in the ancient sanctuaries there were eight sacrificial fires and the ninth fire in the middle, it symbolized unity with the gods through sacrifice.

The most common symbol of the Sun is the alatyr (amulet). Its meaning is great. If you give such a charm to your second half, then you can be calm that nothing will happen to her (or him). It is used for healing rituals. In many conspiracies mentioned alatyr-stone. Such an amulet is tried to give to a convicted person, since they believe that he can put him on the path of correction. The symbol of the amulet was put on toys and hung over the cradle.


Alatyr (guardian), according to legend, has magical properties. It calms the nervous system and strengthens the immune system, clears the mind of bad thoughts, helps to find the right solution in any life situations. He also reveals the talents of a person, encourages him to gain new knowledge. Alatyr will not protect a person who does evil, he does not like lazy and greedy people.

For women and men

Previously, for every house and for all family members tried to make an alatyr. The female charm was made mostly of silver. Since it is considered a light metal. Women wore earrings with an alatyr-stone sign, bracelets, combs. They were decorated with bedspreads in the house. On clothes, too, tried to embroider it, because the purpose of the amulet is that the mother woman be protected and give a healthy offspring.

The girls themselves, so that the magic sanctuary was nearby, embroidered on the towels, pillows, curtains a solar sign, eight rays that converged at one point. Husbands shirts and belts to protect their defenses in battle and give strength to work. The embroidered shirt with the amulet symbol protected from energy impact. The princes wore the sign of the alatyr on the shields. Since this sign was considered to be God, it brought good luck in battle and protected from black magic.

Now they produce amulets and jewelry for women's jewelry with the symbol of alatyr amulet. They can be ordered in workshops, made at will from any metal. Or you can buy them in specialized departments.

For home and family

In order for an ornament or an object with an alatyr symbol to become amulets, they must be nourished with their energy. To do this, they must be held in their hands, giving the guard its warmth, and then put it on, not wearing it for a while. At home, you can hang an alatyr-stone sign over the door to the apartment.

Then there will be peace and order in the housing, and all members of the family will have an additional chance of success in their affairs. The embroidery has again returned to fashion. Therefore, a woman to protect her house can expand the sofa cushions symbol of the Slavic amulet charm.

Until now, traditional Slavic conspiracies have come. They are still known, and they are used by the leaders. Conspiracies with mentioning alatyr-stone are aimed at health, protection and getting rid of negative influence from the side. This amulet has been asked for protection from time immemorial. They turn to him in conspiracies. In order to take away from yourself and your loved ones, and remove the evil eye. When the plot is read, the guard must be kept in hand. Then you should always carry it with you. If the conspiracy is read to protect the family, then the amulet must be kept at home, determining its place, as if it lies on the altar. So he will protect the whole family.

A small conclusion

Alatyr is a talisman known since ancient times, when the Slavs still worshiped him, asking for his health, protection and peace in the family. He was used in conspiracies and his symbols painted homes and kept houses for protection. In our time, the power and properties of the alatyr guard are not lost. A person who owns it, has peace and prosperity in the house, all things are done. There is a protection against stress, it is easy for such a person to climb the career ladder. The charm provides inner strength and confidence.

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