Renault Twingo, a French masterpiece

Twingo - cheerful, twisting, with transitions to tango. So you can decipher the name of a compact French car that appeared in 1992 on the roads of France and Germany almost simultaneously. The car was extremely small, considering it from the standpoint of the exterior, and is quite spacious when viewed from the inside. The impression of the internal bulk was created at the expense of large glasses along the entire perimeter of the machine. But also the Renault Twingo interior was always impeccable. A rational back seat with a movable back moved back and forth within 18 centimeters, which allowed to increase the volume of the luggage compartment in the absence of passengers or, conversely, to increase the passenger accommodation area due to the trunk.

Renault Twingo - simple and reliable car. At one time he was spoiled by the attention of motor-builders, the car was equipped with three diesel engines in turn, all in one volume, 1.5 liters, but with different power, 100 hp, 80 hp. And 67 hp. As we see, the choice is considerable. In addition to diesel engines, petrol engines were also offered for installation, the most powerful in 115 hp, 1.6 liters, then 100 strong engine, 1.4 liters, and finally with a volume of 1.2 liters, but with 16 valve valve timing , Developing power in 76 hp In addition to these engines of French origin, Twingo could get, if he wanted, another small gasoline engine from Nissan Micro, in 1.0 liter, with a power of 55 hp. As you can see, the little Frenchman had no problems with the powerplant.

The car immediately set a record fuel economy. At the time of Twingo, averaged gasoline consumption of 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers was noted. This unprecedentedly miserable expense produced a real sensation. Everybody wanted to have such an economical car. The popularity of the car grew like a leap, and in less than a year, 175,000 cars were sold. Gradually formed a new class of cars, class Renault Twingo. Its characteristics were almost exclusive, and the manufacturability of the assembly was striking in its simplicity and minimal set of conveyor tools.

The second generation of Twiengo received a start in life in 2007, at the Paris Motor Show. At the same time, the production of the basic model was transferred to Slovenia. And the French Renault continued to develop a modified Renault Twingo RS, which was introduced to the general public in 2008. On the RS Twinbo stood a 1.6 liter engine with a power of 135 hp, with which the car developed a speed of 168 km / h. Model Twingo RS can be distinguished by sporty design with a touch of aggressiveness, especially the front bumper, two-color with a large opening for the air intake grille and the curved edge of the spoiler. Also, the RS model features black 16-inch wheels .

At present, the characteristics of the Renault Twingo are as follows: the length of the car is 3 meters 430 centimeters, width 1640 mm, height 1420 mm, weight 790 kg. The maximum speed of the car is 170 km / h, the volume of the tank is about 30 liters. The car is considered purely urban, environmentally friendly. The engine layout is front-wheel drive, very rational, without moving forward. Formula of wheels 4x2. Currently, Renault Twingo, reviews on which have always been positive, has been successfully produced by several plants outside of France.

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