Need a loan? Rosselkhozbank will provide it

Lending in recent years is one of the fastest growing branches of the financial market. After experiencing the first wave of the financial crisis, many banking organizations have grown stronger and significantly expanded their field of activity. Now you do not have to rack your brains to get a consumer loan. Rosselkhozbank and many other banks of Russia are always ready to provide their services to all comers, but it is distinguished by the presence of several unique programs.

The program "Educational"

This loan can be used to pay for education, including the second, as well as specialized retraining in higher and secondary specialized commercial schools - both full-time and part-time forms. In order to issue such a loan, Rosselkhozbank requires certain conditions:

  • The minimum age is 14 years;
  • Obligatory presence of a guarantee of a legal entity or an individual;
  • Parental consent if the borrower is under 18 years of age.

The maximum period for which you can get money for this program is 10 years, and the amount - 350 thousand rubles. The interest rate is 16 or 17.5% per annum - depending on whether the borrower's life is insured. Calculation of solvency is calculated from the officially registered income of the client, his parents or family members. In addition, it is necessary to bring certain documents to Rosselkhozbank. Credits are issued if there is a valid Russian Federation passport, application for a loan and a certificate of income for the past six months, certified by the employer from the current official place of work.

The program "Pension"

With the help of this loan, people of advanced age can borrow up to 100 thousand rubles for their own needs. Such a program usually passes as an inappropriate consumer loan. Rosselkhozbank issues loans of this kind to any citizen of the Russian Federation, who is on state pension provision, who has not reached the age of 75 years.

To receive money, it is necessary to open a pension account in one of the bank's branches and provide:

  • passport;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • Application form;
  • Surety.

Similarly, you can get from 10 thousand rubles. For up to 5 years at 15% per annum. In the case of life insurance, there is no need for a collateral object or guarantor.

For those who are interested in the amount of overpayment or calculating the monthly payment at a particular interest rate, a service such as a loan calculator can be provided. The Agricultural Bank is happy to provide access to this convenient function on the relevant page of its website. Also here you can find a convenient form of submitting an online application. Filling out and sending it to the bank manager, you can get a positive or negative answer within a few hours. Now you can, even without leaving home, get a loan. Rosselkhozbank is always at the peak of modern technologies, and is pleased to provide its clients with convenient services for processing, receiving and repaying loans. In addition to the ability to cash out the loan, there are options for payment through terminals and online banking, through electronic currencies.

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